Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas Cheerleaders and Cheer-Parents! (In the event that we don't see you in school tomorrow, due to the weather)Kaitlyn Bonsall works on her Drawing Final in Coach's class.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

If this were a movie...

I don't have a good enough lens to get a great zoom shot from across the gym- they always end up looking grainy or blurry, but I always wish I could get a straight shot and I like the reflection on the floor. So, I monkeyed around in Photoshop and these are what I came up with. I think they could look like album covers or movie posters.

More Woodbine

I was trying to capture the kinds of moments during cheer that never get caught, and trying to get a fun, tight composition. I don't know, I'm not as talented as some photographers, so I instead I spruced it up in Photoshop. Purple power.
Rootin' tootin' cow girls!
Welcome aboard Freshman, Makayla- pretty good job for a first game, you're pretty outgoing- just what a cheer squad needs. Great leadership, Kens- with two rookies and Sasha gone you really did a great job of teaching and leading.


I got into an experimental photography mode this game. These first two shots are of the two veterans, Kensie & Kaitlyn, both of whom could probably be models if they wanted to. Very photogenic. Above in Sepia, below in black and white.

This game was literally a "nail biter." We lost it 53-52 rather than 53-49 because of a last second 3 point shot, but it was close the entire game. Ironically Kensie isn't biting her nails in this picture, because she does it more than everybody else.
This one has kind of a retro feel, like it's a 40 year old Polaroid and the colors have faded.
Traditional style- showing them having tons of fun (which they did, especially during the girl's game, which we won by at least 30)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Big Debut

ENOUGH of this stupid picture taking, Mr. Mallory!

I thought they did a great job for their first game, especially with Kensie sick as a dog and Kelsey never having done this before. Hopefully when Cammey comes back from her family vacation, she'll be able to join us. Christine recently told me that her boss wants her to cheer again, so who knows, maybe she'll be able to join us once in a while too.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

MS Cheer 2008-09

Tiffany, Renea, Holly, Kayli, Katie, Lara, and Lexi take a break between games.
Renea & Tiffany take to the air, showing off their super-human powers of levitation!

Getting the crowd going at half time.

No kidding, I've said it before and varsity veteran, Christine backs me up on this- no offense intended to former junior high cheerleaders, but this is gotta be the best middle school cheer squad I've seen in years, maybe ever! Loads of thanks to both Christine and Kassi for all the times you've helped with 7th hour practice. Especially this past couple of weeks with my family issues, your work with these girls has been immeasurable and invaluable. I SO hope that every one of the girls in this bunch gets bit by the cheer bug and come to love it enough that they all want to cheer in high school too, because they're fantastic. You make Boyer Valley proud, ladies!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

An apology to Basketball fans, players, and coaches

It's been a rough start, but I swear, we're gonna be okay

I am really sorry that we missed the Dec. 1 Home JV game against Woodbine. In past years we've only performed at home Varsity G/B, not 9 or J/V so I was surprised by it. At the time Sasha and Kelsey were both sick, MecKensie was at the hospital in Sioux City for her Aunt, and as you may know, my brother-in-law was found dead that morning so I don't know that we could've cheered anyway.

For the Friday, Dec. 5 Varsity home game 4 of the 5 girls were gone with the Drill team and I had to be at my brother-in-law's viewing, and I couldn't see having MecKensie cheer alone.

Just so you don't feel like you need to talk to me about it tomorrow, they won't be there again tonight (Tues Dec. 9). I haven't had a chance to tell the cheerleaders yet that we need to be at all home games, even if they're JV. We still haven't had a full practice yet, I have a MS game this afternoon, we just yesterday confirmed that Cammey Hast will be able to be on squad and we haven't gotten a uniform for her yet. And to be honest with you, I'm still feeling pretty shredded, both emotionally and physically.

This is who I have this season:
Sasha Meggers
MecKensie Jensen
Kaitlyn Bonsall
Kelsey Muff
Cammey Hast

As I said, Cammey didn't know if she had permission from her parents until yesterday. Kaitlyn, Kelsey and Cammey had told me that they could only come out for cheer if they only cheered at home games. I discussed it with Sasha and MecKensie and thought that (only for this year) maybe we should just cheer at home games, as opposed to only having 2 away cheerleaders. Chaise Fraiser had planned on cheering, but last week she told me that her parents weren't going to allow her to.

I've been hearing it from students and I feel badly, but I'm telling you- I bend over backwards trying to recruit. I'd love to have 20 candidates and hold tryouts to select the best 6 or 8. There's just too many girls that are too committed to playing Volleyball and Basketball.

I've been doing this for 15 years and it's important to me. I care about this sport, I care about school spirit at BV, and I care about these girls like they're my own kids. Please be patient with me. I'm confident that we'll finally manage to dig in and do a great job. I really think that these glitches have been an anomaly.

Thank you for your understanding,

Way to go Drillies!

I had several requests to post these pictures on Facebook, but my home computer seems to be down with a virus again and of course Facebook is blocked at school (rightfully so, in my opinion). So here they are. If you're on Drill, or a Drill parent, feel free to click on the picture to see it full sized, and then "right-click" on it in order to save a copy on your own computer.

Congratulations to the Boyer Valley Drill Squad won first place in the "pom" category, second place in "hip hop" and third in the "show"

So let's see here... Rachael and Natalie were awesome cheerleaders in junior high and I wish they'd come back, but like VB & BB too much... Cammey and Kelsey are gonna cheer this basketball season... so is Kaitlyn, who cheered last year... Sasha, of course, my rock, has been cheering since 7th grade... and Kristen cheered a couple of years ago... Victoria's sister was an incredible cheerleader years ago, but of course, she's a total VB/BB jock... and Megan has thought about coming out a few times but ends up sticking with VB or BB. And all the rest of you are more than welcome to give cheer a try one of these days, you know! BV is very proud of all of you. Great job again this year!

4-year SENIORS!!!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Cheer Schedule

Here is our schedule with all the singe-gender and Freshman/JV games taken out. When in doubt, check the school's website for the complete schedule.

Expect practices to run at least 3:30-4:30, (possibly 5, especially when we stunt- which we can & will do with 4 people!). After Dec. 4, plan on practicing every Monday and Thursday unless you receive other notice from me, but we will see how we're doing and as always we'll be flexible depending on Drill Squad, jobs, families, medical issues etc.

Please choose a home game to bring hospitality treats for. Pep Rallies are on Fridays of home games, although maybe we should have a couple for Saturday home games because we have so few this year. I know that Mrs. Klein will have StuCo do something for Gnimocemoh this year. With 3 of the 4 of you on Drill, I'm sure you can keep us informed about when JoEtt wants to have Drill perform at a pep rally.

Dec. 5 Whiting G/B V Home 6:00pm- PEP RALLY
Dec. 9 Odebolt-Arthur G/B V Away 6:00pm
Dec. 12 West Harrison G/B V Away 6:00pm
Dec. 13 AHST G/B V Home 6:15pm
Dec. 16 Woodbine G/B V Home 6:30pm
Dec. 19 Ar-We-Va G/B V Home 6:30pm
Jan. 9 Lo-Ma G/B V Away 6:00pm
Jan. 12 Southern Cal G/B V Away 6:00pm
Jan. 13 COU G/B V Home 6:00pm
Jan. 16 Woodbine G/B V Away 6:00pm
Jan. 17 Lawton-Bronson G/B V Away 6:00pm
Jan. 20 West Monona G/B V Away 6:00pm
Jan. 22 Ar-We-Va G/B V Away 6:00pm
Jan. 23 IKM-Manning G/B V Home 6:00pm- PEP RALLY

Jan. 26 Western Valley Conference G Tourn. TBA 6:00pm
Jan. 27 Western Valley Conference G Tourn. TBA 6:00pm
Jan. 29 Western Valley Conference G Tourn. TBA 6:00pm
Jan. 31 Western Valley Conference G Tourn. TBA 6:00pm

Feb. 2 Western Valley Conference B Tourn. TBA 6:00pm
Feb. 3 Western Valley Conference B Tourn. TBA 6:00pm
Feb. 6 Western Valley Conference B Tourn. TBA 6:00pm
Feb. 7 Western Valley Conference B Tourn. TBA 6:00pm
Boyer Valley Community Schools
Challenging all students to meet their full potential

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

My Secret Identity

I may not be writing a weekly column for the Mapleton PRESS anymore, but I have tried to clean-up and organize six years of columns and made them easier to find on my main blog. Why not peruse through the humor, history and humus. It's full of "Sex, Politics, and Religion- not necessarily in that order." Or at least, liberal politics, the my misadventures parenting three little girls, and the joys of living in small town Iowa and good old fashioned Midwestern, down to earth common sense Lutheranism.

At least take a look at a couple of columns and give it a chance.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

10 things every parent should know about eating disorders

I don’t know anything harder than not snacking between meals. I love food. Sometimes I wonder if I am to food the way that an alcoholic is to beer.

My own perennial battle of the bulge has gotten me thinking about how high school students cope with body image and the pressure to be thin.

As many readers know, I teach at Boyer Valley high school in Dunlap and I’ve also coached cheerleading for more than 10 years. In all that time, there may have been girls who struggled with eating disorders, but I was unaware of it. This year several kids have joked, threatened, talked about as if it were a viable option, and even bragged about either starving themselves (anorexia) or making themselves throw-up (bulimia).

Fortunately, it’s often not genuine. Either it’s a plea for attention, a typically teenage penchant for melodrama, or a sad but not serious way to whine about their weight. When girls really do succumb to these disorders, there are hospitalization programs and counseling.

But as a father of three young girls, I became very concerned. What will it be like for them when they get to junior high and high school? So I did a little research and want to share ten things every dad should know about eating disorders. These are just as important for moms and grandparents too.

1. Did you realize that our body size is pretty much a given, just like our height or hair color? In spite of that, by junior high 30-50% of American girls say they feel too fat and 20-40% are already dieting before they’re even 10 years old. By high school, 40-60% of girls feel overweight and try to lose.

2. As someone who grew up under a fear that the Soviet Union would bomb us into nuclear winter, this one surprised me; many girls say that they are more afraid of becoming fat than they are of cancer, nuclear war, or even losing their parents.

3. The fashion models weigh 23% less than the average woman.

4. Most people who develop eating disorders, start during adolescence. While self-esteem for both girls and boys is strong as children and drops for both in adolescence, the drop is much steeper for girls, beginning around age of 12.

5. In a survey of working-class 5th to 12th grade suburban girls, nearly 70% percent reported that magazine pictures influence their idea of the perfect body; 47% reported wanting to lose weight because of magazine pictures.

6. Before puberty there’s no difference in depression rates between boys and girls. By age 15, girls are twice as likely to be depressed and 10 times as likely to develop an eating disorder than boys. Girls are more likely to attempt suicide than boys are, although boys are more likely to succeed.

7. Clinique Laboratories, Inc. surveyed 500 moms of teen daughters and found their number one New Year’s Resolutions was "lose weight/eat less". Yet 22% of these same mothers list the fear of their daughter developing an eating disorder among their top concerns. Only 16% of the 500 teens in the same survey worried about developing an eating disorder.

8. Anecdotal evidence suggests that comments from male family members trigger dieting, and teasing is associated with weight-control attempts in adolescence. I can’t imagine making fun of my girls for being fat or calling them names, but there are parents that do just that. Maybe they do it because they’re worried about them and hope to motivate them to eat less, but what it does is hurt them deeply.

9. According to data presented to the National Institutes of Health, 33-40% of adult women are trying to lose weight at any given time –fueled by a cultural perception of a feminine "ideal" that is actually much too thin for good health.

10. And finally, we dads are important. Statistics show that girls with dads who spend time with them and really try to be part of their lives are more ambitious, more successful in school, attend college more frequently, and are more likely to attain careers of their own. They also are less dependent, more self-protective, and less likely to date or marry abusive partners.

You can find out more from the International Eating Disorder Referral Organization.

Building Confidence

(originally written for my column in the Charter Oak-Ute NEWSpaper in 2005)

“Confidence is the inner knowledge that when you are yourself and others are free to be themselves, everything works out for the best.” ~Brian D. Brio, Beyond Success; 15 secrets to Effective Leadership and Life Based on Legendary Coach John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success.
One of the biggest struggles in coaching cheerleading is helping build confidence. It’s one thing to yell and kick along with five other people during practice, but doing it in front of several hundred people on a Friday night is quite another. Doing it in front of a couple hundred of your peers and classmates at a pep rally is even more nerve-wracking.

People have asked me how I can speak in public. Simple; I know that I’m going to make mistakes that people may laugh out eventually in life, so I may as well be prepared to laugh at myself. If I can do that, that I don’t have to be afraid of making a fool of myself. Now I’m not charming or funny enough to be very good at deliberately making people laugh, but I can manage to get in front of a big group of people and talk to them about just about whatever, without panicking.

Retired UCLA Coach John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success is one tool that I’ve tried to use to help kids learn about teamwork and important character traits like work-ethic and confidence. Another one is Norman Vincent Peale’s classic The Power of Positive Thinking. A few years ago an author named Mary Lou Carney wrote an adaptation of Peale’s book for Teens. In The Power of Positive Thinking for Teens, she lays out ten simple steps for building your confidence:

1. See success- it’s an age-old coaching technique, you imagine, “visualize,” you picture yourself doing well. Starting with the end in mind, that’s all it is.

2. Nix negativity- sometimes this is the most difficult step. It means not letting yourself talk yourself out of being able to do whatever it is that you have to do. Force yourself to not be doubtful.

3. Don’t build obstacles- you’ve heard the old saying, “you’re your own worst enemy?” It can be true, so be on your guard against self-sabotage. Don’t look for excuses to fail, don’t make things harder than they have to be.

4. Be yourself- That’s all you can be, don’t try to pretend to be something else, lay it all out there and if they like you, great, if they don’t, oh well, their loss, don’t take it too personally. This is what my opening quote is about. Just know that when you are yourself and allow be themselves, everything will work out for the best.

5. Know your strengths- Many coaches have you list your assents and then focus on what your good at, not what you’re not good at. A lot of times that will compensate for your weaknesses. It’s also helpful just to list and review your strengths in order to remind yourself that you’re at least good for SOMETHING.

6. Know yourself- this is not the same as #5. This one could be written as, “know your limits.” If you know what your values are and, yes, what your weaknesses are, you can look for ways to maintain a balance, delegate out responsibilities, or ask for support.

7. Use the antidote (Philippians 4:13)- Memorize and recite this verse at least ten times a day. “I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.

8. Aim high- If you shoot for nothing, you’ll hit it every time. If you shoot for the moon- even if you miss, you’ll reach the stars.

9. Put yourself in God’s hands- We don’t know what the future holds, but we know Who holds the future. Sometimes all you can do is to do your best and let God do the rest, also known as “let go and let God.”

10. Be unbeatable

Monday, November 24, 2008

Varsity B/G Basketball Schedule

Here is our schedule with all the singe-gender and Freshman/JV games taken out. When in doubt, check the school's website for the complete schedule. Sounds like Kaitlyn won't be able to join us after all this season, so we're down to 4- but what a mighty 4! So lets get you 2 veterans teaching our 2 rookies as much as we can as soon as we can. I got Chaise outfitted already so we just need to get Kelsey a uniform and we're in business. And special thanks to Cujo for the Coffee from Dunkin Donuts. MMMMM!

Dec. 5 Whiting G/B V Home 6:00pm
Dec. 9 Odebolt-Arthur G/B V Away 6:00pm
Dec. 12 West Harrison G/B V Away 6:00pm
Dec. 13 AHST G/B V Home 6:15pm
Dec. 16 Woodbine G/B V Home 6:30pm
Dec. 19 Ar-We-Va G/B V Home 6:30pm
Jan. 9 Lo-Ma G/B V Away 6:00pm
Jan. 12 Southern Cal G/B V Away 6:00pm
Jan. 13 COU G/B V Home 6:00pm
Jan. 16 Woodbine G/B V Away 6:00pm
Jan. 17 Lawton-Bronson G/B V Away 6:00pm
Jan. 20 West Monona G/B V Away 6:00pm
Jan. 22 Ar-We-Va G/B V Away 6:00pm
Jan. 23 IKM-Manning G/B V Home 6:00pm

Jan. 26 Western Valley Conference G Tourn. TBA 6:00pm
Jan. 27 Western Valley Conference G Tourn. TBA 6:00pm
Jan. 29 Western Valley Conference G Tourn. TBA 6:00pm
Jan. 31 Western Valley Conference G Tourn. TBA 6:00pm

Feb. 2 Western Valley Conference B Tourn. TBA 6:00pm
Feb. 3 Western Valley Conference B Tourn. TBA 6:00pm
Feb. 6 Western Valley Conference B Tourn. TBA 6:00pm
Feb. 7 Western Valley Conference B Tourn. TBA 6:00pm

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

MS Basketball Cheer Schedule

11/24/08 Shelby County Catholic School Home 4:00pm
GIRLS 12/02/08 Charter Oak-Ute Middle School Home 4:00pm
12/05/08 Lo-Ma Jr. High School Home 3:45pm
12/08/08 Ar-We-Va Middle School Home 4:00pm
12/09/08 Charter Oak-Ute Middle School Home 3:45pm
12/16/08 Woodbine Jr. High School Home 4:00pm
12/18/08 West Harrison Jr. High School Home 4:00pm
GIRLS 01/05/09 Schleswig Middle School Home 4:00pm
GIRLS 01/08/09 IKM/Manning Jr. High School Home 4:00pm
GIRLS 01/22/09 Lo-Ma Jr. High School Home 3:45pm
GIRLS 02/02/09 Ar-We-Va Middle School Home 4:00pm

Saturday, November 15, 2008

My old school may be in danger

Yikes! How bad is it? Are the Townends in trouble? Is LHS in trouble? All we hear on the national news is about the Montecito fired. Jenn Perlich's post on Facebook is the first I'd heard that Sylmar was dealing with this.

What do you guys know? Do they have it contained? Have many homes been lost? Has the school been closed this week?

Friends and former students- please check in and let us know you're okay

LHS Alumni, and EVERYONE, please pray for the thousands of people who've been evacuated and those losing their homes. And please pray for the safety of LA Lutheran MS/HS!!


An explosive brush fire driven by 60-mile-per-hour gusts ripped through the northern San Fernando Valley today, burning homes before leaping both the 210 and 5 Freeways...

More than 2,500 acres had burned by 5 a.m. Saturday morning, with more than 1,000 structures threatened by uncontrolled flames and more than 10,000 residents were under mandatory evacuation.

Friday, November 14, 2008

2008-09 Basketball Season

Looks like we don't have enough candidates to hold a formal tryout this Tuesday.

Here are the candidates I'm pretty sure are coming out and those that aren't:

-Sounds like Christine' Harriott is looking for a second job :(
-Danielle Jepsen is choosing not to come out after all

+Sasha Meggers
+Kensie Jensen
+Chaise Fraizer
+Kaitlyn Bonsall (home games only because of job)
+Kelsey Muff

I'd still like to get Elsa Brown and/or Rachael Coenen, but haven't heard from either of them for a while.

That said, please plan on practicing Mon 11/17, Mon 11/24 and Tues 11/25, Mon 12/1, Tues 12/2, and Thur 12/4

I would like to plan on practicing every Monday and Thursday once the season gets started, but I understand that that may not always work, as usual we'll play it by ear and try to be flexible.

Here is the December schedule:

Dec. 5 Whiting G/B V Home 6:00pm
Dec. 9 Odebolt-Arthur G/B V Away 6:00pm
Dec. 12 West Harrison G/B V Away 6:00pm
Dec. 13 AHST G/B V Home 6:15pm
Dec. 16 Woodbine G/B V Home 6:30pm
Dec. 19 Ar-We-Va G/B V Home 6:30pm

Happy World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes Day (WDD) is the primary global awareness campaign of the diabetes world.
It was introduced in 1991 by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and the World Health Organization (WHO) in response to the alarming rise in diabetes around the world. In 2007, the United Nations marked the Day for the first time with the passage of the United Nations World Diabetes Day Resolution in December 2006, which made the existing World Diabetes Day an official United Nations World Health Day.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ideas from UCA

Review all of your cheers, replacing football lingo with basketball terminology. Change "touchdown" to "basket," "first down" to "rebound," "field" to "court," and "six points" to "two points."

Here are some ideas from this summer's material to get you started:
• Get that ball Get Tough Dogs X Get that Ball X
• Take that Ball X Down that Court X Basket X Go Bulldogs
• Bounce X Bounce to the Hoop Dogs X Shoot Two
• Defense X Get Tough X Steal that Ball
• We Want a Basket Dogs Score BV Score X

Found this at "Dads & Daughters"

NewMoonGirls.comNew Online Community for Girls is a fabulous new resource for tween girls whose creation was guided by tween girls. It's a secure web community for girls ages 8-12 to develop their full potential and comes from the creators of the girl-edited, award-winning New Moon Girls magazine. Common Sense Media calls the site "a stellar online destination for girls 8-12." Worth checking out!

Monday, November 10, 2008


Cheer Tryouts for Basketball Season have been rescheduled- Tryout practice Mon Nov 17 th and Tryouts will be Tues Nov 18th. Please see Coach Mallory in Room 219 paperwork.

  • A number of candidates were sick Mon. Nov. 10
  • Some may have been absent due to the funeral of a BV Alumni in Moorhead
  • Coach Mallory needs to attend P/T conferences for his daughters at COU Tues Nov. 1

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Prayer Request

Former Cheerleaders and dear friends,

Please pray for one of my former cheerleaders Audrey (Lave) Meadows and her two little boys. Her husband was crossing the Little Sioux River outside Onawa Friday AM. It was icy and he slid off the road and rolled several times. Unfortunately, he did not survive. Audrey lost her sister to cancer this year. I can't tell you how awful I feel for her an her family. PLEASE lift them up in your prayers, grant them peace and strength and help them get through this. Ask God to remind her that they are in His hands and that He will never let them go.

James 5:13-16
Is any one of you in trouble? He should pray. Is anyone happy? Let him sing songs of praise. Is any one of you sick? He should call the elders of the church to pray over him and anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise him up. If he has sinned, he will be forgiven. Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

BV Cheer Tryouts


Tryouts will be Thursday, November 13 at 3:20 after school in the BVS Commons area. Tryout Practices are after school Monday and Tuesday in the Art Room.

If you haven't gotten your parent permission slip and your 3 teacher recommendation sheets in to me, please do it as soon as you can. I can't make a final selection without the teacher evals and I can't let you tryout next Thurs without the parent permission slip.

Attached is a PDF that has an example of how I crunch my numbers, which includes teacher recommendations (based on NHS and 5 Pillar Character Ed. attributes), GPA, and your evaluation scores. The PDF also has an example of the judge's form. It's based on competition judging forms from NCA, UCA, and COA. You'll all perform the same cheer and chant together for the judges, and then return individually to perform the same cheer, chant, as well as a few chants of their own.

A lot of people in Dunlap have been commenting to me all Fall about how unfortunate it is that we have so few people go out for cheer and then end up having people quit before the season's over. One person even suggested getting rid of cheer leading and having the drill squad lead cheers at games. Bring back Cheer at BV!

This is your chance to show that Boyer Valley students really do have school spirit, pride, and commitment!

Thanks, see you next week.
Ted Mallory, Boyer Valley Cheer Coach

Boyer Valley Community Schools
Challenging all students to meet their full potential

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

In Madrid

"Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give."
~Eleanor Roosevelt

You girls have been a joy to coach and a joy to be with. It would make me very happy if you'd all come back out for basketball cheer. Each of you and all three of you are always in my heart and often in my prayers.

Thank you for a wonderful season.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Congratulations Football on a 34-28 victory over Earlham Wed (10/29) in overtime!
The Bulldogs now play Madrid away on Monday night (11/3)...

And congratulations VB girls- won, 3 out of 4 games against Woodbine Mon (10/28)
Good luck against Kingsley-Pearson on Friday night (10/31) in Holstein at 7 PM

Substate Sensations!

How does that one go again?

Bad call, Refs, bad call.

She's goofy (no, YOU are! NO, YOU ARE!)

Don't worry, I don't eat little kids, just Cardinals

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Good quote for all of you

"Turn your wounds into wisdom." ~Oprah Winfrey

Love you girls,
Coach ________________________________________________
Boyer Valley Community Schools
Challenging all students to meet their full potential

Breath from your diaphram

I'm always preaching that cheerleaders should yell from their diaphrams, not scream from their larnyxes. They end up being able to be louder longer, have deeper, richer pitch, and most importantly protect your larnyx from injury- so you don't sound like you've been smoking for 40 years when you're 20. Here's more reasons- it can help you focus (like if you have ADD) and can help you deal with stress and anxiety- especially things like, say... stage fright!

This is from the book "Change your Brain, Change your Life" by psychiatrist Daniel G. Amen, M.D.


Breath deeply and slowly from your belly. This is one of the main exercises I teach my patients have panic disorders. I actually write out a panic plan for them to carry with them. On the prescription it says: "Whenever you feel anxious or panicky, do the following:

  • Breath deeply and slowly from your belly.
  • Kill self-fulfilling prophecy forming negative thoughts
  • Distract yourself from the anxiety

Breathing is a very important part of the prescription. The purpose of breathing is to get oxygen from the air into your body and to blow off waste products such as carbon dioxide. Every cell in your body need oxygen in order to function. Brain cells are particularly' sensitive to oxygen, as they start to die within four minutes when they arc deprived of it. Slight changes in oxygen content in the brain can alter the way n person feels and behaves. When a person gets angry, his or her breathing pattern changes almost immediately. Breathing becomes shallower and significantly faster. This breathing pattern is inefficient, and the oxygen content in the angry person's blood is lowered. Subsequently there is less oxygen available to the person’s brain and he or she may become more irritable, impulsive, confused, and prone to negative behavior (such as yelling, threatening, or hitting another person)

Learn to breathe properly
Try this exercise:
Sit in a chair. Get comfortable. Close your eyes. Put one hand on your chest and one hand on your belly. Then, for several minutes, feel the rhythm of your breathing. Do you breathe mostly with your chest? Mostly with your belly? Or with both your chest and belly? The way you breathe has a huge impact on how you feel moment by moment. Have you ever watched a baby breathe? Or a puppy? They breathe almost exclusively with their bellies. They move their upper chest very little in breathing. Yet most adults breathe almost totally from the upper part of their chest.

To correct this negative breathing pattern, I teach my patients to become experts at breathing slowly and deeply, mostly with their bellies. In my office, I have some very sophisticated biofeedback equipment that uses strain gauges to measure breathing activity. I place one gauge around a person's chest and a second one around his or her belly. The biofeedback equipment measures the movement of the chest and belly as the person breathes in and out. If you expand your belly (using the diaphragm muscles there) when you breathe in, it allows room for your lungs to inflate downward, increasing the amount of air available to your body. I teach my patients to breathe with their bellies by watching their pattern on the computer screen. In about a half hour's time, most people can learn how to change their breathing patterns, which relaxes them and gives them better control over how they feel and behave.

If you do not have access to sophisticated biofeedback equipment, lie on your back and place a small book on your belly. When you breathe in, make the book go up, and when you breathe out, make the book go down. Shifting the center o f breathing lower in your body will help you feel more relaxed and in better control of yourself. Practice this diaphragmatic breathing for five or ten minutes a day to settle down your basal ganglia (the portion of your brain responsible for anxiety and for being able to settle down and focus/concentrate- like ADD).

This has been one of the most helpful exercises for me personally. When I first learned how to breathe properly. I discovered that my baseline breathing rate was twenty-four breaths a minute and I breathed mostly with my upper chest. I had spent ten years in the military, being taught to stick my chest out and suck my gut in (the opposite of what is good for breathing). Quickly I learned how to quiet my breathing and help it be more efficient. Not only did it help my feelings of anxiety, it also helped mc feel more settled overall. I still use it to calm my nerves before tough meetings, speaking engagements, and media appearances. I also use it, in conjunction with self-hypnosis, to help mc sleep when I feel stressed. My current baseline breathing rate is less than ten times a minute.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hey ladies, SMILE! :)

The expression a woman wears on her face is far more important than the clothes she wears on her back
~Dale Carnegie

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pictures from the 10/17 Bedford game

I was informed that I can't just post pictures on Facebook, but they have to keep being put up here too. So here you go. It was COLD. We won (so we have a substate game on Wed. 10/29- first time in years) Kensie was sick, decided to quit before the end of the season, and Christian was on some family trip to St. Louis or something- consequently Sasha and Christine cheered alone (in the cold). "Hustle Hustle" just usually works so much better with a whole big long line of people doing it together. Oh well, GREAT JOB S&C! Bedford, by the way, brought like 12 cheerleaders (could've swore the rule was only 8 for football), so we looked like the small squad that we are. Be that as it may, we had FUN and helped the crowd to have fun too, which is our job and guess what, thanks to us our team won! Way to go Squishy and Chief!
See, they're the Bedford Bulldogs, we're the Boyer Valley Bulldogs, it was a "dogfight," So Christine (our official Run-Thru goddess this season, Thanks, Chief) thought up the "this is OUR house" idea, pretty clever, eh?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tryouts November 13

in order to download tryout forms
& samples of judge's forms

Mark your Calendars!

  • Fri. Oct 24, 7:30 pm @ home- Parent/Senior Night (Last regular season game)
  • Wed. Oct. 29, 7 pm @ home- First Round of Football Playoffs
    (this is a big deal Ladies, Boyer Valley hasn't made it to the playoffs at least since I've been here- 2001)
  • Mon. Nov. 3, 7 pm (location TBA)- Second Round (If we win on the 29th)
  • Mon. Nov. 10, 3:20-5 pm Tryout Practice
  • Tues. Nov. 11, 3:20-5 pm Tryout Practice
  • Thurs. Nov. 13, 3:20 pm Basketball Cheer Tryouts

Tuesday, October 14, 2008