Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Congratulations Jennifer

Congratulations Jenn Zehner on your induction into the National Honor Society (NHS) this morning!
Keep working on demonstrating those NHS principles of Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service.

Everybody knows your grades are stellar.Keep it up.

You may have 7 other girls competing for who gets to be boss sometimes, but I for one appreciate your memory of cheers, patience teaching them and initiative and creativity. Keep it up.

Nobody's perfect, not even you. We all get impatient and irritable sometimes. Teens will be teens and sometimes we all get a little wrapped up in ourselves (not criticizing, just sayin') but as your coach I've always been touched by the dignity and kindness you offer to kids with special needs like Quincy and Scotty and to little kids (not just your own cousin). We should all treat each other the way you treat these "special" people. Keep it up.

You could've quit cheer a dozen times and just played basketball, but you kept coming out. You helped make sure that locker-decs go up and posters get made and nag me until t-shirts get ordered. You're not the only one- I totally appreciate how much everyone on this squad serves too, I'm just saying, you're smart enough and pretty enough that you could pretty easily become completely self-serving, but you know the importance of community. Your family has done a great job of impressing that on you and I appreciate it in you. Keep it up.

And to all the rest of you- she's not my favorite, I just want to congratulate her on this honor today. I'm really looking forward to seeing SIX of you inducted NEXT year. You've got the grades and you've got the hearts. All eight of you demonstrate Scholarship, BIG TIME LEADERSHIP, Character and Service. Please Keep it up!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Practice TUES 11/12

  • Practice Tuesday Nov 12 for those who can make it.
  • Otherwise, please plan on practicing Tues-Thurs Nov.19 & 21 Next week
  • First BB game; Mon Nov 25, 6:00 pm JV/V Girls v. MV/AO