Monday, March 22, 2010

Cheer and Drill Announcement

All Drill Team members, Cheerleaders, and Mascots help with track concessions. Please sign up by the Art room. Anyone not signed up by April 1 will be assigned days by Mr. Mallory. If you have a conflict, it is your responsibility to work it out with your track or golf coaches, parents or employers. If absolutely necessary, your parents or an NHS member can work for you. Please make sure that you inform Mr. Mallory of any trades or substitutions. Thank you.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Pictures & other stuff

  • Let's TRY to take some team, buddy, & individual pictures Monday before track practice
  • I have 2 small and 4 medium t-shirts left if you know anyone who wants them (or hasn't gotten their's yet)
  • Plan to sign up for track concessions outside my room beginning Monday
  • Remember to return your uniform ASAP after we get pictures taken
  • Let me know if you're interested in cheering again next year and for which season or both.
Thanks! Have a great weekend.

PS: I'll try to remember to post this soon on facebook because I realize that not everybody checks they're email all that often.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Cheer News

Cheerleaders (and Mascot), and Drill Team members, (and Coaches Mahoney and Heese)-

Please put on your calendars the following dates. Cheer and Drill host concessions at home track meets. If you are in Track, you still need to work at least one meet. You can get NHS members or your parents to work for you, but I'm sure you can work something out with Coach Heese, we have been doing this for at least a decade now. She will let you out of this one meet, so don't freak out.

Below are the dates. In the next week or two I will put up a sign up sheet for which meet you'd prefer to work, and then posting a schedule after that.If things come up you can make substitutions (again, squadmates, NHS members, or family) but your slot has to be covered and it's your responsibility to let either Coach Mahoney or Coach Mallory know about it.

  • Apr 8- BV Lady Bulldog Invite
  • Apr 22- BV JrHi Invite
  • May 3- Girls Western Valley Conference Meet
  • May 11- BV (Co-Ed) Bulldog Invite

2010 Cheerleaders, If you woulld like to get "semi-professional" team pictures done, bring your uniforms and hair supplies to school Monday, March 3. I will be glad to take some group pictures, buddy pictures and individual pictures. We can work in the commons or the gym depending on if/where track & golf is practicing. Who knows, if the weather's nice, maybe we can even take some outside. I will upload the pictures to share at either Wal-Mart (Rachel's Mom) or PhotoBucket, burn them to a CD, or save them to a flash drive for you, but it's up to you or your parents to order prints. That way you only get the shots you like but can get as many or as few copies as you want.


Cheerleaders, and potential cheerleaders, Do you want to learn how to stunt for next year? Wanna learn some new cheers, chants, and dances? Do you want to improve all your other skills with the help of NCAA university cheerleaders and highly specialized professionals? Do you want to meet other cheerleaders from all over Western Iowa and Eastern Nebraska? Then whether you want to cheer for football, basketball, or both you need to get to camp!

UCA will be putting on a camp at West Harrison HS this July. I'm checking to finalize the dates, I know it's either July 23-24 or 30-31. I will let you know as soon as I fond out. I'll get the final price too. I know it's really cheap compared to other UCA and NCA camps. If it doesn't work out fo you, Morningside University also offers a 2 day camp, usually in late June and the Iowa Cheer Coaches' Association also offers one day clinics in August about the time that school gets started.

Please let me know ASAP if you're interested.

Cheerleaders, and potential cheerleaders, two people have asked me about football cheer. Please let me know ASAP if you're interested in cheering for football, basketball, both, or neither next year. I need to know if we need to hold tryouts or not and when. It would also be good to know for ordering poms, warm-ups, tee-shirts, or shoes.

I will be posting this information on facebook soon too. There are a few 8th graders who I'd love to have come out. Volleyball, Cross Country, Drill, Basketball, jobs, poor grades, family obligations and boyfriends all have a way of siphoning off great cheer candidates. We want to build the best program we can. Come join the fun, help fire up that Bulldog spirit, and make 2010/2011 the greatest BV year ever!


Boyer Valley Cheerleading: Positive, Committed Leaders
Stirring-up spirit, building excellence & character

Visit Coach's Cheer Blog

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Cujo for Kenny

I think I've finished up. It may or may not seem a little "cartoony," but that's okay, after all it's a school mascot costume for cripe's sake! If anything, I think it really has a Wayne Thiebaud Pop-Art feel to it, which is what I was going for. Thiebaud is one of my favorite painters and I've always wanted to do something like he would. Thiebaud was born in Arizona, like me, only 50 years before me. Unlike Roy Lichtenstein, Thiebaud actually started out as a cartoonist, working for Disney for a while.

The Pop-Art thing is perfect because it should be upbeat and fun, and the decorating style of the recipient is pretty clean and contemporary. This is a house-warming gift for Kenny Kahl (Class of 2001). Kenny was not only the first mascot here at Boyer Valley (purple), but he also mascotted at Concordia University in Nebraska (blue), which is also my alma mater. Both schools are the Bulldogs. My only hope is that a bright purple painting doesn't clash too much with whatever neutrals and earth tones Kenny used for his home. But then again it's a gift, he can hang it in his john or in his basement where no one else will see it if he wants to. I am seriously considering the poster thing. If not for a fundraiser, at least so that I can give the same image as a gift to a few other people- not to mention being able to keep a copy for myself- maybe in my classroom. NOW the only problem is waiting for it to dry, since it's in oil.