Monday, December 16, 2013

YIKES! There's a game tonight!!!

Apparently there's a home JV/Var Boy's game tonight. Sounds like it was rescheduled Friday. I don't remember Mr. Kline letting me know. Sorry about the short notice. If you can come, great, if you can't that's okay.

I will not be here because 2 of my 3 girls have a concert at COU tonight. 

Gotta say, after last Friday night, I'm reeeally nervous about leaving you unsupervised. Please prove to me that you can get along- no fighting, no arguing, not dividing into factions, no talking about each other and seething or complaining. Please be positive, cooperative, responsible, respectful, & representing Boyer Valley the best you can.

CHEER this week

  • MON- Sorry no practice, I have to run paperwork in to Dr.Crabb's office in Denison, sorry
  • TUE- AWAY @ Glidden-Ralston. BUS LEAVES at 4:00pm, so be in the North hallway by the gym by 3:55pm. Believe me, they will leave without you if you're not there.
  • WED- Please get me your t-shirt orders with payments by the end of the day so I can submit the order to Something Unique.
  • THR- I know we can't get all 8 together, I doubt we could get 6 together. I'll be happy to practice with 4, but I'm not sure its worth it to practice with just 2 or 3. We'll decide together Tuesday night if we need to practice Thursday.
  • FRI- HOME GAME, we need hospitality. Sorry, between the early out and all the finals, Mr. Straight told me he'd just assume wait till next month and not have a pep rally. Be that as it may, please show your pride by wearing your unniforms at school. Thank you. REMEMBER TO TAKE YOUR STOCKINGS HOME. Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fri "Bus Time"

Ernie let me know today that for tomorrow night's Coon Rapids game we'll take a separate van like during football. I'd just assume leave around 4:20 and go straight there- but if enough of you want to stop and eat on the way, we can leave at 3:45. Let me know your preference ASAP. Thanks.

PS- re T-Shirts: custom names on the back are just $2 more. Please get me your orders AND money ASAP (by/before) next Wed 12/18. Thanks

Sunday, December 08, 2013

CHEER This Week! Please Read

  • TUES 12/10- Home game vs. CAM/Anita
    • Either dress-up like the BB players, or show your spirit w/ BV swag!
  • THURS 12/12- Practice for everyone but Lara & Jennifer. It would be great to stunt again.
  • FRI 12/13- Away at Coon Rapids (Bus Time TBA- expect by/before 4:00pm)
    • This is AWAY, so still no pep-rally, but wear uniform at school!
  • SAT 12/14- HOME vs. West Harrison
    • Please be there by/before 6:30pm for National Anthem

Wednesday, December 04, 2013


Hey everyone- I almost forgot to remind you about this.

Please check to see if ANY of you who have more than one skirt, warm-up, shell or whatever. Keep the one that you were originally issued, it should be what fits best, and please return any extras which you've borrowed. 

This isn't just about Jade still needing her skirt that Mali has, a number of you have doubles or extras. I need to keep all of our inventory here in my room. We don't want any of them to get lost.

Please return them to me this Fri or as soon as possible.



If you're coming to the ArWeVa game on Friday, please be inn the North hall by the Gym by 4:15pm

No pep rally this day because it's not a home game, but please DO wear your uniforms to school (even if you aren't cheering that night).

Great job last night by the way.