Sunday, November 15, 2015


Practice 3:30-4:30 every Tuesday & Thursday.
No, can't do it during 9th hr. Even if Mr.Weber & Mr.Gee allowed that, I have a slew of 8th graders in my room working on Civics & Art anyway- sorry.
Goals: If we can get 4 or more we can work on stunting. Even if we had only 3, we can not just review chants, but work on sharpness, volume, crowd encouragement & unity/synchronicity.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Wrestling Cheer

For those of you who make it onto Wrestling Cheer, Please be aware there will be three dates where we have a conflict:

December 1
January 5
January 22

Here is a Cross-Reference of The Two Schedules

Please refer to our lettering policy. If Coach Dusty can spare you, I'd prefer you not miss more than one. If she has a pretty small squad and can't afford for you to be gone, I may be flexible and be willing for you to miss two games. Keep in mind we already have girls who are also on Drill and Basketball, so any given game we may only have 3-5 instead of 6-8.

I want our cheerleaders to get the opportunity to cheer for Wrestling, if you thought FB & BB were different- Whoa Nelly! And I want to support our Wrestlers. Be that all as it may, I don't want any of you to bite off more than you can chew- nor do I want our program to suffer too much. At bigger schools they make you choose, only one squad or the other, not both. I'd rather be flexible & try to make this work. Of course, you still have to tryout first.

Good luck to all of you who're trying out.

Wish good luck to all the other BV kids who tryout too- it may give them experience that will help them tryout for our squad next May.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

2015-16 Basketball Schedule

G/B    12/1/2015    6:00PM    Glidden-Ralston    AWAY         
G/B     12/4/2015    6:00PM    Woodbine    HOME          
G/B     12/8/2015    6:00PM    Coon Rapids - Bayard    AWAY          
G/B    12/11/2015    6:00PM    Ar-We-Va    HOME          
G/B     12/15/2015    6:00PM    West Harrison    HOME          
G/B    12/18/2015    6:00PM    Adair-Casey     AWAY          
G/B     12/19/2015    3/4:30PM    Paton Churdan    HOME          
G/B     12/22/2015    6:00PM    CAM    AWAY          
G/B    1/5/2016    6:00PM    Charter Oak Ute    AWAY     
G/B     1/8/2016    6:00PM    Glidden-Ralston    HOME          
G/B    1/12/2016    6:00PM    Woodbine    AWAY
G/B    1/16/2016    3/4:30PM    Coon Rapids - Bayard    HOME          
G/B    1/19/2016    6:00PM    Ar-We-Va    AWAY         
G/B    1/22/2016    6:00PM    Exira-Elk Horn-Kimb.    HOME          
G/B     1/26/2016    6:00PM    West Harrison    AWAY
G/B     1/29/2016    6:00PM    Adair-Casey     HOME          
G/B    1/30/2016    3/4:30PM    Paton Churdan    AWAY          
G/B     2/2/2016    6:00PM    CAM    HOME          
G/B     2/5/2016    6:00PM    Charter Oak Ute    AWAY         
G/B     2/8/2016    6:00PM    Exira-Elk Horn-Kimb.    AWAY  

Friday, August 21, 2015


Here are several things I need to make sure you’re aware of-

  • FIRST OFF- Thank you for attending the Parents/Athletes Meeting Thurs Aug 20, if you weren’t able to, check with me to see if there’s anything you missed. If you did attend, I apologize for any items in this letter which you already know about.
  • PHYSICALS- Please make sure that you get them into Lisa in the office. I’m not allowed to let you cheer or practice until you do.
  • UNIFORMS- Please stop by the Art Room After School Monday or Tuesday AUG 24&25 to try on & sign-out your uniform. XC & VB athletes, see me before school Tuesday or during 4th Per or Lunch Tues or Wed. Alternates- I apologize, but please wait until Wed after school, once the others have been distributed. Catherine, your new top is on order, Maddie H, worse case scenario, we’ll get you into the older uniform Cheyanne wore at first last year, but barring complications, we should have uniforms for ALL of you.
  • BOOSTER MEMBERSHIP DRIVE- You heard about this already if you attended the Athletes’ Meeting- It’s Thursday Aug 27; Come eat supper at 5:00pm & then go out in waves. It’s fast, it’s fun, don’t take rejection personally, it helps our school way more than discount cards or cookie dough. Thanks for your help.
  • SCHEDULE CHANGE- The Oct 2 game vs. River Valley has been changed to an away game, just FYI.
  • HOSPITALITY- Do we have a volunteer yet for Friday Aug 28’s game yet?
  • RUN THRU- Anyone interested in making one for the first game? They’re the Knights. We’ll have to work after school- we’re not allowed to use 9th hour for that sort of thing.
  • FOOD DRIVE- Bring a canned or nonperishable food item to the September 11 game at Newell Fonda. What a great way to recognize Patriot’s Day.
  • LOCKERS- Remember to see Coach Steele, the AD or Coach Pete if you’d like a PE Locker.
  • NO PASS, NO PLAY-  Good News/Bad News; As of this year, you are ineligible as soon as you have an F in any class. however, you don’t have to wake a whole week to become eligible again- you will be able to cheer as soon as you raise that grade. Reminder of State Policy- If you get even one F on your Semester grade, you will be ineligible for 30 days from the time report cards go out. That could mean all of January for Basketball or 4 games for next year’s Football if you make it through tryouts again and don’t participate in Track, Golf, or Softball.
  • POSSIBLE CHANGES- Just so you’re aware ahead of time; Due to the new 9th hour Tutoring Period M-Th this year, resulting in weekly early dismissal on Fridays- Mr. Gee & Mr. Weber are considering shifting Pep Rallies to Thursdays. I’m waiting to have this confirmed. Obviously, I will try to let you know what I find out as soon as I hear from them.
  • HAVE A GREAT YEAR! Good luck with your classes. See you next week.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

2015 Var.Football Sched

Date Time Opponent Location
8/28/2015 7:00PM East Mills East Mills High School
9/4/2015 7:00PM Fremont Mills HOME
9/11/2015 7:00PM Newell-Fonda Newell Fonda High School
9/18/2015 7:00PM West Harrison   HOME (Homecoming)
9/25/2015 7:00PM Kingsley-Pierson HOME
10/2/2015 7:00PM River Valley HOME
10/9/2015 7:00PM Ar-We-Va HOME
10/16/2015 7:00PM Elk Horn Kim. Elk-Horn Kimballton-Exira High School
10/23/2015 7:00PM Woodbine HOME

Friday, May 22, 2015

2015-16 Roster

2015-16 Boyer Valley
Cheerleading Squads

2015 Football Squad
2015-16 Basketball Squad
Morgan Klein
Lara Laubscher
Ella Meyer
Madison Seuntjens
Sadie Snavely
Cheyann Wehr
Catherine Dublinske
Morgan Klein
Lara Laubscher
Madison Seuntjens
Sadie Snavely
Cheyann Wehr
Catherine Dublinske
Madisen Henkel
Madisen Henkel
Nikolas Ahart  
Lindsey Anderson
Nikolas Ahart
Lindsey Anderson

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Important Announcements

THE FOLLOWING CHEERLEADERS are scheduled to work at the Concessions Stand at the Track Meet Thurs. April 22- Lara Laubscher, Madison Seuntjens, Jennifer Zehner, Catherine Dublinske, Nicholas Ahart

Due to a scheduling conflict on Thursday, May 21, Cheer tryouts have been moved to Wednesday. There is a 2:15 Early Dismissal that day for Teacher Professional Development. Tryouts will be at 3:30PM in the HS Commons. 

If you need extra forms for Tryouts, please visit


The following Cheerleaders need to return their cleaned, uniforms, warm-ups, and poms: Jade Allard & Lara Laubscher 

NOTICE: Candidates who have not returned their equipment will not be permitted to tryout for next year.

The following Cheerleaders need to pay $15 and pick up their Squad T-Shirts: Jade Allard, Mali Bounsana, Lara Laubscher, Cheyann Wehr, Jennifer Zehner

Just a reminder, any balances your child may have acquired during the school year, must be paid before the last day of school. This includes but not limited to band fees, book fees, lost or damaged equipment fees, library fees and lunch fees. Your child will not be signed out with an outstanding balance.  Thank you for your support in the finances of the Boyer Valley Community School District.

Tryouts Backed-Up to Wed. May 20

FYI- Due to a scheduling conflict on Thursday, May 21, Cheer tryouts have been moved to Wednesday. There is a 2:15 Early Dismissal that day for Teacher Professional Development. Tryouts will be at 3:30PM in the HS Commons. 

Friday, April 10, 2015


Any Boyer Valley Cheer or Mascot Alumni interested in helping judge tryouts, please fill out this form:

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Bus time is 5:00PM for this Thursday's Boy's District game.
BTW, we don't play till 8:00PM (2nd game).

Friday, February 06, 2015

Girls Basketball Playoffs

  • Thu 2/12 7:00PM @ Woodbine v. Woodbine
    Who knows? Conventional Wisdom has it that we may not make it past this game, but conventional wisdom also has it that the when you play a team three times, whoever lost the first two times, wins the third time!
  • Tue 2/17 7:00PM @ Sloan v. the winner of Wst.Har. vs. Westwood
  • Fri 2/20 7:00PM @ Kingsley v. TBD
  • Mon 2/23 7:00PM @ TBD v. TBD (1A Regional Championship)

Boys Basketball Playoffs

  • Thu 2/19 6:30PM @ TriCenter v. TriCenter, Neola
    Better buckle-up. We may be only the 3rd best team in the district, but we're good and we're hungry. This could be an exciting year (and maybe even one that runs into March!)
  • Tue 2/24 6:30PM @ Maple Valley-Anthon Oto, Mapleton vs. TBD
  • Fri 2/26 7:00PM @ OA-BCIG, Ida Grove v. TBD (1A District Championship)

Ted Mallory
Boyer Valley Community Schools
Challenging all students to meet their full potential Art | Yearbook | Cheerleading | Newsletter | Web Coordinator
School- 712-643-2258 Ext. 249
Cell- 712-269-5853

CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This email message, including any attachments, is for the sole use of the intended recipient(s) and may contain confidential and privileged information. Any unauthorized review, use, disclosure or distribution is prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender by reply email and destroy all copies of the original message. Furthermore, the e-mail system, equipment, network, back up files and records are property of the Boyer Valley Community School District.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Uniform Inventory

Mr. Gee would like all our athletic teams to conduct a thorough inventory. So as soon as basketball season is over, I will need to ask you all to return their uniforms and (unless they paid for them) their warm-ups. 

This is so that we'll have an accurate count. Other schools require cheerleaders to purchase their own uniforms in order to participate in the program. This can be prohibitive for some families since it runs nearly $300 per girl. Boyer Valley provides Cheer uniforms, so we need to take inventory so that we can keep better track of them.

You may be charged for uniforms not returned by the end of the year, just like unreturned library and textbooks, ChromeBooks or other school equipment.

I know you love yours and don't want to give it up. It's like a part of you. No one would dare ask a superhero to give up their costume! If you want to be sure that you'll get yours back next Fall, pin a note with your name on each piece, that way we'll know who's was who's. 

There are a couple of you who we need to measure for re-sized pieces if you decide to tryout again as well. Be sure that we get that taken care of before you leave for the summer if that's the case. Thanks.

FEB 12 Home game at 5PM

FYI- Thr Feb 12 Boys Game v. Whiting: JV will start at 4:30pm, Varsity at 5:00pm so that fans will be able to attend the Girls playoff game in Woodbine.

Please be at the gym by 4:30 so that we're ready to cheer for the Varsity game.

Our policy is that whenever there is a split game, we cheer at whichever one is home.

So that there are no more misunderstandings about this issue, next year when we cheer at a single gender game we WILL cheer for both JV and Varsity games.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Heads-Up About Track Concessions

Reminder: Our one fundraiser is hosting Track Concessions. You've all done an awesome job of this the last 3 years and made actually made it fun. Most year's they schedule 5 and often one gets cancelled due to weather. Looks like our Athletic Director has scheduled SIX this year. That means more money for us! It also means that everyone needs to work two meets, not just one.

Usually I get these dates out to you in March so that you have a month to let me know when you want me to schedule you. This time I'm sending it out here at the end of January! Remember, if you are in Track, Golf or both, please choose at least one meet when you're not running. Those coaches know that you have this obligation. We've been doing this for at least 30 years, so its nothing new. If for some reason you cannot work, please find someone who can, usually NHS members, but parents have worked too.

First come, first served if you sign up with me. Otherwise I will put a schedule together in at the end of February (so that you still have time to tell your employers & other coaches or ask me to make changes. Please let me know what 2 dates you'd like to volunteer for ASAP. Thanks.

  • THR 4/09/2015 4:30PM Girls' Invitational
  • THR 4/23/2015 4:00PM MS Invitational
  • THR 4/30/2015 4:00PM MS Invitational
  • MON 5/04/2015 4:00PM HS Coed Conference Invitational
  • MON 5/11/2015 4:30PM Boys' Invitational
  • TUES 5/12/2015 4:00PM MS Girl's Conference

Oh yeah, P.S. (as long as we're looking this far into the future)...

CHEER TRYOUTS FOR 2015-16 (Tentatively) 
May 19-22,  TUE/THR Practices, FRI Tryout

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Girls' Playoff Schedule

  • Thu 2/12 7:00PM @ Woodbine v. Woodbine
  • Tue 2/17 7:00PM @ Sloan v. the winner of Wst.Har. vs. Westwood
  • Fri 2/20 7:00PM @ Kingsley v. TBD
  • Mon 2/23 7:00PM @ TBD v. TBD (1A Regional Championship)

As every year, only the first game is for certain, whether you play three more games after that depends on whether you win each previous game. I will let you know Bus-times as soon as Hollie gets the bus schedule out.

The Boys Brackets haven't been set yet. As soon as the IHSAA makes them public, I will try to let you know.


Cheerleaders & Parents,
This year's Cheer Tees have been done since September. 
So far, only one Cheerleader has come paid for hers and picked it up. PLEASE bring your money and pick up your shirt as soon as possible.
Thank You

Sunday, January 25, 2015


    GAMES COMING UP           

  • TUES JAN 27- Home vs. Adair Casey
  • THR JAN 29- Girls JV/Var Home vs. Whiting
    1) Yes it's a Thursday, 2) Yes we'll cheer for both the JV and Varsity games
  • TUES FEB 3- @ Woodbine (Bustime TBA)
    Wanna share an end-of-season supper? At Dairy Sweet (its not El Jimado, but whatchya say?)
  • FRI FEB 6- Home vs. Paton-Churdan (NO PEP RALLY
    Athletic Director Ernie Kline has designated this Senior Night, so plan on celebrating our Jenn. I apologize for this, but my Annamarie is turning 10 and we're having family from 3 states to celebrate (it's also her great-Grandma's 95th) I feel guilty about missing Jenn's Sr.Nt., Sorry. (I'm trusting you all no fighting & no drama since I won't be there.)
  • MON FEB 9- @ COU (Bustime TBA)
    You'll ride the bus w/o me, I'm walking to this game.
  • THR FEB 12- Boys JV/Var Home vs. Whiting (see note on Jan 29 game)

    IMPORTANT STUFF             

  1. This isn't the end. I'll get the schedule for District/Playoffs to you ASAP
  2. Mr.Gee did authorize more pep rallies depending on how we do in payoffs, so be prepared.
  3. Sheri Hast is willing to take a Basketball Squad Picture (although if you'd rather, we can ask Tammy, or I can do it too, whatever you'd all prefer.) Is there a day that works best for everyone. or should I just pick a day and you'll all have to work around it?
  4. I STILL HAVE YOUR TEE-SHIRTS! Please don't stick me with them. Beg your parents for money and come pick yours up from me. PLEASE COME GET YOURS!

    KEEP ON YOUR RADAR        I'll try to get you dates & times for all of these as soon as I have them:

  • Track Meet Concessions
  • Recruiting underclassmen for 2015-16 Seasons
  • 2015-16 Tryouts
  • 2015 Summer "Boot Camp"

Sunday, January 11, 2015

So these are still here

So these tee-shirts are still here. PLEASE bring your $ and pick up your shirt. So far, Liberty is STILL the only one who has. They HAVE YOUR NAMES ON THEM IN GLITTER LETTERS & EVERYTHING! I know you keep forgetting them, I'm sorry if you don't like them. I'd lower the price, but that wouldn't be fair to Liberty who already paid. If you can't afford it, please beg your parents to help you out.

Three Games again this Week

  • Tuesday, Jan 13, 2015    G/B Var    Elk Horn Kimballton    @ Boyer Valley High School 
  • Thursday, Jan 15, 2015    G/B Var    Ar-We-Va         Ar-We-Va Community School 
  • Friday, Jan 16, 2015    G/B Var    CAM         @Boyer Valley High School 

Yeah, you saw right, a Thursday game. No idea why they did that.
Also- just like I asked last week- can we get volunteers for hospitality on Tues & Fri? (other than Catherine, she did it last week).

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

FRI Bus Time 3:30PM

  • Okay, really the bus time for the Payton/Churdan game Friday is 3:40PM, but I don't want anyone to miss the bus, so please try to be there by/before 3:35.
  • HOME GAME SAT- vs. COU, please be there by/before 5:30PM to stretch & be ready for rosters/national anthem.
  • HOSPITALITY- anyone willing/able to bake/buy/bring something Saturday for the COU girls? I've bought the last 3 home games in a row, I could use some help. Anyone? Let me know.

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