Friday, December 12, 2014


No Jade, Lara, or Larissa- but Catherine is back so we're good to go tomorrow

Bus time is 4:20PM Saturday

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Secret Santa & BB Pep Rallies

  1. Please come to the Art Room ASAP to draw your name for Secret Santa. NO MORE THAN $10/gift
  2. Please bring in your Cheer Stocking ASAP if you can find it, let Coach know if you need a new one (yes Cheyann & Nick, I already know you need new ones).
  3. Please let me know if you CAN'T make it to this Saturday's game. I know Larissa is visiting her aunt that day. If we have 3 (including Jenn) great, but I won't make only one person cheer alone (although Rena would).
  4. Please come pick up your 2014-15 Cheer Tee Shirt ($18)
Here are the dates Mr.Gee has give us for Basketball Pep Rallies:
  • Jan. 16th 
  • Feb 6th
  • and then if we have home play-off games.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Sorry about the spam.

Sorry if my Facebook account has been sending you links about dirt pills. It’s not me, I think i’ve been hacked. I’ll try to change my settings &/or passwords as soon as I can. Meanwhile, please delete them & accept my apologies. Especially cheerleaders.

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Cheer This Week/Next Week

  • FRI 12/5- HOME GAME- (Nick Ahart- come Mascot for us!)
    • Wear Uniforms to School
    • PEP RALLY!!! (anybody got a plan?)
  • TUES 12/9- @CAM in Anita, BUS TIME 3:40PM!!!
  • FRI 12/12- Boys only vs. Coon Rapids HOME (yes, come to & cheer for JV at 6pm, Nick, you too- its a home game)
  • SAT 12/13- @West Harrison, BUS TIME 4:20PM
Liberty is the only person who's come to pick her's up. I know $18.50 is a lot, but it'll be a lot for me to get stuck with if none of you ever pay for your. I have them in a box in my Art room. We've had them for months. Please come get yours. If you can't afford it, ask your parents or grandparents to get it for you for Christmas- or at least loan you the money. PLEASE!!!

FINALLY- If you still have one and can find it, bring your Cheer Stocking to school so we can hang them up between now and Christmas. That way I'll only have to make a new one for Cheyann.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Monday, December 01, 2014

Yep, Tomorrow: Bus Time 4:15PM

  • First game is tomorrow-  G/B Var @ Elk Horn
  • Bus Time is 4:15PM- I suggest you get to the North Hallway by the gym by or before 4:10PM to make sure you don't miss it.
  • It's a Tuesday away game, so just dress up, you don't have to wear your uniform to school alday, but you will on Friday.
  • Just in case it wasn't on your radar (I spaced it off, actually) #bemoreorganized #communicatebetterthanCoach #doashesaysnotashedoes