Wednesday, May 26, 2010

TENTATIVE 2010 BV Varsity Football Schedule

In case you've been living on Mars and hadn't heard, Boyer Valley will be playing 8-Man football next year. 

"at" = Away,  "v." = home.  All Games played on Friday night at 7PM

AUG 27   at Whiting HS
SEP 03   v. Kingsley/Pierson HS
SEP 10   at East Greene HS in Grand Junction
SEP 17   v. ArWeVa HS
SEP 24   v. Coon Rapids/Bayard HS
OCT 01   at Charter Oak/Ute HS
OCT 08   v. Glidden/Ralston HS (it has not been decided or announced, but I'd expect this to be Homecoming)
OCT 15   at Woodbine HS (this will be the renewal of a long-time neighborly rivalry)
OCT 22   v. Walnut HS (goes without saying, this will be Seniors'/Parents' Night- congrats Kaitlyn!)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Bit of an identity crisis

This blog is this blog kind of a fun photo album/scrap book for my cheer squad and a (hopefully) a means of communicating to both those cheerleaders and their parents. Lately it's made more sense and been easier to fulfill these functions on facebook.

As the school Web site coordinator, I really feel like much of this blog's content needs to start being featured there. As technology in Education continues to evolve and teachers and coaches like me seek to make Web content more interactive for students, I've been toying a lot lately with establishing a Cheer Wiki.

All this leaves me very tempted to return this blog to my original intention, a journal about my unique opinions and experiences as a male coach in a predominantly female sport. Which, like every other wannabe here on the Web, I could eventually turn into a book, good luck, right?

Worst case scenario, I'd just get lazy and leave it fallow since it's main purposes are being taken care of either on facebook or by direct email. But we'll see. If nothing else, I'll just duplicate material here, that way all you'll have to do is search for it and it will be archived here.

If you've got any suggestions or opinions on the future of this blog,  please let me know.

Work on your Jumps

Four great ways to work on jumps over summer are 1. on a trampoline, 2. under water IN the pool, 3. off the side or diving board INTO the pool, 4. get this, it increases your height, strength and sharpness- with ANKLE WEIGHTS! They're relatively cheap at Walmart or Target, but DON'T wear them in the pool.

How to Do Jump Builders
Learn exercises called jump builders that will help develop your cheerleading muscles in this free video series on advanced cheerleading moves. Expert: Shyra Fernandez  Bio: Shyra Fernandez has taught for collegiate teams, all-stars, dance teams and schools nationwide.

How to Practice Cheerleading Jumps
When practicing cheerleading jumps, stretch frequently and thoroughly, and try practicing in front of a full-length mirror. Practice cheerleading jumps with tips from an experienced cheerleader in this free video on cheerleading stunts. Expert: Lucy Spain Contact:

How to Do a Cheerleading Herkie
The cheerleading herkie jump can be done to the left or right, and is often incorporated into cheerleading routines, cheers or just when showing spirit. Learn to do a cheerleading herkie with tips from an experienced cheerleader in this free video on cheerleading stunts.

How to Do a Cheerleading Toe Touch
A cheerleading toe touch is one of the most popular jumps in cheerleading and requires pointed toes, a straight back and even legs. Perform a cheerleading toe touch with tips from an experienced cheerleader in this free video on cheerleading stunts.

Basic Cheer Motions

How to Do Advanced Cheer Leading Moves : How to Do Basic Cheerleading Arm Motions

Learn the basic arm motions in cheerleading in this free video series in this free video series on advanced cheerleading moves.

If you learn these, learning everything else will come easy.

Expert: Shyra Fernandez
Bio: Shyra Fernandez has taught for collegiate teams, all-stars, dance teams and schools nationwide.

Try learning this one this summer

Cheerleading Cheers : Cheerleading Cheers: The G-O Go

During the G-O Go cheer, cheerleaders alternate making a low and high V with their arms. Learn to do a G-O Go cheer with tips from an experienced cheerleader in this free video about cheerleading stunts and chants.

Expert: Lucy Spain

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Involvement and Commitment
relationships and responsibility

Thank you for coming out for Football Cheer at Boyer Valley this Fall. I appreciate your interest and commend you for your "moxie."

Our job is to get the crowd to make some noise. We're supposed to promote school spirit and pride.

Psychiatry tells us that besides food, clothing, and shelter, everyone has just a few major needs; meaningful involvement with someone else and to feel like we're worthwhile to ourselves and each other. People who learn how to meet these needs without depriving others of opportunities to have their needs met are considered responsible. If you either can't get these needs met at all, or are constantly tying to meet your own needs with no regard for anybody else's are pretty much "irresponsible."

Cheerleading offers you an opportunity to meet these needs, learn how you can meet these needs for yourselves once you leave high school, and as a bonus- an it gives you a chance to help fill these needs for the whole school and community!

Meaningful involvement and contributing something worthwhile, making a difference.

This may sound far fetched, but I mean every word of it. Everyone likes to feel like they're a part of someting bigger than just themselves. That's why schools have mascots and school colors. You're not just a girl or a guy, a Smith or a Jones- you are a Bulldog and it's the cheer squad's job to make everyone feel proud to be a Bulldog too!

Meaningful involvement- being part of something and contributing something worthwhile, making a difference. These take effort and committment. It's a big responsibility, but it's very rewarding.

This isn't just about school spirit. Remember, it's about meaningful involvment- interpersonal skills, and it's about feeling worthwhile because you contribute something.

If you let me, I want to help you become responsible members of a team. I can be a tutor, an advisor, and even a mentor. Someone who will care about you and yet hold you accountable for being more than you thought you could be.

But this isn't just about athletes and their coach. Remember, it's about involvement and commitment, relationships and responsibility. You are no longer just another kid, you are part of the cheer squad.

It didn't seem to work to get everyone together for tryout practices this week. It doesn't look like there will be any inexpensive cheer camps around our area this summer, and between Volleyball, Cross Country, and jobs, it may not look like we'll get a lot of practices in between football games next Fall. So communication and flexiblitiy are going to be important.

Once or twice a week this summer, I'll send you a note like this talking about some of the things that make people a leader and what makes a team. If you read them and take them to heart, it should help us be able to work together better when we do get together next Fall. I hope that it might even end up helping you some in the rest of life too, not just cheerleading.

I really believe that cheerleading can make a positive difference in each of your lives, just like a good cheer squad makes a positive difference in their school.

(Posted on Facebook, 2010 Football Squad members were tagged in the note)