Monday, October 11, 2004

Here's a shot of Randi, cheerleader and Homecoming Queen in the parade last Friday.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

About this blog

Once upon a time I thought about using this blog as a jumping off point for eventually writing a book about being a male cheer coach. Never have seemed to find the time or the self-discipline.

Once upon a time I thought about using this blog as a personal journal about the trials and tribulations of being a junior high and high school cheer coach. But it seems like too many cheerleaders and occasionally parents actually read it and once in a while I'd strike a nerve or otherwise just say something that someone would take issue with. So, in the interest of good PR, I tried to totally back off of that.

Which left this blog kind of a fun photo album/scrap book for my cheer squad and a (hopefully) a means of communicating to both those cheerleaders and their parents. I'd like to hope that it is also a way for my former cheerleaders and mascots to get a glimpse of what we're going now and hopefully get back in touch with me or each other.

I coach Varsity & JrHi Cheerleading at Boyer Valley MS/HS in Dunlap, Iowa.
I used to coach at Los Angeles Lutheran Jr/Sr High in Sylmar, California.

Are You a cheer alumn? Are you keeping tabs on anybody else from Boyer Valley or L.A. Lutheran cheer squads? PLEASE, let me know! At the risk of getting all kinds of spam, here's where you can reach me- ted.mallory@

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