Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Home Opener

I'm a little rusty on the camera. My settings were off so most of the shots I took turned out blurry. First games are always the worst for cheer squads. I was happy with them and they'll get better. Both our basketball teams won their games.

Shout out to the Missouri Valley squad- they went to cheer camp last summer and it shows- they're really LOUD. 

BK did great her first time as Cujo. Remember next time, it gets hot in that costume, so don't wear sweats underneath!

One of the Time Out Cheers
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What class is it that you get to play with dolls in? And why did you have to bring it to the game? It's homework???

MS Girls v. COU

Cathrine and Jamie cheered a couple of games last week (no pictures because I had to run the clock, sorry Jamie). Tonight was the first game for Lexus and Kayla. Maybe next time we can get all 4. 

These girls did fantastic, they're all really loud and kept cheering pretty frequently. We can still polish up some, but I'm really proud of how well they did. 

Meanwhile both the 7th and 8th grade Girls' teams beat the Bobcats. The 7th graders did it 29-27 in a real nail-biter!

3/4 of the 2010-22 BV MS Basketball Cheer Squad

Decisions, decisions...

Kayla Klapping

Cathrine keeps things moving

When we rock the house, we rock it all the way down.

Winter Pep Rallies

Generally we've held pep rallies on days when we have varsity home games on Fridays. Here are the dates to expect pep rallies this season. Additional ones may depend on both the WV Conference Tournament and post season play. Those we'll work out with Chad depending on schedules, weather, etc.

FR 12/03
G/B Varsity
6:00 PM

FR 12/17
G/B Varsity
6:00 PM

FR 01/14
G/B Varsity
6:00 PM

FR 01/21
G/B Varsity
6:00 PM

FR 02/11
So. Cen. Calhoun
B JV/Varsity
6:00 PM

Ted Mallory
Boyer Valley Community Schools
Cheerleading Coach

School- 712-643-2258 Ext. 249     Cell- 712-269-5853

Still need to pick up Sweatshirts

The following cheerleaders still need to pay $35 for their hoodies-

  • Brenda Pacheco
  • Cammey Hast
  • Kaitlyn Bonsall
  • Kayla Sternberg
  • Brittny Kline
I understand that times are tight and a couple of you can't pay till after Drill competes at state, but your names/nicknames are on these so we can't sell them to someone else to defray the the printing costs, so as soon as you can afford to pay for yours, please do so.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Please be where you're supposed to be

Mr. Straight let the faculty know today that students need to be where they are scheduled to be, and he reminded us that students are not to be in any computer labs without adult supervision.

I don't know if there have been problems with students from other classes too, or if the Art room is the only problem- but I need you to be where you're supposed to be, including during lunch, D.E.A.R., P.E. and study hall times.

If you need to ask me something about one of my classed or cheer, or if you need tutoring for a social studies class, you need to check in for attendance with your DEAR or Study Hall teacher first and get a pass to come seem me, and you can't just hang out to avoid being somewhere else.

Sorry. If you want advice or an adult to listen to stuff that's stressing you out, I certainly want to be available- before & after school, by email or facebook, but I'm afraid the Art Room and the Yearbook Lab can't just be your personal lounge. Thank you for understanding.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Good Luck @ Norwalk BV Drillies!!!

Especially those of you who also cheer: Kaitlyn, Cammey, Tiffany, & Renea!!!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

cheerpositive - JUMPS

cheerpositive - JUMPS

Here are some videos that will help you learn some of the basic cheerleading jumps.

Friday, November 12, 2010

No Varsity Cheer Practice tonight

No Varsity Cheer Practice tonight- But there WILL be Mon, Tues, Thurs next week. Cheer Hoodies are in if you ordered one, (bring your $35 and you can have yours). If you didn’t order one yet and you’d like to- get Mr. Mallory your size right away.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

2010-11 Cheer Survey

If you're planning to cheer at Boyer Valley next year, please fill out this survey. Thanks.
Click here for the survey

They're Done!

Guess what? If you ordered a Hoodie- they're finally done. But alas, I may not be able to get over to Something Unique to pick them up till Friday, ergo- I won't have them for you till Monday. Sorry. Remember to bring you $35 on Monday. 

BV Cheer Survey

If you are cheering for basketball season this year, or if you cheered during football season this year. Please complete the survey on our wiki- http://cheerpositive.wikispaces.com/2010-11+Cheer+Survey

I realize that I already have SOME of this information for all of you and maybe even ALL of this information for some of you- but I don't have it all in one place. Please take a minute to fill out this quick survey, so that I'll know how to reach you or your parents if I need to. Some of it is to get to know you better, and some of it will help me plan for next year. Thanks!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

BB Cheer Practices

Varsity practices to get ready for basketball season-

  • Thurs Nov. 4- Brittany, Jasmine, Shannon & Coach, we'll see about Fri 11/5
  • Beginning Mon. Nov. 8, Everyone who can Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays

  • Does anyone else live in Dow City, who could give Brenda a ride home so she can attend practices?
  • Tiffany works Mondays and Wednesdays, Coach has to attend teacher in-services on Wednesdays
  • IF (I don't know yet) we run into any issues with only being able to take 6 instead of 8 to away games, Brittany B and Jasmine R will be considered "alternates" for away games (sorry girls, you're the Freshmen).
  • I will ask Cammey to try to come to some practices to teach as many chants as she can. Renea and Tiffany will probably teach a ton. Visit http://cheerpositive.wikispaces.com and look for the BV Chant List and BV Fight Song on the menu on the left side to practice at home.
  • I'd love to have us learn some stunts- but that will mean committing time focus. Chants are our first priority.