Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Time for some "Spring Training"

Congratulations on making the Boyer Valley varsity cheer squad!

Since we weren't able to get together at the end of this school year, and if/when we'll be able to meet before school starts again in the Fall- it would be a HUGE help if you would commit yourself to working on cheerleading on your own this Summer.

I have a "wiki," a Website I've set up to help you.

"Newbies" like Jade & Kaitlyn may want to pay special attention to the first few pages." Of course, everyone should work on voice (Shannon) and I'd love if we'd include more jumps this year, so everyone should take a look at that too.
You may also check out my YouTube CHEER Channel for even more videos of cheers, chants, jumps, and conditioners- not to mention, the school fight song dance.

When you look at the calendar, keep in mind that everything is tentative at this point. I will let you all know when things get more solidified, closer to next school year.

Because we need for our squad to work together as a unit, and because you should get as much out of cheerleading as you can, I encourage you to read the series of 15 short features on the Pyramid of Success found on cheerpositive.wikispaces.com too. Please don't ignore this or take it lightly. You want to develop things like self-control, poise and confidence for your own sake and we all need all of you to develop enthusiasm, teamwork, loyalty, and awareness for the sake of our squad as a team.

If/when you can make it work, you may want to get together with some of your classmates once in a while this summer. Just to get to know each other, even if you don't work on any cheers, jumps or the fight song dance together.

2012 Football Squad
Quincy Baker, 12
Shannon Zehner, 12
Jennifer Zehner, 10
Jade Allard, 9
Catherine Dublinski, 9
Kaitlyn Holben, 9
Larissa Hollinger, 9

As some of you know, we ran out of school year and couldn't manage to fit in a mascot tryout. At least 7 students have shown interest- unfortunately at least five of those may not be academically eligible. If you know anyone with good grades and a good sense of humor, please encourage them to contact me this summer. If they look for Cujo's facebook page, there are tons of videos of college mascots in his "timeline," that they can get ideas from.

Looking forward to a great football season,
Coach Mallory

Monday, May 07, 2012

2012 Fall Squad Announced

Congratulations to the 2012 Fall Cheer Squad- Jade Allard, Catherine Dublinski, Kaitlyn Holben, Larissa Hollinger, and Jennifer and Shannon Zehner. Thank you to all the candidates who tried out, you should be proud of yourselves. 

We're still looking for a Mascot- so if you have good grades, a great sense of humor, and plenty of school pride, please talk to Mr. Mallory or speak to one of these new cheerleaders.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Concession Stand Crews

MON MAY 7- 4:30 pm BV Boy's Invite @ Dunlap  
Jennifer Zehner, Shannon Zehner, Jasmine Riely, Ally Kahl, Holly Brock, Marissa Bruck, Katie Cogdill, & Mrs. Dickinson

TUE MAY 8- 3:00 pm JH Western Valley Conf. Trk @ Dunlap
Ann Bunten, Lexie Seuntjens, Ally Kahl, Cammey Hast, Makayla Carter, Jennifer Zehner, Megan Behrendt, & Mr. Mallory