Monday, December 16, 2013

YIKES! There's a game tonight!!!

Apparently there's a home JV/Var Boy's game tonight. Sounds like it was rescheduled Friday. I don't remember Mr. Kline letting me know. Sorry about the short notice. If you can come, great, if you can't that's okay.

I will not be here because 2 of my 3 girls have a concert at COU tonight. 

Gotta say, after last Friday night, I'm reeeally nervous about leaving you unsupervised. Please prove to me that you can get along- no fighting, no arguing, not dividing into factions, no talking about each other and seething or complaining. Please be positive, cooperative, responsible, respectful, & representing Boyer Valley the best you can.

CHEER this week

  • MON- Sorry no practice, I have to run paperwork in to Dr.Crabb's office in Denison, sorry
  • TUE- AWAY @ Glidden-Ralston. BUS LEAVES at 4:00pm, so be in the North hallway by the gym by 3:55pm. Believe me, they will leave without you if you're not there.
  • WED- Please get me your t-shirt orders with payments by the end of the day so I can submit the order to Something Unique.
  • THR- I know we can't get all 8 together, I doubt we could get 6 together. I'll be happy to practice with 4, but I'm not sure its worth it to practice with just 2 or 3. We'll decide together Tuesday night if we need to practice Thursday.
  • FRI- HOME GAME, we need hospitality. Sorry, between the early out and all the finals, Mr. Straight told me he'd just assume wait till next month and not have a pep rally. Be that as it may, please show your pride by wearing your unniforms at school. Thank you. REMEMBER TO TAKE YOUR STOCKINGS HOME. Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fri "Bus Time"

Ernie let me know today that for tomorrow night's Coon Rapids game we'll take a separate van like during football. I'd just assume leave around 4:20 and go straight there- but if enough of you want to stop and eat on the way, we can leave at 3:45. Let me know your preference ASAP. Thanks.

PS- re T-Shirts: custom names on the back are just $2 more. Please get me your orders AND money ASAP (by/before) next Wed 12/18. Thanks

Sunday, December 08, 2013

CHEER This Week! Please Read

  • TUES 12/10- Home game vs. CAM/Anita
    • Either dress-up like the BB players, or show your spirit w/ BV swag!
  • THURS 12/12- Practice for everyone but Lara & Jennifer. It would be great to stunt again.
  • FRI 12/13- Away at Coon Rapids (Bus Time TBA- expect by/before 4:00pm)
    • This is AWAY, so still no pep-rally, but wear uniform at school!
  • SAT 12/14- HOME vs. West Harrison
    • Please be there by/before 6:30pm for National Anthem

Wednesday, December 04, 2013


Hey everyone- I almost forgot to remind you about this.

Please check to see if ANY of you who have more than one skirt, warm-up, shell or whatever. Keep the one that you were originally issued, it should be what fits best, and please return any extras which you've borrowed. 

This isn't just about Jade still needing her skirt that Mali has, a number of you have doubles or extras. I need to keep all of our inventory here in my room. We don't want any of them to get lost.

Please return them to me this Fri or as soon as possible.



If you're coming to the ArWeVa game on Friday, please be inn the North hall by the Gym by 4:15pm

No pep rally this day because it's not a home game, but please DO wear your uniforms to school (even if you aren't cheering that night).

Great job last night by the way.


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Congratulations Jennifer

Congratulations Jenn Zehner on your induction into the National Honor Society (NHS) this morning!
Keep working on demonstrating those NHS principles of Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service.

Everybody knows your grades are stellar.Keep it up.

You may have 7 other girls competing for who gets to be boss sometimes, but I for one appreciate your memory of cheers, patience teaching them and initiative and creativity. Keep it up.

Nobody's perfect, not even you. We all get impatient and irritable sometimes. Teens will be teens and sometimes we all get a little wrapped up in ourselves (not criticizing, just sayin') but as your coach I've always been touched by the dignity and kindness you offer to kids with special needs like Quincy and Scotty and to little kids (not just your own cousin). We should all treat each other the way you treat these "special" people. Keep it up.

You could've quit cheer a dozen times and just played basketball, but you kept coming out. You helped make sure that locker-decs go up and posters get made and nag me until t-shirts get ordered. You're not the only one- I totally appreciate how much everyone on this squad serves too, I'm just saying, you're smart enough and pretty enough that you could pretty easily become completely self-serving, but you know the importance of community. Your family has done a great job of impressing that on you and I appreciate it in you. Keep it up.

And to all the rest of you- she's not my favorite, I just want to congratulate her on this honor today. I'm really looking forward to seeing SIX of you inducted NEXT year. You've got the grades and you've got the hearts. All eight of you demonstrate Scholarship, BIG TIME LEADERSHIP, Character and Service. Please Keep it up!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Practice TUES 11/12

  • Practice Tuesday Nov 12 for those who can make it.
  • Otherwise, please plan on practicing Tues-Thurs Nov.19 & 21 Next week
  • First BB game; Mon Nov 25, 6:00 pm JV/V Girls v. MV/AO

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pep Rally Monday

Just got this email from Mr. Straight-

"We will have a short pep rally at 3 p.m. Monday.  Hopefully we will have some hardware from state CC to show off after Saturday.  

Have a great weekend, everyone.  Go Bulldogs!"

Monday's Game

Okay- first of all, I feel bad that I won't be there with you, as most of you know, my dad has cancer and I'm flying back to Phoenix this weekend to see him after the surgery he had last week.

But I'm with you in spirit. Playoff are always amazing, even at "Sub-State" like this second round of districts against Glidden-Ralston. These are memories that you'll get to keep with you your whole lives.  My wife was on a cheer squad when CO-U's basketball team played in THE DOME (or maybe it was HyVee Hall) back in the 80's and she says it was one of the best parts of high school for her.

Here's what you need to know (I know, I never shut up, right?)
  • Back to the original Varsity Squad (unless one of you is sick).
  • However, Catherine & Lara are welcome to come (and I want you to), but be prepared to have to pay admission (sorry).
  • Mr. Straight says you'll ride the pep-bus and do not have to pay for the pep-bus- However, you must remember to sign-up for pep-bus!
  • No fighting.
  • Please represent, stay positive, follow rules, hair up, not jewelry, etc.
  • If you have any issues there, talk to Lisa, Ernie, or Mr. Straight. If she's there, and they're cheer or stunt issues, maybe look for Spenser Miller's mom.
  • I'd really like it if you'd wear your uniform or warm-ups and not t-shirts, jerseys etc. This is State. This is YOUR uniform. FB boys don't get to wear cheer shells. Be proud, be united, wear the "little black dress." Black is da bombshizzle!
  • Get along, you're a unit, you're sisters. Sisters may fight but they forgive & stay sisters.
  • SMILE, this is State for cripe's sake (I'm looking at you Maddie!)
I guess that's more than you need to know (typical Mal, sorry)
OH- as of this morning when I asked him, Mr. Straight hadn't made up his mind about a pep-rally yet. I say, be prepared just in case, but don't have a cow if there isn't one. Stay positive. 

I guess that's it. I'll be prayin' for ya. You know what you're doing, so do it LOUD & proud so that those boys & those crowds get fired UP.

Cheer so loud that Kaitlyn can hear you all the way in Montana.

Okay, that's it.

Maybe one last thing.

Imagine one of those helmets out there Monday night is #69 and cheer for him. Cheer so he could hear you even with his "beats" on. Do that and you'll be on fire.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

WED Transportation

Sounds like Ernie & Mr. Straight would like us on the pep-bus.
It leaves at 4:30pm. I do not know (or expect) that it will stop for supper like I would've, so I suggest you eat before you we leave.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

T-Shirt Idea

If you're all on-board with this, I'll run it by Something Unique and make up order forms that you can use to try to sell & put in the office.

Please tell me what you think ASAP

Friday, October 18, 2013


TUES Oct 22 After School

Wednesday, October 09, 2013


Anyone who can make it-

  • We need to make a run thru for the COU game
  • Jenn has an outline for Friday's pep rally for us to review
  • We should decide who's bringing hospitality
  • And... SU tells me that they've got the warm-ups done. If anyone other than Liberty & Madison would like to buy theirs, I really need you to bring a check for that as soon as you can. 

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Fwd: Stunt Clinics near you!

Another Reason to stay on for basketball. Anybody want to do this? $25 is dirt cheap, even if it is 2 hours away on a Saturday. Let me know ASAP if you're interested. I can take 6 of you in my van. If all 8 of you wanted to go, we'd probably need at least one other driver.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Jason Sack <>
Date: Thu, Sep 26, 2013 at 2:18 PM
Subject: Stunt Clinics near you!



Kick off your season, polish up on some of the skills and learn some new exciting

Our team of experts stay on top of the latest techniques, tools, and trends evolving in the world of cheerleading. Attending a UCA Stunt Clinic keeps you and your team current with these latest cheer innovations and gives your team an edge for the coming year.
Pre-registration is STRONGLY encouraged. This helps us make sure we give you the best instructor to cheerleader ratio.

UCA Fall Stunt One-Day Camps
Cheerleader: $25        Coaches: FREE

Registration: 12 -1 pm      Clinic 1-5 pm

November 9th

Johnston High School

6501 NW 62nd Ave

Johnston IA50131


To register, simply reply to this email with the location and number of participants.  I will take care of the rest.

Jason Sack

UCA State Director

Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota




This email was sent to: %%emailaddr%%

This email was sent by: Varsity Spirit Corporation
6745 Lenox Center Court, Suite 300 Memphis, TN 38115 United States

We respect your right to privacy - view our policy

Manage Subscriptions | Update Profile | One-Click Unsubscribe



Jason Sack

UCA State Director

Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota




CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This e-mail and any attachments are for the exclusive and confidential use of intended recipient. If you are not the intended recipient, please do not read, distribute or take action in reliance to this message. If you have received this in error, please notify us immediately by return e-mail and promptly delete this message and its attachments from your computer system.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Lost & Found

FYI- left at the field Fri night:


Come get them if they're yours. Thanks
Practice Tues & Thurs

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Marching Fite Song Dance (for parades)

Thursday Practice

Okay, so remember last Thursday when I thought I had a meeting during practice but I didn't? That was because that meeting is THIS Thursday (today). But please come anyway, just because you can't work on stunts, you can work on 2 things- finishing the run-thru for NEXT week's game...

AND making plans for your Homecoming "Pup-Rally" for the Elementary kids in Dow City. Friday morning Sept 20. Figure out transportation for everybody from Dunlap (I can't drive you because I teach 8th graders 1&2nd hours), and for everyone FROM DC back to Dunlap for school once you're done. When you get there, check in with Mr. Weber in the office while classroom teachers are taking their attendance. Then they'll all go to the gym. 10-20min tops just like a regular pep rally. So probably 8:45-9:00 or a little later. Use today's practice to discuss what cheers/stunts to do and in what order. Do you want to have Mr. Weber or Mr. Hall or some Coach/Teacher give a short speech? Do you want to teach the Fight Song? Do you take a long Cujo? Kids LOVE Cujo & Chelsea will be eligible again.

Van Time for Coon Rapids is 4:15, but maybe we should leave at 4:00 if we're stopping in Denison to eat.

PS- Liberty, your Shell came. It's on my round table.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Remember that the jersey Auction is this Sunday, September 15

  • The Soup Supper starts at 4:30pm if you /your family wants to eat.
  • The Jersey Auction starts at 6:00pm, so please try to be there by/before 5:50 or so.

REMEMBER- You are responsible for getting your shell back by Thursday night so that you can have it to wear on Friday, so be sure to pay attention to who buys it, thank them, and get their number.

I asked Ernie to have you go before the football team. Not sure if he or Coach Pete or just the auctioneers will announce you, because (sorry about this) our daughter Ellen is playing piano at the Clay County Fair, so I won't be at the auction, I'll be in Spencer this year.

Friday, September 06, 2013

FANtastic First!

Want to tell you all- AMAZING first Pep Rally! Maybe best I've seen in my 20 years. Not gonna lie- when the ENTIRE student body stood up when you said "stand & give your battle cry," I had chills.   Best in 13 years I've been here. #proud #BVCheer #LOUDandPROUD #FireUP

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Please Review The Pep-Rally Outline

  • Practice tomorrow (Thurs 9/5) from 3:30-4:30 (or whenever we need)
  • I may or may not be able to attend because I have a SAT team meeting with Mr. Marlin at 3:20.
  • Please run through the outline Jenn wrote up for the Pep Rally.
  • If you need to, please continue to work on finishing or fixing locker decs. As much as I'd love you to stunt at the pep rally, please do not practice stunting without me there- it's an insurance/legal issue. Thanks,
    Coach MalDog


Just thought I'd pass along these state rules/changes to you #BVCheer

PS- Homecoming is coming SOON- better start thinking about a run thru and the pep-rally outline.
PPS- Who's gonna volunteer to make hospitality for THIS Friday night?
PPPS- if I didn't say it out loud- thank you all for working on locker-decs this week & thanks for those working to correct mistakes we made on locker decs too! I appreciate you all. Keep it up.

Ted Mallory
Boyer Valley Community Schools
Challenging all students to meet their full potential 
Art | Yearbook | Cheerleading | Newsletter | Web Coordinator

School- 712-643-2258 Ext. 249


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Elisa Kahler <>
Date: Wed, Sep 4, 2013 at 8:31 AM

Rule 2-1-5b needs to be clarified in regards to modifying stunts to be appropriate for the surface and/or area and in relation to other participants.  Cheerleaders may not stunt while holding run-through signs.  Also, stunting while the ball is in play during football games could result in injury if the action of the game changes suddenly and players end up out of bounds by the cheerleaders.  Football is unique in that it has breaks after every play for cheerleaders to lead chants.  Once the action begins, the cheerleaders should be watching the game along with the fans, which will allow them to be ready with appropriate chants when the play is finished.

Another rule that needs to be clarified is Rule 2-3-1 concerning dermal piercings.  At the March 2013 meeting of the NFHS Spirit Rules Committee, the committee discussed dermal piercings and approved editing 2.3.1 SITUATION A to indicate that dermal piercings are illegal.

The committee has now revisited that ruling and determined that a participant with a dermal piercing can participate provided the jewelry adornment is removed. As a result, the situation printed in the rules book is now incorrect. The following rewording replaces that situation in the 2013-14 NFHS Spirit Rules Book:

*2.3.1 SITUATION A: A participant is wearing: (a) a watch; (b) post earrings covered by tape; (c) a religious medal on a chain; (d) a navel ring; (e) fish line or spacer through a piercing; (g) a dermal piercing without the jewelry adornment removed. RULING: All are illegal. COMMENT: If the jewelry adornment of a dermal piercing is removed, it is legal.

As always, state associations have the option of adopting a more restrictive rule than the NFHS rule. Thus, state associations could maintain the original wording of the situation and still determine that dermal piercings are illegal regardless of whether the jewelry adornment is removed.

Cheer coaches should make their cheerleaders aware that dermal piercings will again be discussed at the 2014 NFHS Spirit Rules Committee Meeting.  The committee could decide to:

1) Allow dermal piercings with the jewelry adornment removed.

2) Allow dermal piercings that cannot be seen - again with the jewelry adornment removed.

3) Make dermal piercings illegal.

Since the NF Spirit Rules Book is not published until after most cheerleading tryouts, coaches should make sure that cheerleaders are aware of the possible consequences of dermal piercings, especially since there is a chance they could be ruled illegal in the future.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Practice Next Week

You ladies did so well last night, you deserve to have Monday off.

Please plan on practicing Tues & Thurs.

Van time for Elk Horn/Kimbleton will be 4:30 again.

Just making sure- Jade, you're going to Colorado, right? So we'll need Catherine to sub.

Got something for you all to think about/plan on. Mrs. Beam (new StuCo advisor) would like us (those not in band) to lead off the parade with fight-song dance, cheers & stunts. Lots of cheer squads were in holiday parades in California. It would take planning & practice, but wouldn't that beat just reviewing chants anyway? Think about it.

See ya next week!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Season Opener

Fantastic job Ladies. Congrats Bulldogs on your 14-50 victory.

Fwd: NEW! Reebok Alpha Cheer Sale $33.99

If you're looking for shoes and want to order your own- here's a sale.

Ted Mallory
Boyer Valley Community Schools
Challenging all students to meet their full potential 
Art | Yearbook | Cheerleading | Newsletter | Web Coordinator
School- 712-643-2258 Ext. 249

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: CheerZone <>
Date: Fri, Aug 23, 2013 at 9:02 AM
Subject: NEW! Reebok Alpha Cheer Sale $33.99

New! Reebok Alpha Cheer Shoe
Is this email not displaying correctly?
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Copyright © 2013 CheerZone, All rights reserved.
You are receiving this message because of your recent purchase with CheerZone.
Our mailing address is:
302 E. Ohmer Rd.
Mayville, Michigan 48744

Add us to your address book


Just wear your tops today- I get it, the new skirts are short.

Bring your entire uniforms for game.

Also, as its so hot, feel free to wear shell w/o bodyliner if you'd like.

Sent from Gmail Mobile via my iPod.

CHEER; 2 Things

Someone wanted to know what to wear today. Just wear tops (I get it, these new skirts are short.

Sent from Gmail Mobile via my iPod.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Practice tomorrow 3:20-4:30 for everyone who can make it (do Jen, Mad, & Lib have a XC meet?)

RE: Future practices, I'd like to every M, Tu, & Fri. From now on (just like all other sports) you need to come to at least one a week (the "official" rule is the practice before a game). But, you know I'll work with ya. I said before, the more we put into this, the more we'll get out.

Van time for Varsity Fri is 4:30p

Get me your warm-up sizes ASAP & give me your vote for black or purple. So far, black is leading. 

Fire Up!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Okay, I think I can get jackets & pant sets for $100 from Something Unique.

The question is; Purple, Black, or Grey?


Since Kingsley is just about an hour and a half away, would you rather leave at 5:00pm and take eat ahead of time, or leave around 4:20pm and stop at SubWay in Denison?

Update on Warm-Ups

Preliminary price estimates (before screen-printing or embroidery) Jackets around $55 and pants $48. In other words, at least $100 or more.

I'm trying 4 different vendors to see who's cheapest & fastest. 

Remind me when we get back to school if you're willing/able to buy your own.

I'll let you  know what I know as soon as I know it.

Please plan on practicing Thurs 8/22 if you can since we have a game already Friday 8/23

See you all next week!
Make it an awesome year!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fire Up, Ladies!

In my serious and boring speak- I believe that as a squad you can positively influence the culture and climate of our student body if you'll commit to maintaining a consistent level of enthusiasm this year.

Translation- You are ON FIRE! Keep it up and this year is gonna be EPIC!

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Mal Dog's photostream

Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014
Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014
Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014
Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014So psyched about this squad! Grateful for such a great bunch of girls this year. Thank You Lord, please keep 'em all safe, healthy & fill them with unrelenting enthusiasm. #Cheer #cheerleading

Here's some pictures from Camp today. Great job. I can't tell you how lucky I feel to have you as a squad. This is going to be a fantastic year!


I'm trying to get quotes from three different vendors on warm-ups, hoping to get them quicker and/or cheaper than from a catalog. On average, it looks like approx. $65 a set, and then another $8-10 for embroidery, so it may end up being close to $70/$80.

I know a few of you have talked about wanting to buy your own, but I'm hoping you won't all have to if our account can buy a few sets that will be "school property." I'll have to check to see how much we have. I can ask Boosters to help, but I hesitate to ask for another $800 right after asking them to spend $1,200 last year for new uniforms.

Hopefully one of the 3 printers can save us some money. The break down is $37 for jackets, $27 for pants and extra $ for a megaphone, BV, or bulldog embroidered on the chest. What I'm looking at is fleece lined and polyester knit or nylon on the outside, so that they'll be durable and WARM.

Please pass this information along to your parents so that no one gets surprised if/when this materializes.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Mark Your Calendar

Homecoming September 20th this year!

This is only a test

I'm looking for input. Can you imagine this on a fuschia, orange, yellow, or lime green shirt?
I was thinking about Fire-Up, Get Fired Up, or Where There's Smoke There's Fire.

But I'm open. Want something for fun, less angry? More Feminine? More simple? Words but no dog?
Let me know what you think.

Cheer Swag Sale!

Get your surplus BV Cheer swag while it lasts!

On-Going Fund Raiser: Sports Necklaces $10 each.

2012-13 Tee Shirts, $12 each.
3 Smalls & 1 Med left.

2010-11. 1  LG tee left just $5
Hoodies just $15 (worth &35+)
Sizes left: 5 Smalls (sorry nothing bigger)

2011-12, long-sleeve tees only $5
3 Mediums & 1 Large.

All proceeds go to BV Cheer Squad- 
we need new warm-ups.

All original designs created personally 
by Coach Mallory on Photoshop.
Nothing from catalogs or print-shops!

First come, first served. Hurry hurry hurry. Back-to-School Close Out Sale! EVERYTHING MUST GO!!!

Monday, August 05, 2013

First Day of "Camp"

Here's some of the girls modeling the new uniforms. They insisted on trying them on before beginning practice in earnest.

Cheer camp went well great today. Started at the dam but got rained on. 5 great girls- only bummin that all 10 weren't there. Hopefully we'll catch more as week goes on. 

I'm really excited for the year because I'm so grateful for such a great bunch.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Here's a list of stretches that really work for cheerleaders.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

This Just In...

FYI- We have added a week zero game and are waiting for the official state ok. It will be Aug. 23rd in Kingsley. We have lost our week 6 game with Heartland Christian.

I will make the changes to our online calendar & blog as soon as I can. See you Aug 5-9 for "Camp." Savor your last dregs of Summer!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Websites you May Need

Coach's Internet Empire
CheerPositive; Our Cheerleading Wiki
Here you'll find videos to chants, jumps, and workouts as well as tons of content about what it means to be a cheerleader and leadership in general.

CheerCoach's Blog; Est.2004
Here's where to look for news & announcements about things like t-shirts, fundraisers, schedule changes etc., as well as pictures, and encouragement. Look through the archives and see what previous squads looked like from years gone by,

Coach's YouTube Channel; Video Tutorials
Here you'll find more videos to chants, jumps and workouts as well as demonstrations by some of our own on how to perform the school fight-song dance. There's even one video from 2005 where the squad runs through our entire list of chants. Want to practice on your own this summer? Then this is where to go.

CheerPinBoard; Ideas & Inspiration
Yes, it can be an addictive waste of time, but unlike facebook- there's no drama! Visit here for quotes, ideas, and resources. Everything from being positive to exercise routines.

Other Valuable Websites

AmericanCheerleader; Magazine
This is THE magazine for cheerleaders.

Miss Pineapple's Cheer Page; Cheer Central
This former cheerleader has put together an amazing menagerie of links, resources, ideas and community.; NCA, UCA, UDA, plus SHOPPING!
The premiere online destination for cheerleading. Tutorials, Cheers, Chants, Jumps, and shoes clothes & accessories too. This site was started by Varsity sportswear along with the National Cheer Association, and the Universal Cheer and Dance Associations.

ICCA; Iowa Cheer Coaches' Association
Want to know the rules? Here's wo make the rules (I just make you follow them)


Visit to view our Cheer  Google Calendar, which you can subscribe to. Or visit and bookmark Boyer Valley's official school calendar at

Mon Aug 5- Fri Aug 9, 9:00AM
2013 SUMMER CHEER PRACTICES (Tentative; pending 4-H, vacation, etc.)

Mon Aug 12-Wed Aug 14
Alternate Dates for Summer Cheer Practices

Thurs & Fri Aug 22-24, 3:20pm
First After-School Practices

Mon, Tues, Thur unless announced otherwise*
*Those on Volleyball and Cross Country are encouraged to attend at least once a week if/when possible, but aren't required to if they can't, so long as they attend Summer Practices.

Anticipate Homecoming to be the October 4 or 11, but TBA until new Student Council Adviser announces.

Fri 30 Aug 
EHK-Exira @ Elk Horn

Fri 6 Sep
Glidden Ralston home

Fri 13 Sep 
Coon Rapids-Bayard @ Coon Rapids

Fri 20 Sep 
Stanton home

Fri 27 Sep 
Ar-We-Va @ Westside

Fri 4 Oct 
Heartland Christian home

Fri 11 Oct 
CO-U home

Fri 18 Oct 
Woodbine @ Woodbine

Fri 25 Oct
West Harrison home

Sorry to keep you waiting...

Congratulations to the 2013 Football Cheerleaders:

  • Jade Allard
  • Mali Bounsana
  • Larissa Hollinger
  • Liberty Monk
  • Madison Seuntjens
  • Jennifer Zehner
  • Catherine Dublinski
  • Kaitlin Holben
  • Lara Laubscher
And Mascot Chelsea Willis

Monday, May 13, 2013

Sorry about the Delay...

I'm waiting on 5 more score sheets from ONE last judge.
At this point, although I have all the other numbers entered, I'm afraid I won't be able to announce next year's squad until at least this Wednesday.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Cheer Calendar Reminders

  • Tue April 30- MS Track Meet Concessions
  • Fri May 3- Tryout Permission Slips & Teacher Recomendations Due
  • Mon May 6- Boys Invitational Track Meet Concessions
  • Tues May 7 & Thurs May 9- Tryour Practices After School
  • Fri May 10- Tryouts!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Make Up Track Meet TUE April 30

Hi Squad,

>>Congratulations to Shannon, your 2013 Prom Queen! We couldn't be more proud of you and personally, I couldn't be more proud of our student body for electing you! Hard work, positive attitude, kindness and acceptance of others- what more could you ask for in a cheerleader or a prom queen?!

This email is to let you know that Ernie Klein, our Athletic Director just let me know that the Junior High Track meet that was postponed last week (Thur Apr 18) has been rescheduled for this upcoming Tuesday, April 30.

We could sure use as much help from as many of you as can come. Middle School kids eat more than other people, plus this is co-ed and MS boys definitely eat more than HS girls! 

>>In other news; Shaw Screenprinting in Woodbine sent me an email today saying that they have a 3,000 piece order ahead of ours, so our shirts won't be ready until April 30. Hopefully they'll deliver them to the school that day, otherwise I'll pick them up the next day.

>>Remember that all your paperwork for tryouts is due May 3. Rena is planning on helping with tryout practices the 7th and 9th (can't believe how soon that is). Please try to make at least one of the two practices so you can refresh your skills & memory, as well as pass on your expertise to some of the rookie candidates. Tryouts themselves are Friday May 10. You'll all be busy attending graduations that weekend, we'll be busy with our daughter's confirmation- but I will do my best to announce next year's roster by at least Tuesday the 14th if not sooner.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cheer Tee Shirts

Shaw Screenprinting in Woodbine just emailed me to let me know that our shirts will be done on the 20th. So hopefully I can have them for you by the 24th (I'm in Phx for my parents 50th anniv. Apr 19-22).

I had asked for your $12 each by this Fri 4/12, but as soon as you can get it to me is fine (make checks payable to BVHS, just write "cheer shirt" on the memo line).

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Football Tryouts

2013-14 FB
Cheer/Mascot Tryouts
Tryout Practices
Tryouts FRI MAY 10

Teacher Recommendation Sheets
& Parental Permission Form
due by/before Friday, May 3
Forms will be available beginning 
Friday, April 12

OR- Click here for Parental Release Form
and here for a Teacher-Recommendation Form (you need 3)

Composite score consists of
1) Average Teacher Recommendation Scores
2) Grade Point Average as a percentage (3.5/4.0=88%)
3) Average Judges Score on Tryout Performance
The top scores will be selected for next year’s squad.
Candidates must score a minimum of 60 to be considered.
Final selection is at the discretion of the coach, based on skills,
 potential, ability to work well with others, coachabiliy,
and how well each candidate represents Boyer Valley.

Monday, April 08, 2013

Sports Necklace Fundraiser

Sports necklaces are here if you want to buy or sell them! $10 each. Maybe we can sell some at the track meet Apr 18.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Need Tee-Shirt Sizes

  • I have sizes for about half of you, please let me know your size ASAP-
    • Katie, Maddie, Larissa, Chelsea, Catherine, & any parents, siblings or friends.
  • At least 6 people are okay with the black so far, but Jennifer doesn't want black. Here are 2 comps that show what it would look like in other colors. Everyone who doesn't want black  has to agree on one or the other- so please give me your vote; Lime or Pink?
  • Sorry, its taken too long to get this finalized, so nothing on the back. Make plans for that for next year.
  • $12 each due Friday, April 12.