Wednesday, September 28, 2005

This week's run-thru

Collaboration is the key- This time, Rena told me what she wanted and I threw it together in PhotoShop. I'm still having Katie & Chelsey on Yearbook trace and paint it though. Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll come out for cheer during basketball season!

Cujo Jr.

"CJ" (Cujo Junior) performs a kartwheel at last night's junior high football game against Woodbine. The Eighth graders pulled in a 26-0 WIN! Let's hope that Varsity can do so well against Woodbine this Friday night!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Some Junior High Pics too

Top: Larissa, Billie and Andrea joined Junior High-ers Megan and Christine one day at practice 7th hour.

Middle: Sometimes/Sort-of Junior High Cheerleaders Sasha and Jessica seem to think they're glam enough to be on some band's album cover...

Bottom: Happy birthday Jessica! Her family got her a new digital camera.

Some pictures from the Clarinda game last Fri

Top: Nicole kicks it up to celebrate a Dog's touchdown. Middle: Cujo cavorts with "Ernie" the Eagle. and Bottom: Rena shows off her awesome "Hurkie."

Here is where we stand now. Of course, as nice as a 7-60 victory over Clarinda was last week, this Friday we face Woodbine. (shiver)

Monday, September 26, 2005

Coach's perspective; the view from the driver's seat on a Friday night van ridde

Friday, September 23, 2005

Stress Reduction

What a year, what a year. I think that for the first time, I won't lettering everyone on squad. People come or don't come to practice depending on how they feel. I understand having grandparent's funerals, I could understand having diffuicutly finding rides- if they'd come to me first, although we DO run a shuttle bus service. One kid didn't want to come to the Clarinda game because of bad memories about her brother. I'm generally sensitive and flexible to a fault, but even I have my limits, what am I? Dr. Phil?

So, for all you coaches, teachers and volunteer youth workers out there- this JPeG's for YOU!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

DISTRICT 7 Standings

So, we had a hard game. The Vikings were good. As you can see, they're ranked 2nd in our district. This week we should do pretty well against Clarinda. Although our girls are all afraid to go since they're a reform school. They're afraid that it will be a prison and we'll all get beat up.

Click on the link in the schedule below to see what their school is actually like. Also notice that NEXT week we go up against our arch-rivals, the Woodbine Tigers- who also happen to be looking at State already! They're cheerleaders have always been really great to us though, and we usually wipe the floor with them in basketball- especially girl's basketball.

Fri 9/23/05 @ Clarinda Academy
Fri 9/30/05 Woodbine @Home
Fri 10/07/05 @ Guthrie Center School A
Fri 10/14/05 CAM, Anita @Home (Homecoming)
Fri 10/21/05 @ Treynor High School
Fri 10/28/05 West Harrison @Home

Monday, September 19, 2005

Nikki & Rena provide precussion for the pep-band at our first pep rally, Fri. Sep 16, 2005

Sunset over the AHST game.
That's right, Nichole got sick and left school before the pep rally and Heather had to leave the game just after kick-off for an emergency.

Adding Comments

Hey, visitors, BV Cheerleaders and X BV and X LALHS Cheerleaders, you can contribute to this site in at least 3 ways!

1) click anywhere that it says "comments" and you can post whatever you want about what I post.

2) look over at the right hand menu- and click one of those links marked "message boards" and it will take you to bulletin boards where you can post questions, comments, or your own "journal entries" about practice, a game or a pep rally- or whatever.

3) Scroll down a little more on that right-hand-menu ("sidebar") and you'll find a new "tag-board" that I recently installed. Last year's squad had a lot of fun with a tagboard on our old website.

Of course, you can always just email me. Send me pictures that you want posted and I'll do it.

Just wanted to let you know how you can participate and make this website "ours" and not just "mine."


Friday, September 16, 2005

Here (if Blogger worked right) are a couple of AWESOME pics of Heather doing flips before the game. If Blogger didn't work, I'll try to get these pictures up again next week. Right now, I gotta get home.

Sasha didn't want me to take this picture, but I just love how much school spirit she has- I mean LOOK at that thing on her head! Crazy!

St.John LYF, Charter Oak

St.John LYF, Charter Oak

If you didn't know it, I'm Youth Counselor at my Church

Here is St. John's LYF website-

Visit for information on the National Gathering, the Des Moines Gathering, and a few pictures from last week's homecoming parade.

Please bookmark it to your favorites list so that you can check it at least once a month to see what's going on.

Please pass it on to other kids and parents who's email address you have.

And, please pray for our youth group and the youth of our congregation and community.

Pray for a revitalization of our LYF, with only 3 active members, a lot has got to give, fundraisers, service projects... there's a lot that we can't do anymore, at least not the same way.

And please pray for me, with 3 kids of our own, coaching 2 sports, taking on extra work like the school newsletter, school website, freelancing t-shirts and freelance work for the newspaper- I'm spread a little thin. And I'll be candid, I've had a lot of bumps and dips in my faith walk in the last year or two, so I need some prayer for my wrestling-match with God while we're at it.

Thank you thank you thank you.

In His hands,

FB Standings

Just in case, you're interested- here's where we stand so far this season. We're playing the AHST (Avoca) Vikings at home tonight.

Click here at the IHSAA to check standings every week

And especially for all you alumni, Click here for our fall schedule, I'd love to see some of you come to a few games.

How do you like our first run-thru? Rena was disapointed that I just went ahead and designed it and had my Yearbook staff paint it, instead of letting the squad do it. But hey, they hardly know any chants and we had to plan and practice our first pep-rally which is today.

I like how I made Elmer Fudd the Viking. Shows my age though- kids today barely know Looney Toons.

Yikes was practice rough yesterday. I swear that NOBODY is getting along. I don't know if I should be more afraid of everybody quiting or everybody breaking into a brawl at the rally or the game. I guess whatever happens, happens, we'll just have to wait and see.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Disney Channel - Kim Possible

Disney Channel - Kim Possible

Yeah, I'm a 35 year old, straight, male and I think this cartoon is the bomb! (of course I have 3 daughters, 7 mo to 6 1/2 years) so I'm stuck watching a lot of Disney Channel.

McRoberts Strikers Cheerleading

McRoberts Strikers Cheerleading

I've seen other cheerleading websites, but this is the only other cheerleading "blog" that I have EVER ran accross while surfing the web. Chack it out, maybe you can find some ideas for me.


Nikki is the skinniest chick on squad...
but we STILL can't get a uniform that fits her.
We need to do something about it-
parent in the stands were even complaining.
I don't think I've been that skinny since I was say 8 yrs old.
I'm thinking that if I crop this into a square photo, so you don't see the problem, it will be a cool photo with the back-lit pony tail and all.

Mighty Giant

Even though we didn't have enough poms for Andrea,
she magically produced this over-sized one at the IKM game.

Get on the Magic bus...

Just another typical van ride to an away game.
Please pass the Prozac-
and the ear plugs!

Cujo Junior


Cujo Jr. was SO shy at the game.
He was too nervous to try half the antics that he worked on in practice.


“When you find out things about yourself
That you hadn't ought to know
When your grandma calls and books you on the Jerry Springer Show
And you find out you and your wife of 10 years
Just might be related

Brother, life's not over
It's just simply complicated.

There's other situations that might challenge you I guess
When your daughter tries out for the football team
And your son tries on her dress.
And you start to think that the devil's in charge
Of how you're situated.
Life is still worth living
It's just simply complicated

Life is complicated with its if's and and's and but's
It's alright to be crazy, just don't let it drive you nuts.”

~Jimmy Buffett

Man, Cheer is starting to get complicated this year.
So we were supposed to have ordered new uniforms last Spring, but we didn’t even have a squad until school started about a month ago.

So what we have is 5 cheerleaders, 2 of which are TOTAL rookies, and 4 ½ uniforms, 2 bags, 4 sets of poms, and only one megaphone (guilt-guilt & shame former cheerleaders!). Did I mention that 3 of those 4 ½ uniforms fit really bad? And we haven’t had time to think about new uniforms because we’ve hardly practiced so we hardly know any chants. (Let alone cheers and stunts).

Now some mixed-blessings- ever since the last game, several kids have approached me and told me that they’re planning on coming out for basketball season. AWESOME- although, if I want uniforms that fit, should I wait till after tryouts in November to measure & order? It gets more complicated…

One of my rookies must have felt alienated, like she didn’t have any friends on the squad, because she went to work and recruited two (for THIS season). One’s quiet as a mouse and while the other cheered last year in Junior High, is painfully shy and doesn’t want to perform in front of the whole student body at pep rallies.

Dilemma; rules allow 8 during football and 6 during basketball. I’m okay having 7 instead of 5, but I already only have 4 ½ uniforms, that don’t fit well.

It gets even more complicated- 3 out of my 5 Junior High cheerleaders are now ineligible because of poor grades, and one of the 2 left has a broken ankle, so she’ll be on the Disabled list for about 6 weeks.

Good Grief!
Your prayers and support are always welcome!

Cujo Junior

Our first Junior High MASCOT!!!
Here's Cujo Jr. (Brad) with his Varsity sister, Nichole at last Tuesday's Jr Hi football game.

Cujo Jr did a great job. He's short, he can dance, and really boogies with his "C-Walk."
We hope he'll like it well enough to do it for the next 5 or 6 years and then go on to rock the NCAA in college!!!

First Junior High game

Our first Junior High game was fun, but sad- not just because Manning beat the sox off our boys, but because we had 3 cheerleaders ineligible due to grades. Only Megan and Christine could suit-up- and Christine broke her leg and will be on cruches for 6 weeks.

Guess how she did it- she was watching a cheer competition on ESPN and decided to practice some chants at home. you should see the bruise- ichk!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Sasha has too much spirit. She can't wait till volleyball season is over so she can come out for cheer again.

Nikki and Andrea have had enough of Cujo!

Nichole and Nikki at the IKM game in Irwin, Fri 9-9-05

Cujo and his veterinary psychologist, Nicolas, a kindergartener.


Most of the 2005 football squad- Nichole, Heather, Rena, Cujo, and NIkki at the Manning Dogfight, Fri. Sep 2, 2005.

Friday, September 02, 2005

FEMA: Cash Sought To Help Hurricane Victims, Volunteers Should Not Self-Dispatch

Click HERE for a list of chairitable organizations and ways that you can help victims of hurricane Katrina.