Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Okay kiddoes,

Since these are two sided and we are a small group, these shirts are gonna run
Plus $3.50 each for 2'' glitter names on the back.
So $18.50 each

I don't want to get stuck with shirts people don't pay for which happens almost every year.

Please bring your $18.50 by no later than Friday, September 7.

Nick told me he didn't want one since he's a mascot, not a cheerleader, but I'm ordering for all the rest of you.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Help me out with this Squad- we're trying to revive an age-old tradition. This will help build spirit & pride!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

(Aug 19-22 & Aug 25-29)

Just want to touch base with everyone about a couple of things since Liberty's the only one in any of my classes this Semester.

Don't worry about practicing the rest of this week, we're all getting used to being back at school- I know that I have a ton of stuff to try to get done myself.

  • If you haven't yet- PLEASE get your physical & concussion forms in to Lisas ASAP. You can't cheer till you do (I really shouldn't have let you come to camp without them!)
  • THURS 8/21- Remember there's a Mandatory Parents/Athletes Meeting with Mr. Gee in the Gym at 7:00pm. He's been a head football coach, Athletic Director and Vice Principal at bigger schools for years before coming to us, so he a lot of great ideas and experience. I'm sure you'll appreciate what he has to say. Please be sure that your parents come too.
  • MON 8/25- Please plan on reporting to the lunch commons at 5:00pm to participate in the Booster Club Membership Drive. Mr. Gee will fill you in at the Thursday meeting. It will go fast and maybe even be fun. I'd join you but I take all 3 of my girls to fitness & nutrition classes on Omaha every Monday night.
  • PRACTICES NEXT WEEK, TUE 8/26 & THR 8/28-  Lara, Liberty, Madison, Cheyann, & Jennifer are all in XC or VB so usually won't be able to make cheer practices- but please come if/when you ever can. EVERYONE ELSE: Jade, Mali, Catherine, Larissa, Chelsea & Nick, We need to 1) plan & rehearse the first pep rally, 2) design & paint a Wolverines run-thru, and 3) design & hang-up locker decs. Let alone sort out some other issues, not to mention practice stunts & chants. ANYONE who'd like to or can are more than welcome to help with those first 3 on your own time or studyhalls, or before/after school are more than welcome. And in fact, those who want to work on run-thrus or locker decs are welcome to come in tomorrow & Fri after school too, I'm just not making those "official" mandatory practice days.

  • FRI 8/29-  PEP RALLY- Jenn will MC this first one just like last year, Catherine & Larissa have a game that they've already cleared with Mr. Gee.
    HOME v.EAST MILLS- Please be down at the track by at least 6:30 to stretch, bring water & poms, Liberty agreed to bring "hospitality."
  • ROTATIONS & FLEXIBILITY- As you know, we have 8 + an alternate and not just 6. This poses challenges but let's remember that its good to have these kind of problems. One year we start with 5, lost 2 and had games where only 1 or 2 of the remaining 3 showed up (ask Jennifer's sister Shannon!)

    I had set up a schedule for away games which I tried to make as random and fair as I could, each game two people wouldn't get to go, but a couple things happened: for one thing, there are five away games, not four so 2 people get gypped out of two games not just one, also I really think Jennifer should be able to come to every game (if she wants to) because she's a Senior. Which means we'll need to revamp the schedule anyway. If we don't take a mascot to away games, that will leave more room for cheerleaders, but Chelsea may be hurt by that and want to attend as many games as she can, I don't know how she feels about it.

    I guess what I'm getting at is this- before I revise the tentative schedule, PLEASE look it over and let me know as soon as you can if there are dates that you know ahead of time that you may not be able to attend anyway, or you'd like to have off- every year things come up- family event, work schedules, special event for other clubs/sports/church, date/dance/game with a boyfriend. If enough of you voluntarily to take one or two games off, it will be a lot easier and fewer people will be as disappointed. Mali asked me if she could come to Freemont Mills but still skip Woodbine. Just like I asked before, please be flexible, don't take anything personally and plan on being disappointed- but if we all work together, we can make it easier. Get your dates to me ASAP and I'll try to get the revised schedule out to you all as soon as I can next week. Thanks.