Friday, September 29, 2006

Email - Homecoming Pep Rally

Hey ladies (& Brett),

Attatched is a tentative outline for the Homecoming pep-rally. Take a look at it and let me know what you think. We should probably have back-up chants in the event that we need to fill time, but that is unlikely- homecoming usually fills itself up pretty good. But do let me know Monday if you have better ideas for chants or games. Early in the season we had talked about some kind of 8-Count dance or lip sync... I'd love for us to work up a routine to do with a prep! I actually had a request from kids for the orange game, if you can believe that. I have outlines from 2003, 04, & 05 on my computer if you want to compare or see what's been done in the past. Cujo? No Cujo?

I'd like to have it finalized so I can send it to Mr. Straight, Stump and the class sponsors Monday.

I'll most likely be taking pictures at the coronation and I'll see you at the auction- remember to practice Kensie's little auctioneer cheer and don't be shy about it- have some fun!

Tuesday night, in lieu of practice, I'd like you all to come support the JrHi cheerleaders at the JrHi Boy's football game at the field. Especially because I may need to leave early 1st to get some yearbook pictures at the JrHi VB game and then to take Gracie to her dance class. You can even fill out the evaluation sheet for them!

Sunday, October 1- Coronation
in the auditorium at 3:30 pm
Jersey Auction, Soup Supper at 5 pm
Auction at 6 pm

Monday, October 2- To be determined.

Tuesday, October 3- Super Hero Day

Wednesday, October 4- Cross-Dress Day

Thursday, October 5- Water Safety/Construction Day

Friday, October 6- Spirit Day, Pep Rally at 12:45pm, Parade at 2:00p.m., Dance following football game.

Have fun & make me proud

Kensie, just monkeying around

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Here they are again

These girls seem to be obsessed with Photoshopping their kissy pictures. I think that it's freaky how Sasha's eyes are still kinda realistic.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Boyer Valley Community Schools

Boyer Valley Community Schools
Boyer Valley's NEW website!

Our Homecoming Run-Thru

Not wierd enough!

Okay, Holli felt that that last picture wasn't crazy enough, so here's another one.

15 minutes of fame

This Andy Warhol- like rendering was requested by Sasha and Megan's pal Holli. That's Holli in the picture with Sasha.

prayer for strength and confidence

Disclaimers: 1) This Blog is not to an official Boyer Valley site. The views expressed here and the links provided here are not necessarily those of the Boyer Valley Community Schools, it's administrators or board. It is the sole responsibility of Coach Mallory

2) My policy is of absolute transparency. I apologize to anyone who is ever offended by anything that I write here or reveal about discussions with me and issues we deal with as a squad here. I do so so that you know what I'm thinking and how I come to the decisions that I so. That's called "metacognition," you may disagree with my decisions and my motivations may be in error, but I prefer to be absolutely open, even at the risk of being wrong or unappreciated. When error is brought to my attention, I try to correct or admit the error.

3) I genuinely believe in a separation of Church and State- I try not to force my faith/beliefs on any of my students at school as a captive audience. This blog, however, as noted above, is not an official function of Boyer Valley schools. It is a site that people are free to view or avoid. To the best of my knowledge, all of the current squad members are believers, so I'd like to encourage them with the following prayer-

"Please help me," I prayed. "Please change me. I know You can do it because I've seen You make drunkards sober and turn thieves into honest men. Please take away these inferiority feelings that are holding me back. Take away this awful shyness and self-consciousness. Let me see myself, not as a scared rabbit, but as someone who can do great things in my life because You are with me, giving me the strength and confidence I need."
~Rev.Norman Vincent Peale,
'Positive Imaging' ©1982

I share this one with everyone because it's really a prayer that any cheerleader needs to pray. It seems like every year there's someone who's quiet, shy, or insecure. I know one JrHi cheerleader who seems so meek and diminutive that you'd hardly know she was there. These may have been sweet and charming traits in young women a hundred years ago, but they're necessarily qualities you need if you're supposed to be leading a crowd in getting loud. Besides hoping to build your confidence and increase your volume, I also want to arm you all, because being a cheerleader can be a bit like living in a fishbowl. You're up front and on display, therefore you become a target of greater scrutiny and sharper criticism than less prominent students at your school. It's unfair, but it's real. See your selves as confident and able to let snide comments roll off like water off a duck's back. Picture yourself as poised, comfortable, outgoing and having fun. Let that mental image sink in until your subconscious accepts it. Ask God to help you, even pray (or at least recite) Peale's prayer and you will become what you saw yourself being.

Choose your Attitude!

"Take charge of your thoughts. You can do what you will with them."

Friday, September 15, 2006

Weat Harrison

First "prep" at a game. Unfortunately, Coach Mallory's camera's batteries died before they got it up! Always bring extras.

We won 40-0! they called it in the 3rd Qtr!

Wow! How about Megan's Reindeer jump?

Posing for Butch Walker of the Dunlap Reporter

Sit Cujo! Sit boy, sit.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Practice can be fun

The freshmen and Rena teach Susan some "Bulldog Beat" claps

Samantha and Holly read through something (hopefully the cheer notebook, with it's informative diagrams of jumps and 8-count drills) toward the end of Junior High practice.

AAAAUGH!!! Poor Kensie is so distraught that Shasha would paint on her, instead of on the run-thru for Friday's game, that she takes out her nuk-nuk!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Car Sick?

I know it's not a fair picture to post, but Kensie wasn't really sick, she was just horsing around, so here it is. Be embarassed, deal with it.

Manning 3

Going over the chant list- "what haven't we done yet?

Is that Rena....actually SMILING? Gotha!

We had a lot of injury time outs this game.

Manning 2

See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil

Aww.... "Pound Puppies"

Manning Sep 9

Moon over Manning

Lunatics (get it? full-moon) Lunatics in a van

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Purple People

They made me take it- then it turned out kinda blurry, so I monkeyed with it to make it psychedelic. Great kids that I really love. If only we could get Chrstine un grounded and get Megan to be LOUDER...

So Varsity is stabalizing. "New Christine" opted out, and Susan has been out of school. On the other hand, Cassie's Doctor told her, no more Cross Country, so she definitely wants to cheer at the next home game- I'd rather just get her on board all the time. Tomorrow night is our first away game in Manning.

Junior High, is another story. Seems my ploy to be a big mean drill sergeant to shake out the riff-raff worked a little too well. We went from 12 to 4, and 2 of those 4 have been sick the last couple of practices. Bummer. I'd like to try to get a couple of them back and I'm having the remnant 2 work on regaining or recruiting 2 more.

First time in a prep

Now, before you criticize our form and balance and technique and all that- keep in mind that Sasha, Megan and Kensie have never done this before. The most any of them have done is a double thigh stand. So all things considered, I'm pretty proud that they learned this in just one practice. NOW we need to get it down pat, cleaner, firmer, quicker, sharper...then we'll talk about cradles!

"Air Kensie!" You go girls, loud-and-proud!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Couple of more

Rena and Cujo do their push-ups durring the Treynor game
Kensie and her pal Kelsey asked me to do this "buddy picture" for them where I make a black and white, but leave their eyes color: Here she be:

Treynor Pics

Here's some shotws from our first home game vs. Treynor- which we won 39-0!

Kensie tries to hear what Rena is saying.

Aww... Megan spies her beau and his bro in the stands

Rena revs up the crowd.

Megan makes sure she's on top of what's going on.

Sasha, Kensie, and Megan crank out the push-ups after a TD.

Sasha watches the crowd over her poms.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Great Job!!!

What a terriffic first game! You got better second half too! And you always looked like you were having fun. AND... you all got along!
I hope you fell in love with cheerleading and got it under your skin now. It's infectious. Now while you have the fever, go be contagious. That's your job, to spread school spirit & fun.
Be cheerleading biohazzards!
The fact that we beat Treynor 39-0 helps too.
Have a great weekend! see ya'all Tuesday- lets plan on learning how to put Kensie way up high in the air.


"The gospel is meant to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable." ~Garrison Keillor

Daily Cheer Agenda

Daily Cheer Practice Routine

Stretching (2-3 minutes for abs, 2-3 for arms, 2-3 for legs)


20 Crunches

7 Push-Ups

26 Cross-Crawls/ Cross-Crawl Crunches/ Standing Cross-Crawls

8-Count Drill/Technique


Cheers/8-Count Dances



Do the "Ziggalo!" Back in LA they called this silly-fun warm-up the "Giggalo," and we coaches put the kibosh on it because of the sexually suggestive name. I figure, fine at practice/just not at games. Megan, Sasha, Kensie, and Rena are in uniform and Kensie's best friend Kelsey is the one in the football jersey (front-left). What a wild way to get psyched-up for the first home game!

So Far, SO Good

Kens shows off her great guns

"Old Christine" stole Coach's hat

Freshman! Kens and Megan try to see/hear what Rena, Sasha, & Christine are doing on the other side of the volleyball net in the gym during our very first pep-rally this year.

Megan pulls off the fight-song dance without looking too nervous.

It's still kind of a rocky road, but I'm still managing to stay positive.

Sasha decided she wanted to cheer after all. Wish she'd made that decision last May so I could order a new uniform that would fit her. Fortunately she is an awesome good sport about wearing an old one!

Our Spanish teacher took me aside toward the end of our first pep rally today and asked me if any of our Freshmen cheerleaders (4 out of 5) had cheered in junior high. I asked why she wanted to know, she said because they were SO GOOD for Freshmen!

They did do a REALLY good job for their very first. Whew! I think we were all nervous.

Imediately afterward, Susan, a Junior who transfered to BV this year from Charter Oak asked if she could join next week. Maybe we'll be 6 strong after all. Cassie, a Senior who was on basketball cheer last winter told me that she really missed cheer after the pep rally- I told her the door's always open.

Rena's frustrated that the new Band Director wouldn't let her do the fight-song dance with us. The band is pretty tiny and she's done a super job of teaching it to the dance Freshman, so I'm okay with her playing instead of dancing. It's more important to me that she doesn't get a big head or too bossy just because she's the one Junior among all these Freshman. I want her to remember that true leadership is servant-leadership. I also don't want her to get too territorial if "New Christine," Susan, or even (that'll be the day) Cassie join the squad.

So tonight's the first game. I'm taking a major risk, Megan and Kensie don't have their physicals into the office yet, but I'm planning on letting them cheer. They tried to get into the doctor this afternoon after school but couldn't get appointments till Tuesday.

The grapevine rumors are that there are a ton of people who want to try out for basketball. I'll believe it when I see it. Rena says she's not planning on coming out in the winter. I'd love to get all 5 of last year's basketball squad back plus one. If the competition is too steep for this football season's Freshmen, I sure hope they come back next Fall for football again. We haven't even gotten started yet, but I know they're going to ROCK!

So it's still a bit of a rocky-road, so rock on!