Thursday, March 07, 2013


To raise funds, we host concessions at track meets. So far there are just three this year:
  • Thr April 4, HS Girls Invite
  • Thr April 18, JrHi CoEd Invite
  • Mon May 6, HS Boys Invite
Is anyone else on Track besides Jennifer? Maddie, maybe? Since there are only 3 and Drill doesn't have a new coach yet, each of you work two. If you work all 3, I'll give you extra points on your tryout score for next year. Generally it means setting up after school, selling pop, candy & snacks during the meet, and cleaning & closing up, usually around 7/7:30. Its fun to be together & help people.

Please let me know which meet you'd prefer to work (for Jen that means the MS meet). I will touch base with Ernie and see if we'll have any more than 3.

Yes the tops and skirts are here, the bodyliners just came in this afternoon. Yes you can see them if you haven't yet. No you can't have them yet.

Yes, you need to return them even though we're getting new ones. They're school property and you may be assessed a fine for not returning them. We'll use them for alternates (if we have them). I'd like to perhaps use some of them to have a quilt made that could be sold to raise money for warm-ups too.

Please wash them, and bring them in to me ASAP.

Please let me know your size & the sizes of /how many others you want (for parents or friends). I haven't talked to the printer yet, but I imagine they'll only be $12-15.
Yes, you'll need to try out again. Yes, rumor has it there are some other people interested in trying out too. Yes, you'll need to get a parental release form and 3 teacher-recommendation forms again. No, you don't have to be scared, you were all pretty amazing this year. Tentatively, I'm planning Tryout Practices on Tue/Thur May 7 & 9 with the official Tryout on Fri May 10.

I finally got an email from Robin Chute, MVAO's supplier for the sports team paracord necklaces. Mr.Dougherty, their principal says that its one of the best fundraisers he's ever run. Chute can send us a starter kit which will include purple & black ones, and some college ones. They'll only cost us $4 each, but MVAO charges people $10 each. Think we should start right away this year already?

GHS cheers and chants

Here's some great chants we could learn that Kaitlyn found on YouTube.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Looking for Ideas?

Wanna get a leg-up on tryouts this year? Figure you'll make it and you want to get started on "Spring Training" (that you'll keep up on over summer) to make sure you're the BEST you can be next season?
For tons of ideas & inspiration, workouts & quotes, check out