Friday, February 14, 2014

NEXT WEEK & Beyond...


  • No game Tuesday- The Girls' season is now finished
  • Thurs. Feb.20 Boys Districts vs. West Har @ Underwood, Bus Time 4:45pm
I know, there's no school, but still a game. That's how basketball rolls. I'll let you know when & where additional games are if we win that night as soon as I know. I'm guessing Mon or Tues the following week.

  • T-Shirts SHOULD be in next week, I'll let you know as soon as I do.
Reminder that Cheer hosts concessions for track meets. Its our one real major fundraiser. We have three home meets for certain, but I think we may have 5 total this year (I'm checking on that with Ernie). I know that Jennifer & Madison run track and Liberty & Larissa may too. Remember, we need to work with your track coaches to be flexible, work a boy's or Junior High meet if you can't work a girls' meet, or ask an NHS member or your parents to cover for you. If there are 5 meets, I can talk to Coach Kim Wood about sharing with Drill squad like we used to- but it sure would be great to not have to split the profits.

For Certain:
  • Thr Apr 10- Girls' HS Invite
  • Th Apr 24- Junior High Invite
  • Mo May 12- Boys' HS Invite
Checking with Ernie:
  • Thr May 1- JrHi Harrison County Invite
  • Tue May 13- JrHi Rolling Valley Conference 
Hopefully these won't create hiccups; but as you know my father's health has been pretty sketchy this year- in the event of a family crisis, I may need to ask a parent, fellow staff member or possibly a cheer alum to step in for me supervising. Also, I just received word today that I'll be part of a team going to a technology conference in Omaha for the school sometime in April. Hopefully neither of these will be a problem, just want to make sure that you &/or your parents are aware ahead of time in case they do. 

You have been an incredible squad. If I can get all 8 of you (+maybe Blake as mascot) I will be one really happy coach. You really do an outstanding job and I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed having you this year. But I know that some of you may have something else in mind. Also, there may be a few kids out there who would like a chance to get onto squad, so we have to be fair. Besides, eventually you six Sophomores will all be Seniors, so it may be in our best interest to recruit some people in the classes of 2017 & 2018.

Bottom line- Expect Tryouts to be the week of May 19-23.
Please let me know if you're interested in cheering next year and if you'd prefer to cheer all year, or just FB, or just BB. I'll run announcements/sign-ups/paperwork starting in mid April. 

Friday, February 07, 2014

Cheer Next Week

Hey everybody- we're headed into Districts. There's a lot you need to keep track of, including a few glitches with my schedules.

  • Mon 2/10 BB v. COU @ Dun (who wants to bring hospitality? Blake- you comin'?)
  • Tue 2/11 NO Var BB (9/JV @ MVAO)
  • Thur 2/13 Girls Districts @ Adair-Casey! (I'll get ya bus time as soon as I can.)
  • Fri 2/14- NO game Happy Valentine's Day (most years we have a game on V-Day)
My wife has Parent/Teacher Conferences TUE & THR at MVAO. Our daughters have Dance TUE & THR, Piano MON, & our oldest daughter has an appointment in Sioux City and my Father-in-law is having surgery on MON... So, I probably won't make it to Monday's game, but I think you can handle it. You did last night. Lisa is always there.

FYI, in case you were unaware, Larissa's M.D. has told her that she's out for the remainder of the season.