Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Run-Thru idea

Friday, August 27, 2010


Boyer Valley tradition required that cheerleaders perform one push-up for every point the Bulldogs have on the scoreboard after every touchdown. That meant a LOT of work, since we beat the Warriors 82-12!

Support BV Cheer

Support Boyer Valley Cheerleading

Order Your BV Cheer Tee-Shirt Today! 
Just $15, proceeds go to support BV Cheer.
MS Cheer will wear these with purple "camp-skirts" as their uniform this year.
Think this would make a good hoodie-sweatshirt? Let me know.
Please send your name and size to Coach at malloryt@boyer-valley.k12.ia.us. Please make checks payable to "Boyer Valley" and put "Cheer T-Shirt" on the memo line.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

2010 Yearbooks are HERE!

2009-10 Yearbooks are here already! If you didn't pre-order yours, you'd better get them while they last. See Mr. Mallory to get yours. Still just $36, same price for the last ten years! You can buy a yearbook at either of the school offices, or from Mr. Mallory.

The following students need to pick up their pre-paid yearbooks from Mr. Mallory as soon as possible (as of Wed. Aug. 18): Rachel Coenen, Jared Frazier, Nicholas & Claire Gambs, Jeremy Garrett, Mark Hanigan, Shelby Houston, Jacob Kepford, Amy Klein, Dillion Malone, Tiffany Melby, NIck Miller, Mallory Mitchell, Brian Steele, and Shannon Zehner.

It's never too late to reserve your copy of the 2010-11 Yearbook, see Mr. Mallory or any Yearbook staffer for an order form, order online, http://jostensyearbooks.com/?REF=A02336900 

Yearbooks are expensive to produce. We appreciate the support of area businesses and service organizations. Click here if you'd like to print an advertising contract to buy an ad in the 2010-11 'Archive' Yearbook. Thank you!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

90-90 Hip Shift with Hemi Bridge and Balloon modified from Postural Rest...

This is an easy and AWESOME conditioner. You say you want to work on your abs, your obliques, and your glutes?

I say I want you to work on your diaphragm so that you can yell louder and longer at a lower pitch. If you ever want to build stunts, you're going to need a strong core, whether you're a base or a flier.

THIS simple exercise works ALL of that! Weird and new as it looks, watch this video and give it a try.

As if abs and glutes weren't enough- it improves your posture too, which should help your poise and confidence (two of the last 5 Pyramid blocks).

Calves on the wall, use a stool or exercise ball if it helps, smaller ball between your knees, thighs parallel to the wall, then try blowing up a balloon.

Try it, I DARE you. I know these seem crazy, but this Postural Restoration/Balloon exercise and the Cross-Crawl that I shared with you at the beginning of the summer are OUTSTANDING cheer conditioners.