Friday, December 22, 2006

Secret Santa Suprize!

Here's Cassie with the present that Kassi made her for Christmas! Merry Christmas "CKassiEs!"

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Merry Christmas

Every year I try to hang customized stockings for the squad's secret Santa exchange. This year I found these cool cut-outs at the Hobby Lobby in Iowa City and I hung them from some garland that I tied into the false ceiling. By the way, Cassie, you and your folks have been INSANELY generous to me this year thank you ( and Angie too and whoever else is helping out with the big suprise thing that's supposed to take another 2 weeks, whatever it is- you really didn't have to give me so much, I really appreciate it- ahead of time).

Good Grief! Don't let overly commercial dogs, greedy loud-mouthed psychologists, or pink aluminum Christmas trees ruin your Christmas, remember what it's REALLY all about (see Luke, Chapter 2). To all you former cheerleaders and mascots from LA Lutheran ans Boyer Valley- Happy Holidays and New Year too!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Last of the COU pics

Finishing off a time-out cheer

Cheer-Drillies rock our half-time! Far left= Cassie, Center= Haley, Right behind her= Kim, off camera= Kayla (sorry K)

If I don't post on this blog again till our season resumes in January- MERRY CHRISTMAS and see ya next year!

More COU

The only place a dog can cool off is outside. Sheesh!

Getting Vicki up a second time.

Durring Football, they were cheerleaders, now Sasha and Kensie are super fans way up there in the stands.

Cassie gets her groove on

Dec 19 v. Charter Oak-Ute

Here goes Vicki, up. . . up. . . and away!
Some people just seem to HATE having their pictures taken.

Puttin' the pep in pep-band, that's Kassi on the trap set.

Friday, December 15, 2006


V-uh huh, uh huh, I- C- uh huh, uh huh, T-O-uh huh, uh huh, R- Y
Split the V, dot the I, curl that C-T-OR-Y!!!

Haley kicks her heart out to celebrate a basket.

Kassi & Vicki LOVE Bulldogs fans! SMMMM---ACK!

Hello? I know it's the reading of the starting line up for the Tigers, but don't be so enthusiastic! At least Kayla is faking a smile.

Arch Rivals Woodbine Tigers

Fly Angie, fly! Look at the look on Kayla's face here- isn't that priceless? I can't wait till they get the "Full-Extension" up and not just the "Half/Prep Extension."

Hey, a dog's gotta eat, don't he? Why not help out the Junior's prom fund? Note Rena behind the counter there. She's worked the concession stand like a billion times this year.

Boogie down Kim, Haley, and Angie!

LOMA pictures

Angie has a black belt in karate, so watch out or she'll open up a can of ninja woop-butt on you!

Boogey on down, alright alright!

Cujo is not a young pup anymore, you know, he has to make sure to eat nutritious snacks like Doritos.

As long as I'm making a blog post anyway, Click here if you're studying for the final in Newspaper class.


Mallory's HOME Page
At last- I think that I have the whole thing ready

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Re: Cheerleading this week


Sorry kids, I completely spaced off that I have to take my daughter to Omaha Thursday
Varsity- Dec 13- WED, early out, be that as it may... there WILL BE Practice 3:30-4:30

Dec 14- NO Practice, Coach has to take his daughter Gracie to Speech Therapy in Omaha

Junior High-
Dec 14- vs. West Harrison boys, I WON'T be able to make it, forgive me for being so scatter-brained. Who knows, maybe you can talk Kensie (or one of these Varsity girls) into going and filling out a squad evaluation for you. AGAIN though, cooperation (including with Christian & Tyler, frequency, energy, most of all FOCUS- and again, I am REALLY proud of and impressed with your skills- impress everybody else, especially Mr. Weber, Mr. Brunning, and Mr. Straight. And keep the stage clean and your shoes on. ;)


"The gospel is meant to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable." ~Garrison Keillor

Monday, December 11, 2006

Cheerleading this week

CONGRATULATIONS to everybody at practice Tuesday for getting up all those half-extension preps. Angie, Vicki, Haley, and Kim all went up as fliers! And we've cycled Angie, Kim and Haley all through as basses too. Way to go, "Air Bulldogs."

Dec 12-
@ Logan, check in Wed for a bus time, I expect 5 or 5:15 latest
On deck- Cassie, Angie, Haley, Kim, Kayla, and Vicki- Benched- Kassi & Gilda (both gone from Mon practice)

Dec 13- WED, early out, no practice


Dec 15- v. Woodbine at home- Kayla has hospitality

  • Fight Song
  • Who Rocks the House
  • Lady Seniors talk
  • Boy Seniors talk
  • Game- egg/spoon race*
  • Go Fite Win Tonight
  • Hey Song
  • Back-up chants: Shake your booty, Listen to the sound of our beat
  • *See Coach for list of participant in game, 2 per class chosen at practice Mon
On deck- Cassie, Angie, Haley, Kayla, Kassi, Gilda, and Vicki- Benched- Kim (volunteered just to make it easy to decide)
Subject to change depending on illness and absenteeism at Thursday's Practice

Dec 16- @ TriCenter, check in Fri for a bus time, I expect it may be as early as 4:30
On deck- Angie, Kim, Kayla, Kassi, Gilda, and Vicki- Benched- Cassie & Haley (prior work & family commitments)

Junior High-
Please keep the Dow City back stage clean, take out anything you bring in, including & especially popcorn. Do everything you can to make Mr. Weber and Coach Brunning as proud as you make me.
Dec 12- vs. Woodbine boys, I probably won't be there since Varsity has an away game
Please concentrate on frequency and volume and do your best to get along with the mascots!
Christian is planning on going over early and handing out candy canes to PK-5 kids, awesome, huh? What a way to build school-spirit!

Dec 14- vs. West Harrison boys, I may get there late because I'll be having practice with Varsity
BUT, I'll TRY to make it to the second game if I can- but again, "Loud&Proud" ladies, please do your best to do an awesome job even when there's not a coach watching. Have fun, but remember that you're not just there to hang out or mess-around.

There are plenty of pictures from the Manning and IKM games at the blog:, take a look.
Don't forget that Secret-Santas start next week.


"The gospel is meant to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable." ~Garrison Keillor

Boyer Valley Community Schools - Yearbook I: Newspaper

Boyer Valley Community Schools - Yearbook I: Newspaper

Anybody in Newspaper class need to study for your final? This website has all the notes- in case you ever missed any.

Fite Song Lyrics & Music

Some of the Faculty have expressed to me that they think that it is important that students learn the fight song. Jr Hi Cheer has been trying to learn the dance this week. If you want to try to memorize the song, or practice the dance, here is almost all you need (sorry- no video)


Onward Bulldogs,
Onward Bulldogs
Fight on for your fame.

Run the ball
right down the court
And a victory’s sure this game.

Rah, Rah, Rah!

Onward Bulldogs,
Onward Bulldogs
Fight on for your fame.

Fight bulldogs, Fight
and you will win this game!


Congratulations to Kenneth Kahl Jr of Buck Grove. Ken was Boyer Valley's first bulldog mascot, "Cujo" back in 2001. Kenny recently completed his Masters' degree in Communications from Middlesex University in London! Not only that, he got the highes score in his class (or was that the highest score possible? Whatever, point is, he is now officially smarter than me)

Congratulations Ken-man!

Above: Kenny, under a bridge in London, next to some graffiti of a monkey trying to ignite a bomb- probably to blow up the bridge.
At Right: Here's Ken with some chick named "Lisa." (I swiped this picture from his FaceBook page). In addition to being "Cujo" for the Boyer Valley Bulldogs, he was also "Spike" for the Concordia University Bulldogs in Seward, NE (that also happens to be Coach Mallory's Alma Mater) But after about a year of that, he decided that he hated cheerleaders ( I think it was just THAT squad that year) and he went cold-turkey on the mascot thing.

Hey, here's an idea- if you're an Alumn of BV Cheer or LA Lutheran Cheer too, Heck, if you're an alum of Concordia, Seward Cheer (even if it wasn't the year Kenny or I were on) Why don't you send me an update as to what you're doing now, where you are, and maybe a picture and your favorite cheer or mascotting mamory and I'll post them here. If nothing else, send me your email address and snail-mail address so I can keep in touch. If you want I can be your sourse for if you're trying to get back in touch with someone else you cheered with. Send me your stories (mostly or

Are you out there BVHS & BVMS Cheerleaders?:
Courtney Spreng
Lacey Summerfield
Christina Rose
Candace Twait
Kenny Kahl- (See above)
Jennifer Bonsall
Audrey Lave
Sadie McDonald
Iris Guyanillo
Leah Baldwin
Alicia Nelson
Randi Stephens
Traci Mefferd
Ashley Bolysen
Heidi Shaben
Felicia Westerberg
Nicole McClure
Stephanie Cogdill
Jena Greenwood
David Anderson
Todd Cogdill
Maureen Clemon
Rosemary Wacheldorf

Are YOU out there LAL Jr/Sr HS Cheerleaders?
Jamie Snyder
Xela Tarnelli
Amy Corilla
Lindsay Hore
Tiffany Ballenger
Leal Moret
Stacie Johnson
Tia Lear
Talisha Sampson
Christina Hernandez- (Now the Cheerleading Coach at LALHS)
Nyasha Bralock
Suzanne Bostrom
Melissa Leake
Jill Johnson
Julie Favazzo
Christy Taylor
Jamie Merrill
Jeraldine Kuerbiss
Amanda Parker
Treva White
Katie Sullivan
Tiffany Blackford
Kim Johnson
Heidi Christine
Heather Hager
Nicole Wilson
Nia Soto
Christel Wertz
Win Sun Winnie Yoon
Amy Meyer
Nicole Stabile
Kristen Snyder
Courtney Takahashi
Jennifer Brumm
Gina Lamont
Erika Perez

Are You out there CTC squadmates?:
Erin Shamblin
Chris Boehnke
Tasha Siminson
Pete Morkert
Tonya Hammond
Jamie Speegle
Jim King
Amy Kohtz


Congratulations former cheerleader (and older sister of a current junior high cheerleader) Christine for making it onto "SWIBA" (SouthWest Iowa Honor Band), not only did she make it on, but she also got "First Chair" of the whole trumpet section. Way to go hawkeye chick!

Friday, December 08, 2006

The last of the IKM pics

Hustle, Hustle, use your muscle really got the kids goin.

Above, Kim, and below, Cassie really rocked the house with their Drill performance. Did I ever mention what a stellar squar Boyer Valley has? They got all kinds of "Ones" or whatever the rating is called at state, and then went and got two First places and a Second on top of it! Way to go Drillies! FYI Blog visitors- ANGIE took these pictures, not me. The talent never stops.

More from the IKM game

The 3 non-"Drillies" were such "posers" (for the camera, that is) while they waited for Drill Team to perform. Angie, Kassi and Gilda show off their super smiles.

Kim REALLY belts it out durring a time out. You GO girl!

Our Drillies are so awesome, they even came back to cheer with us for as long as they could once they changed into their pom outfits! Thanks Kim, Cassie & Halle.

Some shots of the IKM game

New cheerleader Kassi and former Cheerleader Christine sing the National Anthem- great job ladies!

Angie is AWESOME at crowd encouragement durring time outs and quarter breaks!

The Seniors get surreal- what is that? Kissy-face or fishy face? Cosmo called, they want their cover-shots back.

Norad Tracks Santa 2006

N.O.R.A.D. Tracks Santa 2006
Just in case you had any questions as to Santa's whereabouts.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Mallory's Milieu - CARTOONS

Mallory's Milieu - CARTOONS

I've wanted to be a cartoonist since about 5th grade. I drew cartoons for my High School and College newspapers and now for my local small-town newspaper. Here is a collection of some of my favorites.

When you go to this page, bookmark it to your favorites because I add to it almost every week. Tell your friends about it, forward the web address around if you enjoy them. Who knows, maybe you can create a buzz for me or a web-following so that eventually I could sell my work to bigger papers, magazines, or best yet, get syndicated. Don't get me wrong, I love teaching, but how cool would it be to get to actually make a living drawing funny pictures.

Anyway, take a look, either luagh or get angry, but either way, enjoy.

Notice for Varsity

Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2006 16:20:33 -0600
Subject: Pep Rally Friday

Cheer Squad, FYI here is the outline determined at practice Wed Night 12/6 for the Friday 12/8 Pep Rally-

  • Fight Song
  • Hey All you Bulldogs Fans
  • S-C-O-R-E- Score (teaching new chant)
  • Bulldog Beat
  • Basketball Lady Captains speak
  • Basketball Men Captains speak
  • Battle Cry (Class Competition)
  • Gimme a B
  • Hey Song into Fight Song & dismissal

ALSO imprtant info: there WILL be practice tomorrow (Thurs 12/7) REPEAT: there IS practice Thursday. If for whatever reason you cannot attend, please find a way to let Coach Mallory know. Illness is obviously acceptable. I certainly have patience for family committments and work, but it hurts all 8 when any one can't be at practice as often as possible. Absenteeism will impact whether or not you may cheer at a game, not to mention Varsity Letter eligibility.

If Vicki is out with flu Wed & Thur, it may be best for Kassi to borrow her uniform for this Friday. Otherwise, since Gilda missed Wed practice Kassi may borrow hers. That way she and Haley can both cheer Fri. I'll see if we have funds to order a 13-16 top and a M body liner for Kassi- no promises. Kim's gotten her uniform taken in, Gilda may need to do that too. Cassie may want to see if someone can repair the seam on her body liner.

Reminder, this Fri is IKM at home and we need a volunteer to bring hospitality.

Secret Santas start Monday 12/18- try to keep it under $15 total, you may even make things or bring small treats for the first 4 building up to a bigger gift on Friday 12/22

I thought you looked terrific and did an outstanding job last night at Manning, keep up the good work and keep your spirit up. Drink lots of water. Stay healthy, get well soon if it's already too late for that!


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Dec- 5 v. Manning

Unfortunately most of out students sat on the other end of Manning's huge gym. No sweat, WE ARE LOUD ENOUGH!

When they say a game is "a real nail-biter" they don't mean it LITERALLY, Kayla!

Baskets make us just want to leap for joy!

Kartwheels? No prob, Bob.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Shadow Mountain

FYI- One of the most famous Shadow Mountain graduates is Boston Red Sox (formerly of the 2001 World Series Champion Arizona Diamondbacks) pitcher Curt Schilling who is from the class of 1985. Schilling helped the Matadors reach the state semi-finals before moving on to become a perennial all-star, a World Series MVP, and the National League record holder for strikeouts in a season by a right-handed pitcher.

Coach Mallory is from the class of 1988. I never met Curt- come on, there were 2,600 kids at SMHS. My brother had an algebra class with him though. My brother said he was a real slacker!

Old School

Just thought I'd throw up my own "Old School" fite song. I'd like to say I had enough school spirit that I still remembered it, but I had to ask an old classmate for help:

It's Shadow Mountain, It's Shadow Mountain
The pride of every Matador
Sing of our honor, sing of our glory
It's Shadow Mountain now we're for.

Now and forever, always endeavor
To battle on to victory
For we will never stop 'til we're on top,
So fight on, Shadow Mountain, FIGHT

Ah the 80's, the most perfect time there ever was. Big hair and huge cell phones.
Back then they had Cheer, Pom, and Drill and you couldn't tell the difference because they all wore cheer uniforms. But I just sat in the stands and watched.
Great baseball teams, average basketball & volleyball, lousy football, but a pretty good band.