Monday, August 29, 2005

Big Red Weds

Matt "Stubbs" and Audrey "Big Red" at their wedding Saturday, Aug 27, 2005 in Moorhead, IA

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Everything's gonna be Okay

After our first REAL day of practice, I'm a lot less anxious. I had them run and they ran without whining- what's more having them run helped the ADHA girls focus more.

The junior high kids are willing to work. We started with the most basic fundamentals- motion technique.

Three of the five varsity girls know their suff already- two vets and one short-time vet, and she told me that she's been working really hard to review and practice as much as she can. The rookie who missed just forgot, she wasn't skipping.

So maybe this will be a pretty good season after all.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I'm so dang old.

Whew! I don't know... do I still have what it takes to do this?

Looks like 6 Junior High, 3 Eighth, 3 Seventh. 2 of the Eighth graders are vets. Talk about a lot of gossip! What hard lives some of these kids have! Yikes.

And are we down to 4 Varsity, not 5? At least one Sophomore cheered last year and two Sophomores cheered in junior high. Just one Freshman who's a TOTAL rookie. She, and one of the Sophomores are pretty seriously ADHD!

We've got our work cut out for us... First game in less than 2 weeks (Sep 2).

The one that got away?

Man! I just talked to the eighth grader who hadn't gotten her physical in yet. Her older brother is her guardian and he doesn't want her to go out for Cheer, because he doesn't think it's athletic enough, and he doesn't want her to look like a "puss."

1) She's a @#*!&! girl

2) I need more "jocks" in the program to help make the perceived image of our squad less like a bunch of "puss" es (pardon his word, not mine)

3) It is a sport, just because you don't compete for a ball. I make them run laps, I make them do crunches and sit ups and push ups. The flippin' University of Nebraska had to close down their whole cheer program because someone was killed because it's such a dangerous sport.

I'd call this "parent" (brother) but I don't want to cause more trouble for the student. She's so loud and has so much energy- she'd make an AWESOME cheerleader.

I don't know....
Does this freshman look like she's ready for Cheer practice today?
Better lose the ear-stud, Nikki.

Back to School

Well, this afternoon will be our first practice.


We're kind of a motley crew, but at least there's a squad. Underclassmen all the way.
3 Sophomores; one was on Varsity last year, one was on Junior High for a brief time, and another that was on Jr Hi for two years- she just got 3rd place at the Iowa State Fair for Gymnastics!

And 2 Freshmen; complete rookies to the sport of cheerleading, one of whom is pretty cynical and pretty stubborn- she has also already admitted to having dealt with an eating disorder this summer. Yikes! I hope they know that I'm no Dr. Phil!


I was SO excited about having such a great squad, but three of my returning eighth graders and my most zealous seventh grader are all playing volleyball. It should be okay- Basketball is a longer, more involved season that Football anyway, at least for our Jr Hi.

So I have three eighth graders; one is new, but she's been researching cheer on the web and trying to practice with the DVD we made last Spring, one is the quietest, most shy girl ever, and the third hasn't got her physical turned in yet.

Then there are the three seventh graders; THERE'RE SO TINY! I guess I got too used the almost-all-Senior Varsity squad I had last year. THis group really makes me feel old though, because when I first came to Boyer Valley 5 years ago, I tought them Art as Second-Graders!


Time to take a deep breath, say a quick prayer, and get started on the season!

Friday, August 12, 2005

Here is the design I made up for this year's T-shirts. Pretty cool huh? I guess I was inspired by Sturgis. Most of the few girls we have like it too.

Well, school is just a few days away. I guess I'll make up posters to recruit candidates for this year. At least the Jr Hi end of the program is solid.