Saturday, August 24, 2013

Practice Next Week

You ladies did so well last night, you deserve to have Monday off.

Please plan on practicing Tues & Thurs.

Van time for Elk Horn/Kimbleton will be 4:30 again.

Just making sure- Jade, you're going to Colorado, right? So we'll need Catherine to sub.

Got something for you all to think about/plan on. Mrs. Beam (new StuCo advisor) would like us (those not in band) to lead off the parade with fight-song dance, cheers & stunts. Lots of cheer squads were in holiday parades in California. It would take planning & practice, but wouldn't that beat just reviewing chants anyway? Think about it.

See ya next week!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Season Opener

Fantastic job Ladies. Congrats Bulldogs on your 14-50 victory.

Fwd: NEW! Reebok Alpha Cheer Sale $33.99

If you're looking for shoes and want to order your own- here's a sale.

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Just wear your tops today- I get it, the new skirts are short.

Bring your entire uniforms for game.

Also, as its so hot, feel free to wear shell w/o bodyliner if you'd like.

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CHEER; 2 Things

Someone wanted to know what to wear today. Just wear tops (I get it, these new skirts are short.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Practice tomorrow 3:20-4:30 for everyone who can make it (do Jen, Mad, & Lib have a XC meet?)

RE: Future practices, I'd like to every M, Tu, & Fri. From now on (just like all other sports) you need to come to at least one a week (the "official" rule is the practice before a game). But, you know I'll work with ya. I said before, the more we put into this, the more we'll get out.

Van time for Varsity Fri is 4:30p

Get me your warm-up sizes ASAP & give me your vote for black or purple. So far, black is leading. 

Fire Up!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Okay, I think I can get jackets & pant sets for $100 from Something Unique.

The question is; Purple, Black, or Grey?


Since Kingsley is just about an hour and a half away, would you rather leave at 5:00pm and take eat ahead of time, or leave around 4:20pm and stop at SubWay in Denison?

Update on Warm-Ups

Preliminary price estimates (before screen-printing or embroidery) Jackets around $55 and pants $48. In other words, at least $100 or more.

I'm trying 4 different vendors to see who's cheapest & fastest. 

Remind me when we get back to school if you're willing/able to buy your own.

I'll let you  know what I know as soon as I know it.

Please plan on practicing Thurs 8/22 if you can since we have a game already Friday 8/23

See you all next week!
Make it an awesome year!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fire Up, Ladies!

In my serious and boring speak- I believe that as a squad you can positively influence the culture and climate of our student body if you'll commit to maintaining a consistent level of enthusiasm this year.

Translation- You are ON FIRE! Keep it up and this year is gonna be EPIC!

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Mal Dog's photostream

Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014
Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014
Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014
Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014Summer Cheer Camp, Aug 2014So psyched about this squad! Grateful for such a great bunch of girls this year. Thank You Lord, please keep 'em all safe, healthy & fill them with unrelenting enthusiasm. #Cheer #cheerleading

Here's some pictures from Camp today. Great job. I can't tell you how lucky I feel to have you as a squad. This is going to be a fantastic year!


I'm trying to get quotes from three different vendors on warm-ups, hoping to get them quicker and/or cheaper than from a catalog. On average, it looks like approx. $65 a set, and then another $8-10 for embroidery, so it may end up being close to $70/$80.

I know a few of you have talked about wanting to buy your own, but I'm hoping you won't all have to if our account can buy a few sets that will be "school property." I'll have to check to see how much we have. I can ask Boosters to help, but I hesitate to ask for another $800 right after asking them to spend $1,200 last year for new uniforms.

Hopefully one of the 3 printers can save us some money. The break down is $37 for jackets, $27 for pants and extra $ for a megaphone, BV, or bulldog embroidered on the chest. What I'm looking at is fleece lined and polyester knit or nylon on the outside, so that they'll be durable and WARM.

Please pass this information along to your parents so that no one gets surprised if/when this materializes.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Mark Your Calendar

Homecoming September 20th this year!

This is only a test

I'm looking for input. Can you imagine this on a fuschia, orange, yellow, or lime green shirt?
I was thinking about Fire-Up, Get Fired Up, or Where There's Smoke There's Fire.

But I'm open. Want something for fun, less angry? More Feminine? More simple? Words but no dog?
Let me know what you think.

Cheer Swag Sale!

Get your surplus BV Cheer swag while it lasts!

On-Going Fund Raiser: Sports Necklaces $10 each.

2012-13 Tee Shirts, $12 each.
3 Smalls & 1 Med left.

2010-11. 1  LG tee left just $5
Hoodies just $15 (worth &35+)
Sizes left: 5 Smalls (sorry nothing bigger)

2011-12, long-sleeve tees only $5
3 Mediums & 1 Large.

All proceeds go to BV Cheer Squad- 
we need new warm-ups.

All original designs created personally 
by Coach Mallory on Photoshop.
Nothing from catalogs or print-shops!

First come, first served. Hurry hurry hurry. Back-to-School Close Out Sale! EVERYTHING MUST GO!!!

Monday, August 05, 2013

First Day of "Camp"

Here's some of the girls modeling the new uniforms. They insisted on trying them on before beginning practice in earnest.

Cheer camp went well great today. Started at the dam but got rained on. 5 great girls- only bummin that all 10 weren't there. Hopefully we'll catch more as week goes on. 

I'm really excited for the year because I'm so grateful for such a great bunch.