Saturday, December 22, 2012

Tee Shirt Idea

Okay- I finally got around to a shirt design. What d'ya think? Long-sleeve? Regular tee?

I bet lots of other people will like it too, Maybe long-sleeve for cheerleaders and regular for everybody else (parents, friends, former cheerleaders, etc.)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Last Game B4 Christmas Break

Can't believe what a great job these girls do- louder than they've been all season,fantastic job working the crowd, quick & steady mounts- AND no drama AND they all get along AND have fun! AND got me a great travel mug and megaphone magnet! Thanks Lord & Bless these girls- Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 14, 2012


  • Come see Coach to pick a name out of a hat before going home Fri Dec 14
  • Bring your gift (or put it in the recipients stocking in the Art room) on Tuesday, Dec 18. Open your presents & "party" after school, before the game against MV/AO that night!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Hey Squad- just so you know, they changed our departure time this Saturday for the Kingsley-Pierson game from 3:50p to 3:30pm- I suspect because the driver wants to use I-29 since there is a chance of rain/snow mix.

Which reminds me- 2 things:

  1. Be sure that you and/or your parents sign up for weather alerts and school/game cancellation notices at
  2. Be sure to text me (5853) your name so that I can have your cell numbers, that way I can contact you when there are changes like this on short notice, and so you can let me know ahead of time if/when you can't come for any reason (in stead of finding out later from someone else or back at school). 

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Flying again.

 Why did I have my eyes closed? I'm not scared to fly!

 OMG!!! She's gonna FALL!!!
 I wasn't gonna fall. Don't you know that angels can fly?

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Logan Tuesday Night

 T-R-UCK we can truck it all the way!
When the Bulldogs rock the house, they rock it ALL the way DOWN!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Yoda Says...

Good you were, yes
But better, you must become- mmm? Yes.
Loud you must be
and positive you must stay
If you are to lead.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

First Away Game; ArWeVa Nov.27

Here's some pictures from last night's game.

 Its easy to crack Jade up.
Serious moment- what did I say about SMILING more?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cheer this week

  • MON 11/26- Practice
  • TUE 11/27- Bus time 4:20pm Ar-We-Va @ Westside
  • WED 11/28- Practice (OR Fitting appointment with Liz H from Varsity uniforms)
  • THR 11/29- B JV/V BB vs. Missouri Valley @ Home
    Good Luck at State Drill Team members!
  • FRI 11/30- IKM-Manning @ Home
Can we get 2 volunteers to bring hospitality on Thursday & Friday nights?

Friday, November 16, 2012

Ask yourself...

T-E-A-M Teamwork! W-O-R-K Work- Teamwork!

One of the best ways to avoid drama- will be to constantly be asking yourself, "Am I trying to control the situation? Will other people feel like I'm trying to control them?" If the answer to either of those questions is yes, then you need to think of how you could patiently defer to, or creatively include others instead. THAT'S how you build teams, that's how you build relationships, loyalty, & community. 
That's how you lead- NOT by telling people what to do or how to do it.

No "I" in "TEAM"

Remember, you're all in this together, you're a team. Cheerleading is NOT about being on display, in the spotlight, showing off, or getting attention. It is, and has always been, about encouraging others. CheerLEADERSHIP is not bossy, critical, or controlling leadership- it is encouraging, positive, supportive, collaborative, and cooperative. Problems happen when we forget that and start thinking that we ought to be in charge just because we're so great.


BE+ WITH EACH-OTHER; Build each other up. Challenge each other, don't compete with each other.
BE+ WITH OUR OWN; No matter how any of our players, students, or faculty/staff behave or treat you, ALWAYS be positive in how you treat them, how you respond to them and what you say about them.
BE+ WITH OTHERS; ALWAYS treat fans, players, officials, coaches, students, cheerleaders, and adults from other schools with dignity, respect, and sportsmanship.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012



Nov 19 Mon 6:00 pm G JV/V Missouri Valley @Home
Nov 27 Tue 6:00 pm G/B V BB Ar-We-Va @ Westside    
Nov 29 Thu 6:00 pm B JV/V BB vs. Missouri Valley @Home  
Nov 30 Fri 6:00 pm G/B V BB IKM-Manning @Home PEP RALLY
Dec 4 Tue 6:00 pm G/B V BB Lo-Ma @ Logan    
Dec 7 Fri 6:00 pm G/B V BB Ridge View @ Holstein  
Dec 8 Sat 6:00 pm G/B V BB West Monona @ Onawa    
Dec 11 Tue 6:00 pm G/B V BB Woodbine @Home     
Dec 15 Sat 6:00 pm G/B V BB Kingsley/Pierson @ Kingsley    
Dec 18 Tue 6:00 pm G/B V BB MV/AO @Home
Jan 3 Thu 6:00 pm G/B V BB Westwood @ Sloan  
Jan 4 Fri 6:00 pm G/B V BB Woodbury Central @Home  PEP RALLY     
Jan 8 Tue 6:00 pm G/B V BB CO-U @ Charter Oak     
Jan 11 Fri 6:00 pm G/B V BB OA-BCIG @Home  PEP RALLY  
Jan 12 Sat 6:00 pm G/B V BB Siouxland Comm. Christian @ Sioux City     
Jan 15 Tue 6:00 pm G/B V BB West Harrison @ Mondamin     
Jan 17 Thu 6:00 pm G/B V BB Glidden Ralston @Home  
Jan 18 Fri 6:00 pm G/B V BB Whiting @Home  PEP RALLY
Jan 19  Sat 6:00 pm G JV/V BB AR-WE-VA @Home
Mon 01/21- 02/02 Western Valley Conference Tournaments (8 games) (TBA)
Feb 02 Thur Girls Regionals TBA
Feb 08 Fri 6:00 pm JV/Var Boys @Home
Feb 11 Mon Boys District Tournament  TBA

Monday, November 12, 2012

For Announcements

Congratulations 2012-13 Basketball Cheerleaders; Seniors Shannon Zehner & Quincy Baker, Sophomore Jennifer Zehner, Freshmen Madison Seuntjens, Kaitlyn Holben, Mali Bounsana, Jade Allard and Alternate Catherine Dublinski

See you all at practice this Tuesday & Thursday!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Basketball Season 2012

Tryout results will be in the announcements tomorrow- (very hard decisions) Hold your heads high if you didn't make it, it took guts & you should be proud of just trying out.

FYI- be prepared, if you DID make it, we'll practice this Tuesday & Thursday 3:30-4:30.

Our first game the TUES the 27th, so we should probably also practice on Tues 11/20 and Mon 11/26 too.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Bad News

Turns out, we won't have a game now on Wednesday- our football season is now over.

I am REALLY proud of you all and can't tell you how much I appreciate how hard you've all worked and what a great job you've all done. I REALLY hope that you'll all come back and cheer for basketball season.

Reminder, that if there are more than just the 6 of you who want to cheer, tryouts will be Nov. 9. Paperwork will be available beginning tomorrow. WHo knows, maybe no one will want to tryout. Either way, we'll practice Nov. 5,  6, & 8. Until then, enjoy a break (or bone-up on your skills on your own so that you'll smoke any other candidates).

Ted Mallory
Boyer Valley Community Schools
Challenging all students to meet their full potential 
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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


First Round of Football Playoffs will be Wednesday October 24 at 7:00pm
The game will be played in either Taybor or Sydney, so either way our Van Time will be 3:45 pm (so that we can stop somewhere to eat). Click here to see the IHSAA Post Season Schedule

If we lose, the season's over. If we win, there will be another game, time and location to be announced (TBA).
There is an outside chance that if we go far enough in playoffs, the date of our tryouts will be backed up- but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Practice this week- I posted on facebook, but Kaitlyn and Jade don't have facebook, so here it is again. Since grades are due Wed at 4, I'm going to use today (Tues) & Wed to work on grading, planning and catching up on the school Website & yearbook. We'll practice on Thursday 10/18.

This week's game is against West Harrison in Mondamin, so Van Time will be 5:00pm (supper is on your own, there's not places to eat between here and there anyway).

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Cheer this week

Okay, so now it looks like the only day we'll be able to have practice is Tuesday, Oct 9

(Early out Wed, I'm gone Thurs to take my daughter to Dr. appt. in Iowa City)

Sorry, I got really sick this weekend so I'm taking Monday off to try to get in to see my doctor.

Hope you're all well- it was dang cold Friday, wasn't it?

See ya Tuesday

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Run-Thru for Friday

Winter Cheer Tryouts

I couldn't be more proud of or more happy with this season's squad, but so many students are interested in coming out for cheer, that we will be having tryouts for basketball season. I've said before, the increased interest is evidence of the great job the current squad is doing. You're making people want to be a part of it too. 

Don't be intimidated or worry too much about the competition, you've done the work, developed the skills and have the talent and experience to perform great in any tryout. And if somehow you don't make it back on, don't let it rock your world, choc it up to learning and growing and give it another try next Spring when we have tryouts for football season again.

Remember, there are three metrics I use to help me choose candidates; 1) the average of their three teacher-recommendations, 2) their GPA turned into a percentage, 3) and the average of judges scores at the actual tryout. This means that character is important, grades are important, and knowledge/skills/effort/talent are important. To be considered, candidates should have an aggregate score above 60%. Ultimately I reserve final determination and that's based on how well candidates will positively represent Boyer Valley, how well they can cooperate and collaborate with other cheerleaders, and how cooperative and coachable they'll be for me as the coach.

Candidates must have their physical & concussion paperwork current and submit their parental release form and teacher recommendation forms before they can tryout and be considered. Candidates should attend at least one, preferable two of the three tryout-practices.

2012-13 Basketball Cheerleading Tryouts
• Teacher Recommendation Forms, Parental Release Forms, Physicals, & Concussion forms due Fri. Nov. 2
• Tryout practices Nov. 5, 6, & 8
• Tryouts Friday, Nov. 9

Sunday, September 23, 2012


THIS WEEK: We'll have practice Monday and Wednesday, but not Tues or Thurs. I'm covering detention for Mrs. Lee.

Heartland Christian are the Eagles. Anyone got any Run-Thru ideas?

NEXT WEEK, We'll practice Monday but NOT Tues,  Wed, or Thurs- because I'll have my own detention duty and we have an early out that Wed. Charter Oak is pretty close, so we won't have to leave till after 5:30pm. Supper on your own.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pyramid of Success; Third Tier

"Some believed my players were simply in better physical condition than the competition. They may have been, but they also had tremendous mental and emotional conditioning. You must identify your conditioning requirements and then attain them. Without proper conditioning in all areas, you will fall short of your potential. It is impossible to attain and maintain desirable physical condition without first achieving mental and moral condition." ~ John Wooden
"A winner is somebody who recognizes his God-given talents, works his tail off to develop them into skills, and uses them to accomplish his goals." ~Larry Bird, Boston Celtics "You have to know what you're doing and be able to do it quickly and properly." ~Coach John Wooden
Coach Wooden on Team Spirit: "This means thinking of others. It means losing oneself in the group for the good of the group. It means being not just willing but eager to sacrifice personal interest or glory for the welfare of all. Team spirit means you are willing to sacrifice personal considerations for the welfare of all. That defines a team player."

Friday, September 14, 2012

Watch Us Fly!

Practicing Mount Building at Practices this Week;
Back-Kneels, Back-Stands, Extension-Preps from step-up and from elevator.

I sure didn't think I'd still be basing back when I did this in college!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cheerleaders at Jersey Auction

Auctioneer and Coaches-

I'm not going to be able to make it Sunday to the jersey auction this year. We have family coming from California, Kansas, and South Dakota this weekend for my in-law's 50th anniversary. I feel REALLY bad about it, especially since we have so many freshmen on cheer squad this year.

Jon- It would be great is you could auction the cheer squad before the football team. There's fewer of them, the boys are the real anchor of the auction anyway, the boys will draw more money and it will be kind to get it over with fast for these poor freshmen girls. Thanks. You've been doing it that way the last few years anyway.

Stacie or Kent- If one of you is there and you wouldn't mind, maybe you could say a quick something about the squad over all since I won't be able to. You guys at least know the Zehner sisters. 

If not, maybe Jon, Ernie, or Jay could just read this for me:

I'd just like everyone to know that I'm incredibly proud of this year's squad. They get along well, they work hard, they've been practicing stunts and pyramids this year and since there's 6 Freshmen, we're looking forward to having a great program for the next few years. Our Seniors Quincy and Shannon have come a long way since they've started and I'm particularly proud of them. We have a new mascot for the first time in for years and she shows an incredible amount of spunk and has a lot of energy. We're all really proud to be supporting our boys because they work so hard and deserve it.

I'm having them bring their current uniforms this year, so if someone could make sure each cheerleader knows who paid for it so they can write them a thank-you and so that they can get their uniform back by next Thursday, that would be great.

Thanks, sorry to miss it.

Here's our roster if anybody needs it. 
2012 Football Cheer Squad
Seniors Quincy Baker & Shannon Zehner
Sophomore Jennifer Zehner
Freshmen Catherin Dublimske, Larissa Hollinger, & Kaitlyn Holden
Alternates, Freshmen Jessica Hollander & Mali Bounsana
& Mascot, Freshman Chelsea Willis

Ted Mallory
Boyer Valley Community Schools
Challenging all students to meet their full potential 
Art | Yearbook | Cheerleading | Newsletter | Web Coordinator

School- 712-643-2258 Ext. 249
Cell- 712-269-5853


Jersey Auction THIS SUNDAY Sept.16

4:30 pm Homecoming Week Soup Supper
6:00 pm Jersey Auction & Coronation

>>First thing I need you all to know about it, is that I won't be there this year. Sorry. We have family coming from California, Kansas, and South Dakota this weekend for my in-law's 50th anniversary. I feel REALLY bad about it, especially since we have so many freshmen this year. But just follow the lead of Shannon Zehner, Jennifer Zehner, Tammy Zehner, Quincy, and Paula Ritterbush Eickholt- they'll get you through it.

>>BASIC JIST- You get on stage and the Schabens auction off your shell to raise money for the Athletic Boosters. We need this because the're gonna help us get new uniforms for next year. Your parents and/or grandparents may bid, but so will local businesses.

>>I won't make it "mandatory," in other words, I won't MAKE you attend, but it will really look bad if only 2 or 3 out of the 10 of you go. SO PLEASE TRY TO MAKE IT IF YOU CAN. However, I understand you don't all have rides, this was short notice since it slipped my mind, your parents may have other previous commitments for you, and after all, I won't be there (although XC and VB coaches often aren't there either).

>>Please try to be there by 5:45 or so. Unless you want to come eat, then by all means, come anytime after 4:15. Please bring your family and guests, this is a great way to support ALL the sports programs at BV (its not just about football, in spite of whatever you've heard). Sit together if you can and introduce each other's families and get to know each other.

>>Not enough old "jerseys"- usually we have them auction off old shells (tops) but since there's 9 (plus a mascot)  of you this year and the 2 alternates are stuck wearing older shells anyway, let's just bring your current uniform top- but IMPORTANT- YOU MUST KNOW WHO PAID FOR YOURS AND RETRIEVE IT FROM THEM BY NEXT THURS 9/20 so that you can wear it next Friday! Got that?

Chelsea Willis, you bring the older mascot head (whichever one you don't use), you'll still need to get it back from your donor, but its not as urgent that you get it by Thursday.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


>>You all did a FANTASTIC job last Friday night. Thank you!

>>Van Time for Friday's away game in Stanton- 4:00PM
Bring money and we can have supper in either Harlan or Avoca

>>Warm-ups came in. If you're missing some and need them, please bring a $30 returnable deposit and pick yours out.

>>Please be sure to attend practice Thursday to be eligible to go Friday (except of course Zehners at XC)

>>If you can't come Friday, please let me know ASAP so that I can let alternates Jessica &/or Marissa know.

>>This week we've been working on back kneels and back stands. Today we got Kaitlyn up to a prep with an "elevator" instead of stepping up from a thigh stand. Just think if we had 6 or 8 people at practice and not just 4? Always 3:30-4:30 M-Th unless I let you know. No practice on early out Wed.

>>Next week we'll need to work together on the run-thru and the pep-rally; this one's the biggie, it will be Homecoming. I know XC runs the ball from Whiting or Sioux City or wherever, but it would be ideal if we can have Jennifer & Shannon at least one day next week. It might be better if its Monday rather than Thursday- but see what works with Coach Hall.

>>If you can't make it to practice, please let me know. Work, parents, injury, illness- I'm very flexible & understanding. If you just don't want to practice, ask yourself how much you really want to be on squad though. No hard feelings if you don't, but please let me know and please return your gear if that's the case. I don't know if you realize it, but rumors seem to be out there about whether or not some of you are quitting. Its your business and I won't be mad at you but if I never see or hear from you I don't know where you stand, so let me know. Thanks.


Alternates- The BVCS Cheer Squad may or may not have alternates depending on the talent level at tryouts. All alternates are required to attend all practices and other events with the team. Alternates will only perform in uniform if another squad member is absent (due to Illness, injury, academic eligibility or family function) or if asked by the coach. 
If uniforms are available, the coach may decide to have the best performing alternates perform at home football games and/or pep-rallies during football season, but only full-time squad members will perform at away football games and at all basketball games.
At the coach's discretion, an alternate may be asked to take over a position of a team member if their skill level is higher than the current holder and the current team member is not able to perform their duties as a Cheerleader and is not progressing in their cheerleading abilities. 
Alternates who perform well and attend practices regularly will be given special consideration at tryouts; this may include receiving up to but no more than 10 extra points added to their lowest judges' score or waiver of one of the three faculty recommendation forms.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Pyramid of Success; 2nd Teir

"You must not be afraid to fail. Initiative is having the courage to make decisions and take action. Keep in mind that we all are going to fail at times. This you must know. None of us is perfect. But if you're afraid of failure, you will never do the things you are capable of doing... Never fear failure. It is something to learn from. You have conquered fear when you have initiative." ~Coach John Wooden

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.” ~Albert Einstein

“For an athlete to function properly, he must be intent. There has to be a definite purpose and goal if you are to progress. If you are not intent about what you are doing, you aren't able to resist the temptation to do something else that might be more fun at the moment." ~John Wooden

You don't have to be a Vulcan or a robot, emotions can be valid and its certainly healthy to be in touch with your emotions- HOWEVER, emotions can cloud your judgement and lead to mistakes or worse, injury- not to mention hurt others and damage relationships. If you're going to base your actions on what needs to be done and what's best for everyone in stead of reacting or over-reacting to situations, you need to keep your feelings in check.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

No practice Wed, Yes Practice Thurs

Wanted to let you know- no practice tomorrow Wed 9/5 due to teacher in-service,

but we WILL practice Thurs because we need to finalize & run through Friday's pep rally (any game ideas?), also review a few cheers (esp. New ones) & stunt some too.

We're Marching- Lyrics

And we're marching...
to the beat...
to the beat...

Let me hear your Bulldog spirit!
>>What's that you say?

Let me hear you scream and shout!
>>What's that you say?

Make the Crusaders cry and pout!
>>What's that you say?

Go Bulldogs, go Bulldogs
GO Bulldogs GO!

Fight Bulldogs, fight Bulldogs

Win Bulldogs, Win Bulldogs
WIN Bulldogs WIN!

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Pyramid of Success

Here are the first 5 bricks in legendary UCLA Basketball Coach John Wooden's "Pyramid of Success." If you want to read more about them, visit our Cheer "Wiki" at
Next week I'll try to post 4 more bricks, then 3 more the week after that, then 2, then one last one.
You can also search for either the pyramid or Coach Wooden on this blog to see things that I've written in past years. I'm also posting these bricks on Pinterest & Facebook- so don't trip over them.