Saturday, December 22, 2012

Tee Shirt Idea

Okay- I finally got around to a shirt design. What d'ya think? Long-sleeve? Regular tee?

I bet lots of other people will like it too, Maybe long-sleeve for cheerleaders and regular for everybody else (parents, friends, former cheerleaders, etc.)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Last Game B4 Christmas Break

Can't believe what a great job these girls do- louder than they've been all season,fantastic job working the crowd, quick & steady mounts- AND no drama AND they all get along AND have fun! AND got me a great travel mug and megaphone magnet! Thanks Lord & Bless these girls- Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 14, 2012


  • Come see Coach to pick a name out of a hat before going home Fri Dec 14
  • Bring your gift (or put it in the recipients stocking in the Art room) on Tuesday, Dec 18. Open your presents & "party" after school, before the game against MV/AO that night!

Ted Mallory
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School- 712-643-2258 Ext. 249
Cell- 712-269-5853

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Hey Squad- just so you know, they changed our departure time this Saturday for the Kingsley-Pierson game from 3:50p to 3:30pm- I suspect because the driver wants to use I-29 since there is a chance of rain/snow mix.

Which reminds me- 2 things:

  1. Be sure that you and/or your parents sign up for weather alerts and school/game cancellation notices at
  2. Be sure to text me (5853) your name so that I can have your cell numbers, that way I can contact you when there are changes like this on short notice, and so you can let me know ahead of time if/when you can't come for any reason (in stead of finding out later from someone else or back at school). 

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Flying again.

 Why did I have my eyes closed? I'm not scared to fly!

 OMG!!! She's gonna FALL!!!
 I wasn't gonna fall. Don't you know that angels can fly?

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Logan Tuesday Night

 T-R-UCK we can truck it all the way!
When the Bulldogs rock the house, they rock it ALL the way DOWN!