Friday, August 31, 2007

2007 Football Season

FALL 2007 Cheerleading Rosters


SR- Rena Hayden
SO- Christine Harriott
SO- MecKensie Jensen
SO- Sasha Meggers
SO- MacKenzie Hinkle (Mascot)


8- Samantha Bonham
8- Holly Harriott
8- Danielle Jepsen
8- Kayla Sternburg
7- Casey Swindell
8- Christian Leisinger (Mascot)
8- Tyler Tedford (Mascot)
8- Josie Herman
7- Ashley Thompson

No Drama, PLEASE!!!

Dear everybody (both Varsity and JrHi),

Life is messy, as a squad, you need to be there for each other. Support each other, look out for each other, be patient with each other and build each other up- not tear each other down.

Please try to be patient with each other and don't complain about each other or talk about each other outside of practice.

If we can manage this, it will be a FANTASTIC season because we have tons of very talented people. Always, ALL-WAYS be positive.


Thursday, August 30, 2007

Homecoming 2007 Information

Date: September 28, 2007

Theme: Viva Las Vegas!

Dress-up Days:

Monday: Cowboy

Tuesday: Hollywood

Wednesday: Cross Dress

Thursday: Favorite Sports Team

Friday: Spirit Day

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Testing, testing, 1...2...3...

Just trying out a new feature from Blogger. If this goes well, maybe I'll do it once in a while this year with new videos.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Stuff for Students

Dear students and colleagues,

Ever trying to avoid becoming "roadkill" on the information super-highway, I have launched yet another new website:

Students- This website is intended to be a repository for links, assignments, and ideas for my students. If you have one of my classes this year, you

Teachers may want to take a look at it for ideas on how you can make resources and web links available to your students as well. "Blogger" is a really simple, easy service offered by Google that lets you post things with easy to use templates without having to know almost anything about the internet at all. But if you have some experience, you can customize it a great deal like I have.

Everyone- Want to see ONLY the posts for your class, without having to scroll through all my other "stuff?"

It's easy- just click on the "label" or tag below that applies to your class. Then, Blogger will display only the posts for that class.

You can also scroll down to the "blog archive" on the bottom of the menus on the right side and then click on the month you need or a post title that sounds like what you're looking for.

When in doubt, type a keyword in the box on the top-left of the website, next to the orange and white 'B' logo and then click "search."

Mind you, this is not an official Boyer Valley Community Schools site. The views expressed here and the links provided here are not necessarily those of the school, it's administrators or board. This site is the sole responsibility of Me, (Mr. Mallory.) And just so everyone know that, I include that disclaimer on the  website itself.

I hope that "Mr. Mallory's Stuff" comes in handy. I'll handy post things like review sheets there when Semester Test time comes around, so make sure to come back again once in a while.

, if you're establish a Blogger site like this, remember that it's not really a "Blog" (a journal or diary) and unless you want to hear from your administrators or parents, you should try to avoid including too much subjective commentary. Keep it professional, and concise. That doesn't mean it can't be fun. I started about 3 years ago mostly to post pictures for cheerleaders from games and pep rallies. Visit if you'd like to try creating your own.

- A word to the wise, it may be tempting to use a blog like a diary to record memories or work through your feelings, but keep in mind, whatever you post on the internet is available for ANYONE to see. What's more, it NEVER goes away. You may delete it but a version of it will always remain somewhere on the internet. Just like social networking sites like with FaceBook and MySpace, don't put anything on a blog that will embarrass you prevent you from getting a good job 5 or 10 years from now and don't post anything that you don't want your principal, pastor or grandmother to see. And please, don't post things that could be considered harassment of bullying, or you're liable to be liable for libel!

Hope this is "stuff" you can use!

Ted's cartoons, artworks, photos, and commentary at:

"The gospel is meant to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable." ~Garrison Keillor

Fall Pep Rallies

Just so you'll have a heads-up way ahead of time. Fall pep rallies are any Friday that there is a home football game. 2:55 should be fine unless otherwise announced. Naturally, cheerleaders will need to be dismissed earlier (2:40 should do it) to warm-up, and get set up. Mr.Stump will no doubt have a time for dismissing band members.

2007 Fall Pep Rallies:
Sep 7
Sep 21
Sep 28 (Homecoming)
Oct 12
Oct 26

Barring bad grades, incidents, accidents or other acts of God, the 2007 Fall Spirit Squad includes:

SR Rene Hayden
SO Christine Harriot
SO MeKensie Jensen
SO Sasha Meggers
SO Megan Nielsen

SO MaKenzie Henkle- Mascot

Karen &/or Coaches/Sponsors- please send me a copy of your rosters as soon as possible. Obviously I'll eventually need them for Yearbook, but I'd also like to have the Cheer Squad revive the old tradition of decorating lockers for FB, VB, XC, StuCo, and maybe SciBowl and Speech/Music teams too.

Also please let me know when you have Butch scheduled to take your group pictures so that we can get yearbook pictures too. As long as we're at it, all club and organization sponsors- we'd like to get your group pictures earlier this year instead of waiting until the last few weeks. Please let me know when you plan to meet (Activity Period, whatever) if you'd like to have your group picture taken. I need to know at least a day or two in advanced so that I can assign a student if I can't get there myself ( I have a MS class during Activity Per.). If you have official membership rosters/lists/rolls, those would be helpfull too.Please also be sure to be taking pictures of your group's activities throughout the year.

Thank you,

Ted's cartoons, artworks, photos, and commentary at:

"The gospel is meant to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable." ~Garrison Keillor

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Happy Women's Equality Day

What is Women’s Equality Day?
On August 26, 1920, the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution granted women in this country the right to vote. Annual observances of the anniversary of women’s suffrage have taken place since 1970, with marches, luncheons, rallies, and educational programs. In 1971, a joint resolution of Congress was passed designating August 26 of each year as Women’s Equality Day. Click here to view the joint resolution and to learn more about Women’s Equality Day.

To learn more visit the National Women's History Project on the web at

Womens' Equality Day

Obama for America

Dear Ted,

Celebrate Women's Equality DayWhen real change happens in this country, it always comes from the bottom up.

This Sunday, we celebrate the anniversary of a time when women came together and made America live up to its promise of equality. Women's Equality Day marks 87 years since the Constitution was amended to ensure that women have the sacred right to vote.

I'm proud that our campaign has been powered by the activism and passion of so many women.

Across Iowa, women have organized 50 official Women for Obama groups. These groups have organized statewide house parties across the state to celebrate Women's Equality Day.

America is ready to usher in a new era, and we're working with people like you to build a movement to challenge Washington, DC. Take this campaign into your own hands and join our cause:

Like all hard-won freedoms, the victories of the women's suffrage movement deserve to be celebrated. But they also call upon us for something more.

Bound together with the right to vote is a responsibility to participate fully in our system of government.

Women for Obama is reaching out to communities of women who do not vote -- women who have grown cynical about our politics; women who have lost faith in the ability of our elected leaders to address their concerns; and women who are tired of the deceptive practices and other obstacles that have prevented far too many from exercising their right to vote.

We are organizing voter registration, education, and mobilization efforts across the country to help women protect their rights and make sure their voices are heard.

Please join us in these efforts, and take a minute to become a part of Women for Obama:

When I think about the strength of the women in my life, it's hard to imagine that our society ever considered them less than equal.

These amazing women raised me, educated me, and taught me what it means to be an American. Their generosity and passion for helping others is what inspired me to enter public service.

But the fact is, women are still fighting for equality -- women are still fighting for equal pay for an equal day's work. Women are still fighting for the support they need to be good workers and good parents at the same time. It's up to all of us to continue that fight and to honor the achievements of those who fought before us.

Honor the efforts and sacrifices of generation after generation of strong women. Join Women for Obama today:

Thank you for your support,


Barack Obama

Disclaimer: Remember-
This is not an official BVCS site. The views expressed here and the links provided here are not necessarily those of the school, it's administrators or board. This site is the sole responsibility of Coach. Now, I will tell you too, that I have not made my mind up on who I'm going to vote for, but I loved Senator Obama's book the Audacity of Hope."
I went ahead and posted this here because I believe that young women (including cheerleaders) should know about and recognize women's history. The right to vote is something that should be treasured and exercised. So remember August 26, 1920- the 19th Amendment gave you that right. Women should be loud & proud!

Happy Equality Day!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

One of the many reasons why we guys just don't get you girls...

Mr. Mallory's Stuff

Mr. Mallory's Stuff
Here's a new website is intended to be a repository for links, assignments, and ideas for my students. If you have me for a class this year, check it out- you might just find something that you can use!


Today we just about got "the cradle." I'm confident that we'll get it down pat long before our first game. Then I hope we can move on to even greater things like a full extension, Liberty, Splits mounts and other stunts.

I haven't had a squad get this far on stunts and mounts since I coached in L.A.

Goes without saying, I'm really proud of this squad.

Oh, they also happen to be REALLY LOUD and have pretty good, low, deep pitch. On the other hand, we only picked up one more for junior high- that makes... two. Hmmm....

I appreciate that so many girls want to play volleyball. I'll live if we have to wait till basketball season for JrHi cheer. There's only 2 home JrHi football games anyway. Now those 2 girls and the 2 mascot boys may hate having to go back to study hall 7th hour but they'll live. We'll see.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Cheer Announcements

7th and 8th graders (who aren’t already in volleyball, X-Country or football) with good grades, school pride and a positive attitude that are interested in coming out for Middle School Cheerleading should come to the Art room 7th period to see Mr. Mallory.

9th-12th graders in reasonably good shape,
with good grades, school pride, a positive attitude, and a great sense of humor who might be interested in becoming our school mascot- please contact Mr. Mallory THIS WEEK.

8th grader Christian Leisinger has permission from his parents to mascot at varsity home games. I'd sooner have someone 9-12 and the Cheer squad have said that they'd rather have Cujo at both home and away games, but Christian is enormously talented, dedicated and highly professional... and no one has come forward since school has started, of course I haven't run an announcement or hung up posters, but I have told all of my classes and said something at the Freshman class meeting...

We'll give it just a few more days. I think Christian would to a tremendous job, so we'll see.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wasting time

Kinda on a KP kick here. If I don't have all my syllabuses and pretests done tomorrow, this is what I was wasting time on. Look close, I'm the fat Black computer geek kid who dispatches her to world-saving assignments. Pretty cool, huh? You know you wish it were you!

Save Kim Possible

Save Kim Possible Homepage

We've always believed that a show's fate should be determined by the fans, not a "soulless" company. As long as Kim is popular it should continue to be made. And we invite everyone who enjoys Kim Possible to join our cause.

This site is dedicated to the elimination of Disney's 65 episode policy so that Kim Possible, one of the best animated shows on the Disney Channel, can continue to be produced and enjoyed by fans all over the world!


Football Cheerleading

Here's the sitch:

Our first football game is
Aug 31 Treynor Away 7:30 PM

On the up side-I have to prepare for a presentation to the school board Mon Aug 20, so between that stress and the fact that you all know your fundamentals and really only need to review chants, I don't think we need to start practicing till Mon. That way you can ease into school this first week.

On the down side- It sounds like Megan may be moving to Sioux City again and Kassi Hamer told me that she was planning to cheer for basketball but not football. That takes us down from 5 to just 3. So, if there is ANY way that any of you who are receiving this would be interested in helping us out, you won't regret it. I think that football season is a lot easier than basketball, it's got Homecoming, and it is a ton of fun. Please think about it and talk to me this week to let me know. It would be awesome to actually have 6, but I'd just love to have more than 3. Especially with Kensie and Rena both having bad knees.

Then there's the whole mascot thing too. Know anyone? Rosie plays football so he may want to do it for basketball but wouldn't be available yet this fall. Any of you think you'd like to try playing a 7 foot dog? Woof!



"Positive, Committed Leaders stirring-up spirit, building excellence & character"

Ted's cartoons, artworks, photos, and commentary at:

"The gospel is meant to comfort the afflicted and afflict the
comfortable." ~Garrison Keillor

Feeling low? Sing this song

Hey Mr Grump Gills
You know what you gotta do when life gets you down?
Just keep swimming
Just keep swimming
Just keep swimming swimming swimming
What do we do we swim, swim, swim
OH HO HO How I love to swim
When you WAAAAAANNTTT to swim you want to swim

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Potent Quote

Respect yourself and others will respect you.


Friday, August 10, 2007

Great gift idea

Bath Cookies
Amount   Measure Ingredient -- Preparation
2 cups sea salt -- finely ground
1/2 cup baking soda
1/2 cup cornstarch
2 tablespoons light oil
1 teaspoon vitamin E oil
2 egg
6 drops essential oil

Mix all together and cut out with decorative cookie cutters. Bake at 350 for
10-12 minutes. Do not overbake. Allow to cool completely and store in
decorative containers. Place on tag: Use 1-2 “cookies” per bath. Turn
lights low and relax.

Bubbling Bath Cookies

What You Need

1/2 teaspoon fragrance or essential oil
1/2 teaspoon liquid water based soap dye
1/2 teaspoon liquid glycerin
2 teaspoons propylene glycol
1/2 cup (60 grams) Bubble Bath Flake (sodium laurel sulfoacetate)
Wax Paper
Cookie Cutters (Linzer cutters work best)

How to Do It

Place your first four ingredients in a small bowl. Swirl around to mix altogether. Next add your Bubble Bath Flake. Mix well with your hands. Mixture will be crumbly. Take the mixture and pour out onto waxed paper. mixture will remain crumbly so you will need to scoop it into a ball-like shape and press flat to about 1/4" thick. Carefully, but firmly press your cookie cutter into the flattened mixture. Don't lift the cutter, rather push your cookie to the side of the wax paper before releasing where it can set up. Pull the remaining mixture together again and repeat until you have completed all of your cookies. Let sit at least 24 hours before packaging.

To use, depending on the size of your cookie you may wish to break off pieces and place in bath under rapidly running water or place two or three smaller cookies under running water.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Start thinking about college now

If there's anything I want for my cheerleaders, it's for them to be able to go to college. People who go to college, have more doors of opportunity opened to them, not to mention the fact that they make a lot more money than people who don't. If you've ever though that you couldn't go to college or were afraid you weren't smart enough, didn't have enough money, or that college just wasn't for you- think again. All you have to do is know how. There's a great website I found made just for that.

Three of our four football cheerleaders are about to be Sophomores. Guess what, Sophomores? It’s time to pick up the pace, dig a little deeper into your studies, and really focus on making your top choices of the colleges you’d like to attend. And in the meantime, you'll be preparing for, and taking, your first standardized tests.

To find out what’s ahead and where to get help, check out KnowHow2GO.

Thats to find out why and how to go to college. It will help you to know what to do BEFORE you even see your guidance counselor.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Simpsonize Me!

D'oh! Mmmm, donuts.... or in my case, mmmmm, coffee.
You guys gotta go to this cool website that Burger King and Fox have:
How cool do I look in the Simpson's universe?!