Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mid-summer homework assignment for the first half of John Wooden's Pyramid of Success

Alertness - Please try to notice things about a person, place or thing that you previously overlooked. Share what you notice with someone else.

Self Control -  Please try not to expressing every feeling you have as soon as you feel it. Please try to see how long you can go without cussing or using the finger. Please challenge yourself to deliberately do something healthy for yourself or kind for someone else every day that you either ordinarily wouldn't or would by nature not want to do.

Friendship - If you haven't yet, please try to learn more about someone on either HS or MS cheer whom you don't know very well. Please try to see potential or positive things in someone who perhaps you've considered mildly annoying. Please write a note to someone who's already your friend telling them something you admire or appreciate about them.

Loyalty - Start buying lots of things that are purple or have something to do with bulldogs. It doesn't have to be clothing, it can be pencil cases or bookmarks or nail polish or cards. Anything.

Cooperation- Please read or re-read through each of the notes I've posted about the Pyramid of Success so far. Please think about things you can do to help cheer go smoothly this year- especially if you've seen sports or clubs (including cheer) that had a lot of conflict in the past.

Enthusiasm - Please get excited about how YOU are going to get to rev people up, be positive and encouraging to make our school a better place, and build a sense of community and pride at BV

Industriusness - PLEASE view the DVD's I gave out at the end of the year and try to learn or review as many chants as you can. Please work on and practice as many cheer jumps as you can.