Monday, September 23, 2013

Lost & Found

FYI- left at the field Fri night:


Come get them if they're yours. Thanks
Practice Tues & Thurs

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Marching Fite Song Dance (for parades)

Thursday Practice

Okay, so remember last Thursday when I thought I had a meeting during practice but I didn't? That was because that meeting is THIS Thursday (today). But please come anyway, just because you can't work on stunts, you can work on 2 things- finishing the run-thru for NEXT week's game...

AND making plans for your Homecoming "Pup-Rally" for the Elementary kids in Dow City. Friday morning Sept 20. Figure out transportation for everybody from Dunlap (I can't drive you because I teach 8th graders 1&2nd hours), and for everyone FROM DC back to Dunlap for school once you're done. When you get there, check in with Mr. Weber in the office while classroom teachers are taking their attendance. Then they'll all go to the gym. 10-20min tops just like a regular pep rally. So probably 8:45-9:00 or a little later. Use today's practice to discuss what cheers/stunts to do and in what order. Do you want to have Mr. Weber or Mr. Hall or some Coach/Teacher give a short speech? Do you want to teach the Fight Song? Do you take a long Cujo? Kids LOVE Cujo & Chelsea will be eligible again.

Van Time for Coon Rapids is 4:15, but maybe we should leave at 4:00 if we're stopping in Denison to eat.

PS- Liberty, your Shell came. It's on my round table.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Remember that the jersey Auction is this Sunday, September 15

  • The Soup Supper starts at 4:30pm if you /your family wants to eat.
  • The Jersey Auction starts at 6:00pm, so please try to be there by/before 5:50 or so.

REMEMBER- You are responsible for getting your shell back by Thursday night so that you can have it to wear on Friday, so be sure to pay attention to who buys it, thank them, and get their number.

I asked Ernie to have you go before the football team. Not sure if he or Coach Pete or just the auctioneers will announce you, because (sorry about this) our daughter Ellen is playing piano at the Clay County Fair, so I won't be at the auction, I'll be in Spencer this year.

Friday, September 06, 2013

FANtastic First!

Want to tell you all- AMAZING first Pep Rally! Maybe best I've seen in my 20 years. Not gonna lie- when the ENTIRE student body stood up when you said "stand & give your battle cry," I had chills.   Best in 13 years I've been here. #proud #BVCheer #LOUDandPROUD #FireUP

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Please Review The Pep-Rally Outline

  • Practice tomorrow (Thurs 9/5) from 3:30-4:30 (or whenever we need)
  • I may or may not be able to attend because I have a SAT team meeting with Mr. Marlin at 3:20.
  • Please run through the outline Jenn wrote up for the Pep Rally.
  • If you need to, please continue to work on finishing or fixing locker decs. As much as I'd love you to stunt at the pep rally, please do not practice stunting without me there- it's an insurance/legal issue. Thanks,
    Coach MalDog


Just thought I'd pass along these state rules/changes to you #BVCheer

PS- Homecoming is coming SOON- better start thinking about a run thru and the pep-rally outline.
PPS- Who's gonna volunteer to make hospitality for THIS Friday night?
PPPS- if I didn't say it out loud- thank you all for working on locker-decs this week & thanks for those working to correct mistakes we made on locker decs too! I appreciate you all. Keep it up.

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---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Elisa Kahler <>
Date: Wed, Sep 4, 2013 at 8:31 AM

Rule 2-1-5b needs to be clarified in regards to modifying stunts to be appropriate for the surface and/or area and in relation to other participants.  Cheerleaders may not stunt while holding run-through signs.  Also, stunting while the ball is in play during football games could result in injury if the action of the game changes suddenly and players end up out of bounds by the cheerleaders.  Football is unique in that it has breaks after every play for cheerleaders to lead chants.  Once the action begins, the cheerleaders should be watching the game along with the fans, which will allow them to be ready with appropriate chants when the play is finished.

Another rule that needs to be clarified is Rule 2-3-1 concerning dermal piercings.  At the March 2013 meeting of the NFHS Spirit Rules Committee, the committee discussed dermal piercings and approved editing 2.3.1 SITUATION A to indicate that dermal piercings are illegal.

The committee has now revisited that ruling and determined that a participant with a dermal piercing can participate provided the jewelry adornment is removed. As a result, the situation printed in the rules book is now incorrect. The following rewording replaces that situation in the 2013-14 NFHS Spirit Rules Book:

*2.3.1 SITUATION A: A participant is wearing: (a) a watch; (b) post earrings covered by tape; (c) a religious medal on a chain; (d) a navel ring; (e) fish line or spacer through a piercing; (g) a dermal piercing without the jewelry adornment removed. RULING: All are illegal. COMMENT: If the jewelry adornment of a dermal piercing is removed, it is legal.

As always, state associations have the option of adopting a more restrictive rule than the NFHS rule. Thus, state associations could maintain the original wording of the situation and still determine that dermal piercings are illegal regardless of whether the jewelry adornment is removed.

Cheer coaches should make their cheerleaders aware that dermal piercings will again be discussed at the 2014 NFHS Spirit Rules Committee Meeting.  The committee could decide to:

1) Allow dermal piercings with the jewelry adornment removed.

2) Allow dermal piercings that cannot be seen - again with the jewelry adornment removed.

3) Make dermal piercings illegal.

Since the NF Spirit Rules Book is not published until after most cheerleading tryouts, coaches should make sure that cheerleaders are aware of the possible consequences of dermal piercings, especially since there is a chance they could be ruled illegal in the future.