Saturday, June 27, 2009

Think About It...

The way to gain a good reputation, is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear. -Socrates

One of my former cheerleaders from LA Luth had this as her facebook status. AWESOME.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Really need to know

I really need to know who'd going to this camp next weekend.
Originally Sasha was the only "no-go" and Christine and Cammey were the only "for-sures," but Kaitlin, Cammey and Kensie have all since given me "well, I don't-knoooows."

My family & I are going down to KC Tues-Thurs but I'll have my cell phone. Please email, facebook, call or text before Tues or call or text after Tues.

Also, Cammey & Kait can cheer for football even if you go out for volleyball because they have more than enough experience. Upcoming Freshman I'd consider the same deal- but only if you come to this UCA Camp.

I know it's only June so it's early to be asking this, but I'd love to know what Freshmen are interested in cheering for football. Before school let out Kaitlin was on the fence about FB too. WE NEED CHEERLEADERS. FB is important because of Homecoming, but it's actually a LOT easier (and some think more fun than BB) There are half as many games so it's WAY easier to letter and there's a lot more room to move around.

If we know now, we could conceivably practice a few times before school starts. If we don't know now and something happens so that any of our 5 FB cheerleaders don't cheer, we'll be forced to open it up to new recruits in the fall with little or no experience. Games start too soon to really have tryouts AND get started practicing.

So, again, incoming freshmen and Kaitlin, please facebook, email or text me to let me know if you're in. And again, EVERYBODY, let me know if you're coming to camp next weekend ASAP. I need to know if Christine's the only one going or if I need to request a refund (hope there's no penalty).