Friday, April 27, 2012

Links to help you prepare for tryouts (Fri May 4)

Good luck at tryouts next week everybody. I feel really really fortunate to have so many great candidates trying out. Here are some links to videos that you might want to use to learn & practice on your own:

Here is a video of the our "list" of cheers- 

Here are a couple of videos of our fight-song-

Here's some great videos to help you learn jumps-

Here are the cheer list, the fight song, plus a ton of other videos on YouTube-

Here is our FacebookGroup- or just search for BV Cheer

And then there's always the Cheer Blog-

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

CONCESSIONS: Apr 19 MS Track Meet Rescheduled for May 1

 FYI- "the JH track meet postponed last Thursday is going to be made up next Tuesday May 1st." ~John "Ernie" Klien, Athletic Director

Therefore...If you were scheduled to work the April 19th Track Meet- we will need you to work May 1. Please talk to your employers or other coaches to make arrangements, or please find someone who can work for you. Thank You.

Therefore... this will preempt our Tryout Practice on May 1. It may be rescheduled for Thurs Apr 27 to be able to fit it in between all the track meets going on. I'd have it on May 2, but we have an early out and therefore probably a teacher in-service.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Track Workers; Thurs April 19

Thursday April 19- Junior High B/G Invitational 4:00pm
Paula Ritterbush Eickholt, Cammey Michelle Hast, Marissa Renee Bruck, Natalie Lapke, Kelsi Segebart, Amy Klein, Codi Block, Damon Hopkins, & Drill Coach Becky Dickinson

Monday, April 02, 2012

2012-13 Tryouts

Tryout Practice TUES MAY 1
Tryouts FRI MAY 4

Composite score consists of
1) Average Teacher Recommendation Scores
2) Grade Point Average as a percentage (3.5/4.0=88%)
3) Average Judges Score on Tryout Performance

The top 8 scores will be selected for next year’s squad.
Candidates must score a minimum of 60 to be considered.
Final selection is at the discretion of the coach, based on skills, potential,
ability to work well with others, coachability, and how well each candidate represents Boyer Valley.

Teacher Recommendation Sheets
& Parental Permission Form
Forms will be available beginning Tuesday, April 3


All Football & Basketball Cheerleaders- please return your poms as soon as possible.  Jasmine Riley & Marissa Bruck- please return your cheerleading uniforms as soon as possible.  

Anyone interested in trying out for Cheer or Mascot next year- Please see Mr. Mallory for Teacher Recommendation Sheets & Parental Permission Form which are due by/before April 27. Tryout Practice TUES MAY 1, Tryouts FRI MAY 4