Friday, August 21, 2015


Here are several things I need to make sure you’re aware of-

  • FIRST OFF- Thank you for attending the Parents/Athletes Meeting Thurs Aug 20, if you weren’t able to, check with me to see if there’s anything you missed. If you did attend, I apologize for any items in this letter which you already know about.
  • PHYSICALS- Please make sure that you get them into Lisa in the office. I’m not allowed to let you cheer or practice until you do.
  • UNIFORMS- Please stop by the Art Room After School Monday or Tuesday AUG 24&25 to try on & sign-out your uniform. XC & VB athletes, see me before school Tuesday or during 4th Per or Lunch Tues or Wed. Alternates- I apologize, but please wait until Wed after school, once the others have been distributed. Catherine, your new top is on order, Maddie H, worse case scenario, we’ll get you into the older uniform Cheyanne wore at first last year, but barring complications, we should have uniforms for ALL of you.
  • BOOSTER MEMBERSHIP DRIVE- You heard about this already if you attended the Athletes’ Meeting- It’s Thursday Aug 27; Come eat supper at 5:00pm & then go out in waves. It’s fast, it’s fun, don’t take rejection personally, it helps our school way more than discount cards or cookie dough. Thanks for your help.
  • SCHEDULE CHANGE- The Oct 2 game vs. River Valley has been changed to an away game, just FYI.
  • HOSPITALITY- Do we have a volunteer yet for Friday Aug 28’s game yet?
  • RUN THRU- Anyone interested in making one for the first game? They’re the Knights. We’ll have to work after school- we’re not allowed to use 9th hour for that sort of thing.
  • FOOD DRIVE- Bring a canned or nonperishable food item to the September 11 game at Newell Fonda. What a great way to recognize Patriot’s Day.
  • LOCKERS- Remember to see Coach Steele, the AD or Coach Pete if you’d like a PE Locker.
  • NO PASS, NO PLAY-  Good News/Bad News; As of this year, you are ineligible as soon as you have an F in any class. however, you don’t have to wake a whole week to become eligible again- you will be able to cheer as soon as you raise that grade. Reminder of State Policy- If you get even one F on your Semester grade, you will be ineligible for 30 days from the time report cards go out. That could mean all of January for Basketball or 4 games for next year’s Football if you make it through tryouts again and don’t participate in Track, Golf, or Softball.
  • POSSIBLE CHANGES- Just so you’re aware ahead of time; Due to the new 9th hour Tutoring Period M-Th this year, resulting in weekly early dismissal on Fridays- Mr. Gee & Mr. Weber are considering shifting Pep Rallies to Thursdays. I’m waiting to have this confirmed. Obviously, I will try to let you know what I find out as soon as I hear from them.
  • HAVE A GREAT YEAR! Good luck with your classes. See you next week.

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