Thursday, October 29, 2015

Wrestling Cheer

For those of you who make it onto Wrestling Cheer, Please be aware there will be three dates where we have a conflict:

December 1
January 5
January 22

Here is a Cross-Reference of The Two Schedules

Please refer to our lettering policy. If Coach Dusty can spare you, I'd prefer you not miss more than one. If she has a pretty small squad and can't afford for you to be gone, I may be flexible and be willing for you to miss two games. Keep in mind we already have girls who are also on Drill and Basketball, so any given game we may only have 3-5 instead of 6-8.

I want our cheerleaders to get the opportunity to cheer for Wrestling, if you thought FB & BB were different- Whoa Nelly! And I want to support our Wrestlers. Be that all as it may, I don't want any of you to bite off more than you can chew- nor do I want our program to suffer too much. At bigger schools they make you choose, only one squad or the other, not both. I'd rather be flexible & try to make this work. Of course, you still have to tryout first.

Good luck to all of you who're trying out.

Wish good luck to all the other BV kids who tryout too- it may give them experience that will help them tryout for our squad next May.

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