Friday, May 05, 2017

Judges Needed

Any Boyer Valley Cheer or Mascot Alumni who still live in the area, and/or any Boyer Valley faculty & staff-

If everyone who requested paperwork tries out, we will have 22 candidates for 8 spots. It's exciting to have so much interest. I'd love to have all four classes represented on the squad. Some of our candidates have experience in dance or gymnastics this year!

So it won't be easy- which is why we need YOUR help. Even with so many candidates, it shouldn't take more than an hour. Would you be willing to help after school on Friday, May 19?

Attached is an example of the evaluation sheets we use, based on NCA/UCA forms. I like to have a minimum of five judges and I like to have a mix of faculty and alumni (NOT including this year's graduating class).

Please let me know as soon as you can if you'd be available so that I'll know how many to plan for. Email, text, tweet, or facebook-message.

Thanks for helping us develop a squad that will build Bulldog spirit here at Boyer Valley!

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