Friday, January 12, 2007

Varsity this & next weeks

This Week (what's left of it)
The IS practice this afternoon- I know it's Friday so don't worry about going past 4:30, but it's been almost a month since we had a practice, we should brush-up.

The only person I have missing tomorrow is Kassi, because she has to work.
Tomorrow is a home game against West Monona. Plan on being here by 6. Who wants to bring hospitality?

Angie was asking about the weather. We'll see what we can see. I promise I'll let you know IF the game is postponed as soon as Mrs. Staley &/or Coaches Peterson or McNutt let me know. I'll probably call one or two of your homes (Cassie & Angie) and have them phone-chain to the rest of you. Since we finally have internet at home I'll probably send out an email too. Don't be suprised if we just play anyway, they don't postpone games easily. Just so you know, as it is a conference game it would be postponed, not cancelled- that could mean that while this was a one game week, there will have to be a 3 game week later on. :(

Duh, I suppose you can always listen to KDSN or check the public access channel on cable too. Whatever.

Next Week
No School Monday 1/15
Tuesday bus time is 4:50 pm for the Westside game 1/16
DO plan on actually practicing again Wed. 1/17
NO practice Thr 1/18- but you're all invited to the JrHo game- you're even welcome to fill out the squad eval sheet for them,
the NEED your advice, guidance and support
Friday bustime is 5:05 pm for the Manilla game 1/19

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