Monday, January 29, 2007

Jan 26 v. Woodbine

Finally some victories again, and against our biggest rivals made it even sweeter- but the flu epidemic did deplete our numbers, as we only had 3 this night. Cassie's chairopractor ordered her not to cheer, but that didn't stop her from helping us at least onceor twice:Here Becky and Cassie on the left and Brittany and Kristen on the right help our Kayla, Angie, and Jonsie as the "Get T-O-U-G-H!"
They look so lonely here.
Just wanted to embarass Kayla and Angie by capturing wierd looks on their faces and then painting them purple in PhotoShop.
"I say GO baybuh, go baybuh, go baby go- ya gots ta win or ya gotsta GO!"

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