Saturday, January 06, 2007

Former &/or future Football Cheerleaders

The Fab Freshmen Three yuck it up at the top of the stands at the West Harrison basketball game. Notice that Kenzie, Sasha, and Megan ALL have their cellphones going.

Kassi, Christine and Heather worked hard to harmonize the National Anthem. Great job ladies!

I didn't bother fixing the red-eye on this shot, because I thought it helped Kenzie look even more evil. Exciting news, she now has 7th hour studyhall so she can basically become "assistant coach" for the junior high squad.

I wish our program was just one big happy family, but it seems like Football, Basketball, and Junir High are just gonna be very distinct and differnt squads. Oh well, some schools have Fr, JV, and Wrestling divisions too. I luv 'em all even if they're all in their different classes and cliques. As Pete Townsen and 'the Who' used to say "the kids are alright."

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