Monday, January 29, 2007

OLD School

I had kids going through my old photos and that made me nostalgic for my LA Lutheran squads. Teachers and coaches are not supposed to have favorites, but I have to admit that over the 7 years I was out there, there are a few kids who really stand out to me. There are even more than just these who I really care about and think of as goddaughters, but here are just a few:
I don't remember if this was taken at LHS or at BAptist High (who's field we used) or at Malibu HIgh (that was just one game) anyway- that's Christina on top. She replaced me as coach and is still coaching there now and they've only gotten better. Like my Lion's hat? That's BLUE, not purple, by the way.
Christina is in this one again, but front-right is Heather, who is finishing up at Cal State Northridge in photography. She really is one of my goddaughters. She really taught me alot about coaching (that's a good thing, not a challenging thing).
I just got an email from "Jake" (Jeraldin) the other day, she manages life guards and is trying to finish up at UC Sand Diego. THis picture is from 8th grade.
The Baseball Coach/ English Literature teacher's Daughter Katie scans the chant list. Groovy effects huh? Just took a beat up old B/W and scanned it and colored it and did some other fiddling in PhotoShop.
And Amanda, that's her getting makeup applied to be the JrHi mascot, "Lucy the Lion." Major auto racing fan, this one.

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