Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Student Art Gallery

Mallory's Milieu - Student Work

Click here to see Mallory's Milieu - "Gallery of Student Artwork"
Here is a gallery of student artworks from the classes that I teach. As of Jan 24, I am just uploading images, I will try to give explanations of what classes they're from and what the assignment directions were as soon as I can. The worst thing is that so many are so good, they probably better than my own work. I apologize ahead of time to the artists that I don't have names to attribute to all of these. This gallery will develop and evolve over time, so please return to read more explanations and to see new works get added. Also apologies to those students who don't have examples of your work here. Chelsey and Angie are both awesome photographers, Linzie has every bit as good as her sister Cheri, Justin is the ultimate photographer... Kenny and Moe have done some incredible stuff now that they're in college, and there just isn't anything here from LA Lutheran... In some ways this is an educator's professional portfolio of assignments, in other ways a way to showcase work by students at Boyer Valley MS/HS. In someways maybe it can become a time capsule for former students.

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