Wednesday, February 22, 2006

We will blow you away!

Above are a couple of pictures for Ang. She wanted the fun group one on top on the blog so she can right-click it and save it at home. I just added the other one for the heck of it. This kid is cruel. She plays with my mind.

She is an awesome cheerleader- phenomenal amounts of energy, LOUD, a powerful leader- amazing at crowd encouragement... Terrific flier, decent base, very athletic, truckloads of enthusiasm, very positive, enormous amounts of school spirit.

Here's the mind games part- one week she misses basketball so much she could cry, so she won't come back to cheer. The next week cheer rocks, she may want to cheer in college, she wants to go to a cheer camp even if it's on her own and not with the squad...the next week she's so glad that cheer is over, she'd rather be a fan in the stands, plenty of other people are planning on going out for cheer next year.


I don't want to put her on a pedestal, nor do I want the rest of the squad to feel unappreciated. The other 4 of our 5 cheerleaders are amazing too. I was REALLY blessed this season, and I suppose we'll not only survive, but beeven manage to be really good without her if we have to. But I don't want to have to! It's like if a cheer squad is a drag racer, all the other cheerleaders are high octane, but she's an injection of nitro.

Be that as it may, we can all use a break. End of season blues. It happens every year. Almost everybody gets sick of cheer. I don't blame them. One bummer about it is that now the whole rest of the school year seems to go by really fast. Of course, kids love that.

Anyway, Angie, if your reading this, and I doubt you are because I know how much you hate to read (that doesn't mean you're not smart, just ADHD) I REALLY hope you'll come back out and cheer or at least mascot next year. You're incredable and we love you. But if you don't, I'll try really hard not to respect your decision and not make you feel guilty. I do want to thank you for coming out this year and I hope that you had fun. You were incredible.

Be good

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