Monday, February 06, 2006

Track Concessions & Nxt Yr's Tryouts

Okay, I am sending this information out way ahead of time so that no one is suprised and so that I can have your input.

First- Track Concessions, then Tryouts for next year

Home Track Meets:

Thu April 6- BV Girls Invitational
Thu April 20- BV JrHi
Tue May 2- BV Conference
Tue May 9- BV Boy's Invitational
(may also be one other JrHi meet, that they're confused about on the schedule)

This is the only fundraising we do. Everyone who cheered this year during either Football or Basketball is required to help work at least one meet. We share this with Drill and this year 4 of our cheerleaders are also on Drill, so that cuts the number of kids involved. Some of you run track- solution: work the JrHi meet or the boy's meet. Not track kids work the girl's meet and the co-ed meet.

Seventh & Eighth grade cheerleaders are not REQUIRED to work track, but since they potentially may benefit from the funds raised, I suggest that Eighth graders volunteer to work one meet if they can.

Now, the for everybody

Barring rain-outs, the last track meet is May 9, barring snow days, the last day of school is May 18, (Prom is May 6).

I'm trying to schedule cheer tryouts. I usually take 2 days of "tryout-practices" and one actual tryout day. I'm looking at the week of May 1st, May 8th, May 15,

Or... going right after basketball season is done since while Track practices started for some kids today, the first meet isn't until March 31, so I could set tryouts already the wk of Feb 27(if basketball doesn't make it all the way to regionals), the week of Mar 6 or Mar 13 (Gnimocemoh week).

I have already asked Coaches Petersen and Heese for their opinions & input. I'd love to hear yours too. I also don't know if it will be better to have mascot tryouts at the same time or a week after or wait until fall. I like to let the cheerleaders judge mascot tryouts, but maybe it would be better to have adults, just like for cheer tryouts.

I don't want to interfere with track, but I don't want to have to have tryouts in the summer or next fall either. If any of you have any comments, concerns or preferences please let me know what you think.

Most of the current basketball cheerleaders lean on May rather than March. I don't blame them, everybody needs a break, besides that- I hate having tryouts just before parent/teacher conferences because as you all know, some parents go balistic if their kid doesn't make it on or make it back on.

Since we're on the subject- please remember, and maybe try to explain to your parents if they were mad after last time- that State rules allow 8 during football (although our van only allows 7) and 6 during basketball. I crunch numbers to get a "Big Average" from three teacher reccomendations, your Grade Point Average (turned into a % 4=100, 3=80, etc.) as well as all of the judge's evealuations, which as you know, score you on like a dozen things just like the squad evals I fill out for each game. Candidates must score at least 60% in order to even be considered. The same will go for Mascot tryouts. Here's an example:

Name Tch Tch Tch Ave. GPA Coach Jdg Jdg Jdg Jdg Jdg Ave. BIG AVE.
LastName, FirstNm 89 89 100 92.67 91.5 68 65 91 96 96 73 86.47 90.212121

Please let me know what you think or if you are already aware of family or work conflicts with any of the possible tryout weeks.


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