Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Dance Night

From: Woodbine's Cheer Coach
To: Coach Mallory

Coach M,

I am so sorry I haven\'t got to you sooner -- live has been very crazy for me the last while.

You said some of your girls are interested in competition -- THAT is GREAT!

I have lots of suggestions for you and would like to meet up with you sometime to talk. I would also like to invite you and your girls to our Cheer and Dance Night on March 11 (I think this maybe your drill team night, so this may not work for you). Iowa Western\'s Cheer and Dance squads are going to be here to perform with us and it is going to be a great night. Harlan\'s Cheerleaders are going to be here too and they just started competing this year (their coach would have some great ideas for you as well).

If you want to attend our cheer night please let me know, with a list of your girls/guys you want to attend and I will let them in free.
From: Coach Mallory
To: Woodbine's Cheer Coach

Coach Blum

Yeah, it turns out that that is the same night as our dance night. 3 of our 5 girls are on Drill so that makes it impossible for us to come to yours and our Drill coach doesn't want us to perform a routine at theirs. Bummer. Not sure what she's afraid of, there's no way we could show them up, especially on such short notice.

I was excited to finally have girls interested in working up a routine and maybe even competing. I also felt like I finally had a group that was up to the challenge, abilities wise too. We'll just have to see. At LA Lutheran I could at least get squads to learn actual floor cheers and short 8-count dances to do with stunts at halftimes and pep rallies. Since I've been at BV, girls are too intimidated pr too lazy to bother learning floor cheers. I guess I've let it go because my paradigm has always been that the sideline chant is more important anyway.

Of course now I have all kinds of girls talking like they don't want to come back out next year so I may have to just start all over again. With Track, our tryouts won't be untill the last week of school. Maybe I just have to start it at the jr high level and hope it filter up. (Since I have them 7th hour, we can keep working through track season, hoping to be ready for a better next year.)

Well anyhow, now we have each other's email addresses. I don't mean to invite us along if you'de rather not, but if you have any camps or clinics going on this summer and would be open to it, I'd love it if our squad could tag along. The squads have always gotten along so well and our schools are so close... let me know if that's a possibility. I know that a lot of times they won't offer private clinics for fewer than 12 girls and that 12-14 is usually a lot cheaper than 6-8.

Meanwhile if you get any free time and like to surf the web, our (my) squad website is:

Thanks for getting back to me. I'm sorry it didn't work out. Maybe another year.

Enjoy whatever off season you get.

Thanks again Coach B,
Coach M

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