Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Been a long time since I've just written about how things are going. Too busy I guess.

Chronilogical order-

Rena quit last week. No official reason given. She was having a hard time smiling/cheering/being upbeat at a game. I told her to shake it or fake it for the rest of the game. She walked off. I struggled with whether to cut her or bench her or let it go, but the next day she turned in her uniform & poms. We're dissapointed because she was such a good base. I'm dissapointed because I care about her and she's great at teaching chants. Yet, we're relieved in a way because it seems like she's got some kind of chip on her shoulder. The other girls have made several efforts to include her and to reach out to her or offer to be there for her.

One Jr Hi girl was rumored to be trying to make herself bulemic. Yikes. She won't talk with me about it but she's been talking with our guidence counsellor. Another Jr Hi had pretty serious concerns she shared with me about someone from her early childhood, but she's talking through that with other adults too.

Last night I tried to take team pictures, buddy pictures, and individuals for the Varsity girls. I was disapointed with how they turned out. Not enough light so without a flash, they're blurry and with a flash they're too harsh. AS you can see from the above examples of Cassie. Maybe we can try again either tomorrow if it doesn't snow too bad or Mon before the guys' tournament game.

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