Saturday, February 04, 2006

Dog Fight

I like Manning. I don't know why. It could be that they've got such a spacious gym. Not only is there a ton of room for photograpers between the court and the wall or stands, but their weight room is is basically a balcony over the gym, which allows for some great "arial" shots. Or it could be their mascot. Although, take a look at that picture and tell me it doesn't look like their dog is standing in a puddle of potty. That aside- just a friendly tease, remember, I like Manning, their cheerleaders were great. Way loud and usually clear, in sync, sharp, slow-even tempo so that fans can chant along- which they do- very responsive, excited, supportive. And they have a wicked twist-elevator into a prep and they include a quick recover from their cradle catch back into a prep. I asked if they attend camp or have a private clinc and they said 'no.' That says to me that they work really hard and must have an excellent coach. Once in a while, some of their moves were a little too sexy for my taste- but I have that prude, protective, Dad thing going for me, so who can say.

But I still say their dog looks like he had an accident.

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