Saturday, December 02, 2006

Old School

Just thought I'd throw up my own "Old School" fite song. I'd like to say I had enough school spirit that I still remembered it, but I had to ask an old classmate for help:

It's Shadow Mountain, It's Shadow Mountain
The pride of every Matador
Sing of our honor, sing of our glory
It's Shadow Mountain now we're for.

Now and forever, always endeavor
To battle on to victory
For we will never stop 'til we're on top,
So fight on, Shadow Mountain, FIGHT

Ah the 80's, the most perfect time there ever was. Big hair and huge cell phones.
Back then they had Cheer, Pom, and Drill and you couldn't tell the difference because they all wore cheer uniforms. But I just sat in the stands and watched.
Great baseball teams, average basketball & volleyball, lousy football, but a pretty good band.

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