Monday, December 11, 2006


Congratulations to Kenneth Kahl Jr of Buck Grove. Ken was Boyer Valley's first bulldog mascot, "Cujo" back in 2001. Kenny recently completed his Masters' degree in Communications from Middlesex University in London! Not only that, he got the highes score in his class (or was that the highest score possible? Whatever, point is, he is now officially smarter than me)

Congratulations Ken-man!

Above: Kenny, under a bridge in London, next to some graffiti of a monkey trying to ignite a bomb- probably to blow up the bridge.
At Right: Here's Ken with some chick named "Lisa." (I swiped this picture from his FaceBook page). In addition to being "Cujo" for the Boyer Valley Bulldogs, he was also "Spike" for the Concordia University Bulldogs in Seward, NE (that also happens to be Coach Mallory's Alma Mater) But after about a year of that, he decided that he hated cheerleaders ( I think it was just THAT squad that year) and he went cold-turkey on the mascot thing.

Hey, here's an idea- if you're an Alumn of BV Cheer or LA Lutheran Cheer too, Heck, if you're an alum of Concordia, Seward Cheer (even if it wasn't the year Kenny or I were on) Why don't you send me an update as to what you're doing now, where you are, and maybe a picture and your favorite cheer or mascotting mamory and I'll post them here. If nothing else, send me your email address and snail-mail address so I can keep in touch. If you want I can be your sourse for if you're trying to get back in touch with someone else you cheered with. Send me your stories (mostly or

Are you out there BVHS & BVMS Cheerleaders?:
Courtney Spreng
Lacey Summerfield
Christina Rose
Candace Twait
Kenny Kahl- (See above)
Jennifer Bonsall
Audrey Lave
Sadie McDonald
Iris Guyanillo
Leah Baldwin
Alicia Nelson
Randi Stephens
Traci Mefferd
Ashley Bolysen
Heidi Shaben
Felicia Westerberg
Nicole McClure
Stephanie Cogdill
Jena Greenwood
David Anderson
Todd Cogdill
Maureen Clemon
Rosemary Wacheldorf

Are YOU out there LAL Jr/Sr HS Cheerleaders?
Jamie Snyder
Xela Tarnelli
Amy Corilla
Lindsay Hore
Tiffany Ballenger
Leal Moret
Stacie Johnson
Tia Lear
Talisha Sampson
Christina Hernandez- (Now the Cheerleading Coach at LALHS)
Nyasha Bralock
Suzanne Bostrom
Melissa Leake
Jill Johnson
Julie Favazzo
Christy Taylor
Jamie Merrill
Jeraldine Kuerbiss
Amanda Parker
Treva White
Katie Sullivan
Tiffany Blackford
Kim Johnson
Heidi Christine
Heather Hager
Nicole Wilson
Nia Soto
Christel Wertz
Win Sun Winnie Yoon
Amy Meyer
Nicole Stabile
Kristen Snyder
Courtney Takahashi
Jennifer Brumm
Gina Lamont
Erika Perez

Are You out there CTC squadmates?:
Erin Shamblin
Chris Boehnke
Tasha Siminson
Pete Morkert
Tonya Hammond
Jamie Speegle
Jim King
Amy Kohtz

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