Thursday, December 07, 2006

Notice for Varsity

Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2006 16:20:33 -0600
Subject: Pep Rally Friday

Cheer Squad, FYI here is the outline determined at practice Wed Night 12/6 for the Friday 12/8 Pep Rally-

  • Fight Song
  • Hey All you Bulldogs Fans
  • S-C-O-R-E- Score (teaching new chant)
  • Bulldog Beat
  • Basketball Lady Captains speak
  • Basketball Men Captains speak
  • Battle Cry (Class Competition)
  • Gimme a B
  • Hey Song into Fight Song & dismissal

ALSO imprtant info: there WILL be practice tomorrow (Thurs 12/7) REPEAT: there IS practice Thursday. If for whatever reason you cannot attend, please find a way to let Coach Mallory know. Illness is obviously acceptable. I certainly have patience for family committments and work, but it hurts all 8 when any one can't be at practice as often as possible. Absenteeism will impact whether or not you may cheer at a game, not to mention Varsity Letter eligibility.

If Vicki is out with flu Wed & Thur, it may be best for Kassi to borrow her uniform for this Friday. Otherwise, since Gilda missed Wed practice Kassi may borrow hers. That way she and Haley can both cheer Fri. I'll see if we have funds to order a 13-16 top and a M body liner for Kassi- no promises. Kim's gotten her uniform taken in, Gilda may need to do that too. Cassie may want to see if someone can repair the seam on her body liner.

Reminder, this Fri is IKM at home and we need a volunteer to bring hospitality.

Secret Santas start Monday 12/18- try to keep it under $15 total, you may even make things or bring small treats for the first 4 building up to a bigger gift on Friday 12/22

I thought you looked terrific and did an outstanding job last night at Manning, keep up the good work and keep your spirit up. Drink lots of water. Stay healthy, get well soon if it's already too late for that!


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