Thursday, December 21, 2006

Merry Christmas

Every year I try to hang customized stockings for the squad's secret Santa exchange. This year I found these cool cut-outs at the Hobby Lobby in Iowa City and I hung them from some garland that I tied into the false ceiling. By the way, Cassie, you and your folks have been INSANELY generous to me this year thank you ( and Angie too and whoever else is helping out with the big suprise thing that's supposed to take another 2 weeks, whatever it is- you really didn't have to give me so much, I really appreciate it- ahead of time).

Good Grief! Don't let overly commercial dogs, greedy loud-mouthed psychologists, or pink aluminum Christmas trees ruin your Christmas, remember what it's REALLY all about (see Luke, Chapter 2). To all you former cheerleaders and mascots from LA Lutheran ans Boyer Valley- Happy Holidays and New Year too!

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