Monday, December 11, 2006

Cheerleading this week

CONGRATULATIONS to everybody at practice Tuesday for getting up all those half-extension preps. Angie, Vicki, Haley, and Kim all went up as fliers! And we've cycled Angie, Kim and Haley all through as basses too. Way to go, "Air Bulldogs."

Dec 12-
@ Logan, check in Wed for a bus time, I expect 5 or 5:15 latest
On deck- Cassie, Angie, Haley, Kim, Kayla, and Vicki- Benched- Kassi & Gilda (both gone from Mon practice)

Dec 13- WED, early out, no practice


Dec 15- v. Woodbine at home- Kayla has hospitality

  • Fight Song
  • Who Rocks the House
  • Lady Seniors talk
  • Boy Seniors talk
  • Game- egg/spoon race*
  • Go Fite Win Tonight
  • Hey Song
  • Back-up chants: Shake your booty, Listen to the sound of our beat
  • *See Coach for list of participant in game, 2 per class chosen at practice Mon
On deck- Cassie, Angie, Haley, Kayla, Kassi, Gilda, and Vicki- Benched- Kim (volunteered just to make it easy to decide)
Subject to change depending on illness and absenteeism at Thursday's Practice

Dec 16- @ TriCenter, check in Fri for a bus time, I expect it may be as early as 4:30
On deck- Angie, Kim, Kayla, Kassi, Gilda, and Vicki- Benched- Cassie & Haley (prior work & family commitments)

Junior High-
Please keep the Dow City back stage clean, take out anything you bring in, including & especially popcorn. Do everything you can to make Mr. Weber and Coach Brunning as proud as you make me.
Dec 12- vs. Woodbine boys, I probably won't be there since Varsity has an away game
Please concentrate on frequency and volume and do your best to get along with the mascots!
Christian is planning on going over early and handing out candy canes to PK-5 kids, awesome, huh? What a way to build school-spirit!

Dec 14- vs. West Harrison boys, I may get there late because I'll be having practice with Varsity
BUT, I'll TRY to make it to the second game if I can- but again, "Loud&Proud" ladies, please do your best to do an awesome job even when there's not a coach watching. Have fun, but remember that you're not just there to hang out or mess-around.

There are plenty of pictures from the Manning and IKM games at the blog:, take a look.
Don't forget that Secret-Santas start next week.


"The gospel is meant to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable." ~Garrison Keillor

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