Monday, January 23, 2006


"Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming."

Competitive Edge
Poise - Confidence
Condition - Skill - Team Spirit
Self Control - Alertness - Initiative - Intentedness
Industriusness - Friendship - Loyalty - Cooperation - Enthusiasm

Click on any of the links above to re-read any part of John Wooden's pyramid of success! Obviously I have one more block to write about. I'll try to do that later this week.

I want to remind you of the pyramid and repeat it's lessons over and over again. Last week I had a new cheerleader confide in me that old cheerleaders are trash talking the current squad. Listen, I absolutely love and am proud of the Football Squad- don't believe me, click here to read what I wrote about them. But let's face it the Basketball squad knows more chants, they're more synchronized, they've even developed new chants and borrowed chants from other schools, they're stunting.

I am sorry if this hurts anybody's feelings, but Football squad, even the BEST two out of six, has no place putting down the Basketball squad. It has nothing to do with being "popular" kids or having the right last name, it has to do with being positive and trying to build up school spirit. Sure, I wish that I could have had 7 cheerleaders, and if her grades had been higher and her teacher-reccomendation scores had been higher, there's one candidate who I might have bent the rules to (click here for back story) but there's no reason, ever for any cheerleader or former cheerleader to bad-mouth the current squad. It's disloyal (not only to the rest of the current squad, but to the program, the school, and especially to me your coach), it's negative (the complete opposite of what cheerleaders are supposed to be), it shows a lack of poise, a lack of team spirit, and a lack of self control and it dammages friendships.

The Pyramid is not just something that will help build a stronger squad, but it can help each of you to get along better in life, to build your success in life/carreer/family/relationships on character and maturity. Please, PLEASE. read these, think about them, maybe even pray about them, remember them and try to make decisions based on them- unlike these old cheerleaders who'd rather complain about change and remain angry about things not going their way.

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