Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Cujo is back!!!

Top: Kyle Ahart makes his debut as Cujo; like the matador in the hall leading to the ring- between games Tuesday night against ArWeVa.
Above:Puppy Luv; Aw, Cujo gives Cassie a smooch. Cassie sat out tonight because she had an allergy attack.

I finally caught up with Kaylie and found out what was up. No big, or as Kiom Possible would say "So NOT the drama!" Anywayz, we're good and there's always next year. Meanwhile, Kyle BEGGED me to try being Cujo. Since I caved, I only thought it was fair to have him alternate with Daniel Rose, since Dan had actually tried out and lost to Kaylie. Yesterday I had already asked Brett, or previous mascot, if he'd be open to doing a couple of games. He said he'd see. So now we might have 3 in the rotation- but wait, there's more... Mike Wingrove, Kyle's best bud had been asking me last week and I shut him down, so now... now since I caved on Kyle I didn't have a leg to stand on with Mike, so we negotiated that Mike will try the girls' game next Friday and Dan will do boys-

But I hate to tell all three of those boys- Kyle was the BOMB! we haven't had anybody that funny or with that much energy since Kenny Kahl back in 2000-2001! Wow. Phenomenal. Unfortunately, he's on JV Basketball and will probably be on Varsity Football next fall. Kind of like Angie will no doubt go back to volleyball and basketball- sometimes the BEST spirit squad members would rather be athletes for "ball" sports.

PS- Kyle's little 5 year old nephew (nephue? I can never spell that) Nicholas Ahart is Cujo/Lola's BIGGEST fan. Brett had the kid practically GLUED to him all season during football.

Gotta go back and watch the last quarter- it's only fair that I give Daniel half a chance.

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