Monday, January 16, 2006

A few flies in the ointment

Well, while it seemed to be pretty smooth sailing there for a while, there do seem to be a few flies in the ointment.

First, out of the blue, our Varsity mascot leaves a phone mesage with my babysitter that she has to quit. Never have gotten to the bottom of it, if her Mom was making her or if it had to do with her asthma or what. It is a hot, difficult job. I just wish she'd talk to me in person once she gets a chance.

Then all hell broke loose at a junior high game. It's a new semester so we got back 3 seventh grader girls who had been on the D/F inelligible list for several weeks. Appearently two of them got into it at last Thursday's game. As rusty and/or inexperienced as they are they both kinda buck under the leadership of the 8th graders. From what the guidance counsellor and I have pieced together, one called the other a racial slur and that girl then started threatening to choke herself to death and someone else tried to repremand the first girl who then proceded to punch and/or shove the rest of the girls from behind the curtain on stage.

Comes down to me having to kick somebody off of squad. The other girls would love for me to kick them both off, I'm just not sure how that's gonna play with their parents.

Say a prayer for my wisdom, Cheer Alumni


Meanwhile my Varsity girls are talking about competition! For the first time I really feel like this is a group who has what it takes 'cept for a couple of things- MAJOR time commitment for a coach with 3 little kids who (along with his wife) is already spread pretty thin. And two- How's their committment level? Talk of not coming back out for Cheer so they can dedicate more time to Cross Country or go back out for Volleyball won't win any competitions- neither will kicking in your heels on belly-button rings and hair styles.

We'll see. Interest (and ability) to compete is a NICE problem to have! :)

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