Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Team Spirit

"Individual commitment to a group effort-
that is what makes a team work,
a company work,
a society work,
a civilization work."
~Vince Lombardi, legendary NFL coach

"If anything goes bad, I did it.
If anything goes semi-good, then WE did it.
If anything goes really good, then YOU did it."
~Paul "Bear" Bryant, NCAA Football coach

"Team Spirit means you are willing to sacrifice personal considerations for the welfare of all.
That defines a team player."
~John Wooden

It's not about me. It's not about you. It's about the squad, the program, the team & fans we're cheering for, the school, the town, the community. You and I are a part of something bigger than either of us alone. We are BULLDOGS.

Boyscouts taught me: God, Country, Family- in that order.
You've heard the old cliche', "there's no 'I' in TEAM."
It's not about me. It can never be about you.
It's all about US.

Be a team player and you'll become a leader.

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