Sunday, December 25, 2005


"For the Friendship of two,
the patience of one is needed"
~ Indian proverb

Just like love, friendship is not merely something that happens casually. Friendship takes work, you need to deliberately be a friend, and you can offer friendship to those you wouldn't normally or naturally be pals with.

Coach John Wooden says that friendship has three components:

1) Mutual Esteem- that means that both people value each other. Cheerleaders have to recognize that every squad member is important and needed. No matter how different from you or how annoying someone is, there is ALWAYS something valuable about each and every human being.

2) Respect- That means. a high or special regard, thoughtful and sympathetic regard. In other words, thinking about others before yourself. You know, "the Golden Rule," treat others as you want to be treated. Every human being is entitled to dignity and respect.

As a cheerleader, it's important to offer respect for your squad mates. Even if they're younger than you or less experienced, or less gifted, or irritating as heck!

3) Devotion- Webster's dictionary puts it this way: "the fact or state of being ardently dedicated and loyal." You have to choose to stick-with-it when it comes to trying to become friends with your squad mates.

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